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Welcome to the Sussex County Table Tennis Association Website (SCTTA) 

This website started in April 2013. It contains information and TT news that impacts the County of Sussex and also seeks to promotes TT within the County. The County Objectives are all detailed in the SCTTA Annual County Plan which can be found below along with information about SCTTA. There are also many County Reference Documents now on this website. Please send TT news items of interest within Sussex County to the email address below. The Website has recently been upgraded  to latest software versions and more recently to enable Video's. 


23rd June 2021 - Sussex County TT Association AGM - 5th July

Please find the Agenda for the County Association AGM on the 5th July. It is a planned to be a physical meeting for those that can attend although arrangements are also being made for up to 2 people from each League to zoom in as well. From a County perspective, and like most Leagues and Clubs, activity has been very much reduced and, in many cases, non-existent due to the pandemic. As a result the reports for the past season are not going to be major, but the opportunity has been taken to revisit our value add and to make plans based on the outcome of such discussions and there will be presentation of the County Plan proposed for next season which will be circulated before the meeting. Please support your County! In particular if anyone is interested in participating then please indicate your interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Reports received before the AGM will be posted on this website.

22nd June 2021 - TTE National Conference 5th June - Webinars and Presentation Slides

This was held on the 5th June via zoom and there was a packed Agenda. Following the introductions there was a session on the new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy with slides and a following panel discussion. Subsequently there was a networking session and then a choice of workshops - TASS Research Project, TT Clubs and driving social outcomes, and Para TT Classification. Just after lunch the Pride of TT Awards Ceremony took place following by a session on Planning for the Future - the rebuilding necessary after Covid-19. Again, following there was a choice of workshop - Club Volunteering, The Power of Brand, Adult Participation (TT Fast Format Leagues, Bat and Chat and Back to TT), and a Coach Mentoring Workshop, and then another choice - Junior Participation Workshop, Engaging with your Community, Field of Play Opportunities at the Commonwealth Games, Insight into England Training. The day ended with event reflections and an evening networking session.

You can view all the Webinar Sessions and all the Presentation Slides on the following link to the TTE website - Club & Volunteer Conferences— Table Tennis England

21st June 2021 - Sussex Cadet/Junior Trials 4th September

Calling all Cadets and Juniors - further to the news item of 18th May below, please see Invite from Peter Baldwin for a Trials Day at the Triangle, Burgess Hill Leisure Centre on the 4th September. All players are welcome whatever your standard as long as you are keen to play the game and be developed in County Coaching Sessions or play for the County Teams. Please reply to Peter as indicated on the letter.

21st June 2021 - Horsham Spinners Junior 1 Start Event 12th June - Report

There were 17 players in two Bands of 9 and 8 players for this event held by Rory Scott in Slinford Village Hall on the 12th June. Lewis Austin and Janie Miles won their respective Bands and the full placings can be found in the Report, Scoresheets and Photo's provided by Rory.

21st June 2021 - Horsham Spinners Senior Circuit Event 6th June - Report

Rory Scott held his 1st Senior Circuit event on the 6th June in Slinford Village Hall following the reduced pandemic restrictions operating. There were 9 players in a round robin and Rory Scott won with Mina Matta coming second. Please see the Report, Scorecard and Photo's provided by Rory.

21st June 2021 - Active Sussex - Recent Newsletters

eNews - May 2021 - Survey results, Workforce Investment Fund Learning Event, Return to Play guidance, Sports England Implementation Plan, and more;

Disabled and Inclusion News - May 2021 - "This Girl Can" Network Forum, Mental Health Toolkit, Sense Active and call for Volunteers to help map walks, Disability register, and Cerebral Palsy Sport;

Education News - June 2021 - Lots of information from Premium Funding, Effective Reporting Webinar, Sussex School Games Review, National School Sports Week, Holiday Activities and Food Programmes, and more;

Conference and AGM Date - 23rd September;

Education News - PE and Sport Funding next year update;

Disability Sports Network Update - Notes from recent Forum;

18th June, 2021 - County Coaching Sessions

On Saturday the 22nd May Sussex County TTA  hosted a coaching session at the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill. This coaching followed the fitness session in April (see news item 27th April below). The session was targeted at cadet players aged under 15. In the morning the session was split with  girls and younger boys, and in the afternoon older cadet boys played. In total eighteen players attended and the players were assessed for county potential.  The County has identified a couple of young players with strong potential and these players are already being considered for inclusion in the cadet performance squad. 

