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Brighton League Season 2019 - 2020

County Representative: Vacant


The link above is for the TT Lague Manager which has been set-up for the coming season with fixtures, results and averages. In the meantime there is a Facebook Page at:

News Item

30th January 2020 - Brighton League - Exeter Hall Club

Coaching and Development and Social TT has been taking place in Exeter Street Hall Academy (16-17 Exeter Street, BN1 5PG near Preston Park) supported by the co-founder Adrian Harvey and the League Chairman Ian Fowlds.  With numbers growing a request was made and agreed at the September League Management Committee for the purchase of two tables at a cost of £330 each to be funded by the League (to be returned to the League if the Academy ceased). Sessions are now booming and moving to Improver standard with numbers also up and with 15 in attendance on a recent Saturday.

3rd October 2019 - Brighton League Handbook - Season 2019/2020

Please find the Handbook for the coming season. It includes information about the Clubs, Venues, and firxtures for the season along with results of the Closed compeitions last year and the Management Committee.