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Welcome to the Sussex County Table Tennis Association Website (SCTTA). It has been up and running since April 2013. Information about SCTTA can be found below along with the current County Plan.


13th September - Sussex County Championship Matches Season 2017/2018

Please see the following information regarding the County Championship Matches for the coming season:

The specific dates for the Sussex County Championship Matches, as currently known, for the coming season along with the relevant Match Secretary, can be found on the County Matches Page (under Sussex Calendar). Venue information will be updated as it becomes known.

13th September - Top Edge October Training Camp

A reminder that Top Edge & Gertsen TT Training Camp are running at St Neots TTC on the 27th, 28th and 29th October (see previous information on news item below in August). Some 20 people have signed up but there are still some spaces. Coaches present will be Craig Bryant, Stephen Gertsen, Mark Mitchell, Carl Prean, and Englands Coach of the Year Mark Dare. Please see Booking Form.

13th September - Konrad Pieterse Memorial Tournament in Hastings 24th September

A reminder that the Bexhillians TTC in the Hastings League is hosting this Tournament on the 24th September (see further information in news item below in August), and that the closing date is this coming Friday 15th September. Please find the entry form here.

13th September - Arundel Club

Arundel TTC had obtained ASDA as a sponsor for the coming season with all 16 club players wearing team shirts with ASDA on the back. Well done Arundel TTC and a sign for the future.

10th September - Sussex County - 2017/2018 Plan

The County Meeting  on the 4th September agreed the County Plan for the coming season and it can be see on the relevant page at the bottom and also here.  As can seen it list the County Objectives and the Deliverables for the coming season. More information soon.  

10th September - TTE News - Various

The Governance Review Group (GRG) has been set up  to monitor and review the Independent Review Team (see GRG TOR and Timescales below) and Tony Catt, Sussex National Councillor and current Chair of NC is part of the Team; The merger between English Schools Association (ESTTA) and TTE is taking and thus TTE will be providing support and for the current season the timescales and format are unchanged; The Joola Flash 40+ ball is the official one for TTE Domestic Events; Helsham Weerasinghe from  Sussex is part of the Team playing in the European Championships in Luxembourg from this coming Wednesday and the Team are in Group E with Denmant, Netherlands and Ireland; The SE were the overall winners of the School Games with the Girls coming first, Para Team first and the Boys 3rd and both George Hazell and Kate Cheers from Sussex were in the team - congratulations are in order! If not received from TTE please see news item 1st September and 8th September

August - Special Note

The Website has been off-line over recent weeks due to maintenance on the filing system. I have also caught up with all the news over the last 2 months including some from last season, and it is all in rough chronological order.

August - Service Training Master Class Training Day - Hollingbury TTC, Brighton League

Craig Bryant will be running a Service Training Master Class Training Day at Hollingbury Table Tennis Club in the Brighton League on 30th September between 10.30am and 3.30pm. The cost is £25 which needs to be paid prior to the course. There are 14 places on the course and if you are interested please advise Ade Akinboyewa as soon as possible on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

August - Adult Beginners Course - Friday 15th September

An Adult Beginners and New Starters Course is taking place on Friday 15th September at the Bersted Park Community Centre from 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm. The Course is suitable for anyone wishing to learn from scratch. The Coach taking the Course is Matt Sadlowski and you can BOOK NOW where other Course at various levels can also be found.

August - Sussex County Treasurer Required

The current Treasurer Tony Anderson has not stood for re-election at the recent County AGM, although he is continuing in the role until someone else is in place. If anyone is interested in taking up the role then please let me know on the contact information at the bottom of this page.The role is not considered to be onerous but some of the key activities are as follows:

  • Request, collect and record affiliation payments and associated numbers;
  • Pay and record expenses for County Teams in line with agreed Expenses Policy;
  • Pay and record agreed procurements and ancillary costs/expenses in line with County Plan activities;
  • Draft annual Budget recommendations;
  • Attend County Meetings;
  • Prepare annual accounts, submit to auditors and present at AGM; 

August - Sussex County - Invitation Events & Sussex Trials

The annual Sussex County Invitation Event has been arranged for Sunday 10th September at the Six Villages Leisure Centre. The top 8 in each of the Cadet Boys (Keith Jackson Cup) and Girls (Pat Ginnaw Cup), Junior Boys (Bill Bradley Cup) and Girls (Lillian Rymill Cup), and Senior/Veteran Men (Seaman Cup) and Women (Nicholls Cup) are invited. As usual not everyone can make it due to other commitments but a strong cast is still expected. The list of players able to attend is not yet finalised and will be on this website in due course.