Marc Burman was the lead County  (Level 2 coach) and sparring was provided by George Hazell ( Level 1 coach). Peter Baldwin the Cadet and Junior match secretary also attended. Players were put through a series of training exercises, top table and competitive match situations. designed to test skills and ability under competitive situations.  The sessions allowed us to assess player ability and provide feedback directly to players and coaches.  

The next coaching session will be held on Saturday the 26th of June. This time as well as the continuing focus on younger cadet players (which will continue all season) we have also invited Junior players from around the county. As a result players from almost every league are represented in the next session. After the June session we will be announcing the cadet performance and development squads. Over the summer we will be hosting additional girls and Junior sessions so that we can finalise the Junior County Performance and Development Squads.

12th June 2021 - Junior Participation

In April there was a TTE Webinar on Junior Participation with survey results and looking for participation for Clubs and Schools in the TTKidz Programme which was re-launching from week commencing 4th October.  The County is looking to use some of the information as it considers setting up a Roadshow for Schools for which planning is to start soon.

The Webinar can be viewed on the following link: https://youtu.be/SfxTja_DCTA

11th June 2021 - County Zoom Meeting 10th May - Summary

The focus was around the Teams to be entered for the County Championships and the entries were agreed with an additional Over 60's Team to be managed by Stuart Vincent. There was further debate subsequent to the Meeting as whether 2 Cadet Teams could be supported given the lack of young girls, and as a result only one Cadet Team was entered. Otherwise, there were no changes from previous years with 3 Senior and 3 Junior Teams. There were updates on the County Coaching being managed by Maureen Hazell with planning for the May and June Sessions at the Triangle, Burgess Hill, as well on the planning for the Sussex Event on the 24th July and Junior Events in September and October. Notes of the National Council had been circulated and there will be a dedicated meeting to discuss the Propositions put forward for the TTE AGM. For the proposed U11/U13 Competition, launch has been delayed by the pandemic but discussions were to take place with Active Sussex as an additional vehicle for communication. An update from Leagues of events locally that were taking place or planned took place. A separate meeting was held to discuss the 3 candidates for the Elected Director Position but final decisions were with Local Leagues Company Members. 

11th June 2021 - UK Coaching Week - Additional News

Besides the information associated with news item of 8th June below, please find further items:

TTE Coaching Update 9th June - News on support available to help get back to Coaching with the Coach Mentor Programme, and the TT Coach Learning and Support Page on the TT Website, 

TTE Coaching Update 10th June - Free online Disability Awareness Training until the end of June, and a number of new L1 Coaching Courses (one in the County at Brighton TTC from 27th June to 25th July but it is full);

UK Coaching News 9th June - Challenge Your Skills and Change Someone's Future - Commitment to Principles of Duty of Care, Sharing of Coaching Stories, online live events, voting for your Coaching Hero, and all the Comeback to Coaching Resources;

8th June 2021 - UK Coaching Week

It is Coaching Week - from 7th June to 13th June - and TTE Coaching Update 7th June indicates as such with information about obtaining a Duty of Care Digital Badge and advertising people to send in their Coaching Videos and an opportunity for people to vote for their Coaching Hero. Further, TTE also announce on the 8th June Coaching Licence Extension for 6 months free of charge!

UK Coaching also announce similar Coaching Week Information but also including some free online sessions this week and there is also the regular UK Coaching June News which includes results of a Comeback Survey, and the usual Resources that are available online for Coaches.

4th June 2021 - Latest TTE News

Recast Channel - Signing up to the App gets access to TTE content such as background news and videos on a Recast Channel, but comes with subscription charges. You also earn "Casts" by watching adverts!!

Newsletter 21st May - Contains photos from various Clubs/Leagues on the "Return to Indoor Play" and you can see me in one of them (thanks Brett!). The issues also contain links to the latest guidance and membership offers and details of the "Pride of TT Awards Ceremony taking place at the National Conference on the 5th June. There is also a "Sport is Back" Video from Sports England (couple of Brighton City players seen momentarily), a "Bat and Chat" Article on a Falmouth Club, and news of the quartet who qualified for the European Youth Championships with Harry Yip from Sussex losing in the qualifying round robin. A Volunteer for the Tournament Approvals Committee is indicated as wanted!

Newsletter 28th May - Contains announcement of the squad for the European Championship, latest guidance on Covid and information on Membership Offers and National Conference, and the news that Ping has joined forces with StreetTT web app for outdoor TT. There are more details on the Cadets and Juniors participating in the European Championships in Croatia in July and how a theatre comapny is looking for actors for table tennis play.

Newsletter 4th June - It is the National Conference this coming Saturday 5th June, and if you have not signed up for it you can still see the "Pride of TT" Award Ceremony on Facebook at 1.10 pm. There is news of the 3 Directors appointed to the TTE Board which includes Ray James who has played in Sussex for many years and I personally was in the same team as him for a few years in the Brighton League in the 80's/90's. So along with Ritchie Venner we have two Sussex people on the Board. There is also news of the 50 or so "Enhancements to TT Leagues" which have been announced and I will have a look at these in due course. The bid for the Para 2023 ITTF European Championships has been endorsed, a further call for volunteers for the Commonwealth Games and news of an inaugural Parkinson National Championship.

4th June, 2021 - Archived News Items

The News Items on this page for the months of February, March and April have been archived and can be found on the Archive Page. The links should still be active.

18th May, 2021 - County Trials Day - 4th September

The County has arranged Saturday 4th September for a Trials Day for Cadets and Juniors and the event is being run by Peter Baldwin the Cadet and Junior County Championship Match Secretary at the Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill. More information about the day will be available in due course but if Leagues, Coaches and Clubs can note the date.

18th May, 2021 - Brighton League Summer Competition

The Brighton League are running a Banded Competition over 6 weeks from week commencing 21st June. A total of 8 Bands of 6 Players in each are proposed across 2 venues - Lancing Manor Leisure Centre and Exeter Street in Brighton with two players being promoted and relegated each week. The entry cost is £30 for the 6 weeks with 5 games every week. Please see Flyer and Entry Form for the event.

18th May, 2021 - Cadet Girls

There is a great shortage of Cadet Girls in the County and so the County is looking to try and get more focus to develop young Girls. Have a look at the link below showing the Chinese talent and skills, and hope it provides some inspiration! But don't be put off!


18th May 2021 - Crawley Community TTC - News Cadet and Senior Coaching Sessions

Please see Flyers for new Cadet and Senior Coaching this coming summer. For more information use the website shown on the news item for 13th May below.

18th May 2021 - National Council - Diversity Action Plan

Further to the news item below of the 14th May the remaining slide pack from the last National Council Meeting on a "Diversity Action Plan"

18th May, 2021 - Horsham Spinners Junior Events - Report

Please find the reports, prepared by Rory Scott, for the two recent 2 Junior Events held by Rory Scott at his Slinford venues on the 9th May and 15th May. Further events are planned - see new item dated 17th May.

17th May, 2021 - Sussex County Junior Open 2 Star Circuit Events

The Sussex County have planned a series of Open 2 Star Junior Events through the Season and the first 2 have been organised and are on the TTE Calendar. They are both at the Warden Park School Sports Hall on Saturdays 11th September and 30th October. Please find the Entry Forms - September and October, with return to Brett Holt. The entry cost is just £15 for each event.

17th May, 2021 - County "Banded" Closed Event

With the lifting of restrictions Sussex County have arranged a "Welcome Back to TT" event for just Sussex Players. It is set for Saturday 24th July at Warden Park School Sports Hall and it is planned for 36 Players in 4 Bands of 9 Players plus 1 Band for Women. Please find Information and the Entry Form with return to Brett Holy by 16th July. The entry cost is just £12.

17th May, 2021 - Horsham Spinners Junior Open 1 Star Events

Rory has changed the event scheduled for the 12th June from a Closed Event to an Open 1 Star along with a further Event on the 10th July which is also a 1 Star. They are approved and on the TTE Calendar. Please find the Information and Entry Forms - 12th June and 10th July - with return to Rory. It is planned to have 4 Bands of up to 8 players based on ranking but dependent on entries and Covid guidelines will be in place for the 12th June event. Entry cost is £14.

17th May 2021 - Latest Other News

Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion Network Update - News of the launch of the Active Alliance new Strategy "Achieving Fairness", the re-opening of a Toyota Parasports Fund, and the next online forum on the 8th June.

Sport England - 120521 - The implementation plan for the first year of the "Uniting the Movement" long term strategy, support for people looking to retrain, and the benefits of being active in nature.

 UK Coaching - Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Learn how to be quick, smart, and able to restart a heart - free training available.

Sport England News - May - Contains updated Coronavirus guidance, urging of an inclusive return to sport and physical activity, option to sign up to National Lottery Week and an opportunity to join the national conversation around "Easier To Be Active" and finally information about the free Cardiac Arrest Training.

16th May 2021 - Haywards Heath League - Practice Returns

As from the coming week practice sessions at Haywards Heath venue at Warden Park School resume on Wednesdays and Sunday with pre-booking and pre-payment arrangements in place. Members of the League should have received information about the arrangements and booking. It is hoped that Junior Coaching will also resume at the end of May. The League has decided to abandon the end of their League Season which ran during the month of October before the lockdown in October.

15th May 2021 - Latest TTE News

Newsletter 14th May - Contains latest Covid Statements, Election of Ritchie Venner, Partnership with Recast, a free multi-sport App for which more details here. News also of the invitations for the first Grand Prix since lockdown on the 26th and 27th June, and Mental Awareness Week and its showcasing on outdoor tables around the Country, details of the AGM - Notice and Propositions. The National Conference Agenda is also included along with news that the National Mark Bates U10 - U13 Tournament has been confirmed for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th July.

Clubs and Leagues Update - In addition to above there is information on registration for TT Kidz events starting in the Autumn, news and Rocca (operating TT Leagues) is looking to produce a new online Tool for Club Management, Request for information about Volunteers, and a Club Finder for Cerebral Palsy Sport.

14th May 2021 - National Council - Minutes and Slides

Further to the News item below on the 10th May please find the formal Minutes of the National Council Meeting held on the 24th April as issued by TTE, along with a Slide Pack presented by Greg Yarnell on "The Way Forward" out of Covid and looking ahead to the implications of the Sport England Paper "Uniting the Movement and Mission 2025. There was another presentation by Greg on "Diversity" for which I am trying to obtain the slides.

13th May 2021 - Crawley Community TTC - Newsletter

Please see the Spring Newsletter distributed by the Crawley Community TTC and you can view more on the Club Website as well as Junior Coaching on the following links:



12th May 2021 - Elected Director - Result

Further to the news item of the 22nd April below, TTE have just announced the Results and Ritchie Venner has been elected with a good majority. I believe many Sussex Leagues in Sussex voted for him.

11th May, 2021 - County Championship - Team Entries 

TTE require notification of the Team Entries for the coming season and it was agreed at a County Meeting on Monday 10th May that the following number of Teams in the various categories be entered:

  • Senior Teams x 3;
  • Junior Teams x 3;
  • Veteran Teans 3;
  • Cadet Teams x 2
  • Over 60's Teams x 2;

The major debate was around whether there were sufficient women/girls available and the number of Cadet Teams may yet change downward. The only difference from Season 2019 to 2020 (none current season of course) is an additional Over 60's Team. Confirmation of acceptance of the Teams and what divisions will appear here later in the summer. Sussex are the current Senior and Over 60's Champions. 

10th May 2021 - National Council Meeting 24th April - Notes

There was a National Council Zoom Meeting on the 24th April (see News Item below for 21st April), and my brief notes of the Meeting can be found here.

9th May, 2021 -  Horsham Spinners TTC Junior Event 1st May - Report

Please find a Report, prepared by Rory Scott, of the second post lockdown event. An increase in numbers and hopefully will increase going forward. Further dates can be found on the Cadet and Junior Page.

9th May, 2021 - Horsham Spinners TTC Junior Events 24th April - Report

Please find a Report, prepared by Rory Scott, of the first post lockdown session in Sussex. Sadly, like the Coaching Session, numbers were low and it looks like players are going to take time to return.

9th May 2021 - Bryant and Gertsen Training Days

They are back with Training Days planned in June, July and August, bookings for 2022 and the availability of online workshops and support. Please see Newsletter.

9th May 2021 - Sports England - Impact of Covid on Activity

Please see the impact of Covid on Activity in the latest report from Sport England.

9th May 2021 - UK Coaching News

Please see the latest UK Coaching News for May which contains news of the UK Coaching Week from 7th to 13th June, a toolkit for Sport Psychology, upcoming free webinars and much more.

9th May 2021 - Latest Active Sussex News

Education News - Lots of news including a free "Health and Movement" Webinar on the 12th (3.30 pm to 4.30 pm), recruitment for Trustees representative of local communities, availability of knowledge and tools to develop PE in schools, and a Festival Pack for Sussex School Games Sports Day. There is also news of a Active Recovery Hub with access to 250 free, fun and inclusive activity resources developed in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, National School Sport Week (19th to 25th June), grants for South Downs National Park School Trips, and there is much, much more! 

Disability and Inclusion News - among the articles is specific guidance for "Return to Play" for those with disabilities, an Activity Alliance report and a reminder that mental health week is starting 10th May, and much more.

Active Sussex News - Various items of news including a Safeguarding Award for Active Sussex, and similar to TTE, Active Sussex participated in the social media boycott.

9th May 2021 - Latest TTE News

Newsletter 30th April - Contains information about the 25 Propositions (10 from Company Members) being put forward for the TTE AGM on the 17th July, and the opening of the membership renewal from 1st May and membership lasts for 15 months until end of July 2022. News also that TTE joined the social media boycott, invitations welcomed for TT Kidz registration for the Autumn, and that England Coach Gavin Evans has joined the High-Performance Coach Apprenticeship programme being launched by UK Sport. Finally, news that the National Cup will go ahead in June, invitations for becoming an Elected Director (now closed and voting taking place - see news item 22nd April below), and reflections on the GB Team missing out on the Olympics.

Newsletter 7th May - Covid Guidance has been updated as at 5 pm on the 5th May to reflect the changes from 17th May, which is all good news for Table Tennis. News also of the Centenary Planning for ETTA/TTE which starts on the 7th November 2021. The invitations for the National Junior Cup are announced and sadly there are no Sussex County Boy or Girl representatives, and of course Competitions are back in the TTE Calendar and Sussex has a few planned for next season.

9th May 2021 - TTE Response to Kent Documentation

Further to the news item of 19th April below, please find the TTE Response to the questions raised by the Kent Documentation sent to TTE. In the context of this subject there was discussion at the recent National Council meeting and Alan Ransome announced that he had been in discussion with the MAG from which he proposed a return to policies which were successful prior to 2012.

County Plan

Sussex County Development

County Plan Season 2020/2021

No County Plan for Season 2020/2021 has been produced due to Covid-19.

Some plans are being made to restart some activities around Easter time and more information on this will appear in due course.


Sussex County Table Tennis Association

Information About

Please see the Sussex County Privacy Policy.

The SCTTA is affiliated to the Table Tennis England (TTE) and represents 9 leagues within Sussex with 969 (of which 72 were Junior) affiliated league playing members in the 2019/2020 Season. The SCTTA is a non profit making organisation and through affiliation fees paid by Players in the Sussex Leagues supports a number of County Teams at Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran level. Last Season 12 Teams were entered in the various categories with the Senior Team winning the Premier Division. The County also runs events each year such as Sussex Closed, Invitation Event (top 8 in various categories), and in the recent past have run regular Coaching Sessions and 2* Events.

The County Management Committee are all Volunteers and meet around 6 times a year along with an AGM. If you wish to assist and Volunteer then please contact me as below.

 Promotional Video

County Safeguarding Policies and Statements

In the context of the need recognised for a County Complaints Procedure to be available, the County "Safeguarding Policy & Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy" and the "Child Safeguarding Policy Statement" were reviewed at the County Meeting on the 25th March, 2019. In the main they were updated to reflect TTE and associated documents and to include reference to County using only Licensed Coaches along with ensuring DBS Checks have been carried out for all relevant County Officers as being aware of Social Media implications.   It should be noted that Leagues and Clubs should have something similar or at least reference to these. These Policies are in addition to the County Constitution and will be referred to by a proposed rules change.