The Sussex Trials for Cadets and Juniors are to take place on Saturday 16th September at the K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley starting at 10 and through to 4 pm. If you are interested in attending then please let Peter Baldwin know on:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August - Season 2017/2018 - Konrad Pieterse Memorial Tournament in Hastings 24th September

The Bexhillians TTC in the Hastings League is hosting this Tournament in memory of Konrad Pieterse, a club member, who was killed recently whilst on a charity bike ride with any money raised going to the "Charity for Kids" in Hastings.  The Referee is Diane Webb and the Organiser is Trevor Towner and it is planned that there will be Open Singles and Drawn Doubles. Please find the entry form here. 

August - Affiliated League Updates

The Hastings League is holding its AGM this coming Wednesday 30th August at the Hollington Community Centre, Wishing Tree Road, St Leonards-On-Sea.

The Eastbourne League at a recent divisional formation meeting revised its Divisions to three and also changing from the previous system whereby Teams played matches in Divisions above and below. This to enable TT365 to be used this coming season, and the Brighton League also recently had a formation meeting with 3 Divisions initially and part Third Division which may expand.

August - TTE EGM outcome

The TTE EGM on the 12th August and the resolution put forward by TTE was passed by 96.69% and subsequently Sports England have confirmed that funding will resume. There is a commitment by TTE to review the Governance over the next year. An independent led group with expertise in many areas will conduct the review and a sub-group from TTE called the Governance Review Group (GRG) has been set up to monitor and ensure TOR and timelines are adhered to. Please see the TOR and Timelines for this review along with News item on the subject. Please find also the latest 25th August News item from TTE.

August - Satelite Club Funding

If you are a Satellite Club then you can apply for funding from TTE - please see the following link.


Sports England has made available £140K to be awarded over 4 years to clubs associated with community sports clubs targeting 11 to 18 year olds.

August - South West Sussex League - Chairman's Award

Basil Boxall aged 87 was presented with the Chairman's Award by Chris Newberry at the recent AGM for playing in the South West Sussex League for over 70 years. He started playing in the 1940's and has played every year except for 2 years National Service and is currently for Bognor TTC. Natham White  from Arundel Club was awarded the "Most Improved Junior Player". Please see Photo and Article.

August - Top Edge Information - Training Days

Top Edge & Gertsen TT Training Camp are running Training Days at St Neots TTC on the 27th, 28th and 29th October.There will be two guest coaches - legend Carl Prean and former England International Mark Mitchell. Previous camps have been held successfully in Horsham and Dorset for which highlights can be found on the link:


Please see Flyer and Booking Form and also see attached if you are interested in hosting Top Edge Training Days at your club.

24th July - Sussex County AGM - Key Points

There was good attendance at the Sussex County AGM on the 24th July and the following were the key points.


  • Total Affiliations for the County were 917;
  • No changes to County Affiliation Fees for Season 2017/2018;

County Championship Teams

  • County Championship Team mixed results:
  • Senior – SX1 won Premier, SX2 4th Division 1B, SX3 4th Division 2B;
  • Cadet – SX1 won Division 1A, SX2 4th Division 1A, SX3 5th Division 2A;
  • Junior – SX1 2nd Premier, SX2 8th Division 1B;
  • Veteran – SX1 Last Premier, SX2 2nd Division2C, SX3 6th Division 2C;
  • Over 60’s – 3rd Premier;


  • Coaching Strategy/Framework formalised and following held:
  • Elite Training for Juniors, Girls Only, Intermediate Boys;
  • County Coaching Panel established;
  • Positive comments received on above from Players, Parents and Coaches;

County Events

  • Invitation Event, Sussex Trials and Sussex Closed held;


  • County Plan was in place;
  • Topics discussed include League Boundaries & Teams cross Leagues, SE Regional Interface, County Shirts, County Plan, Benefits of County Affiliation, Coaching Strategy, Communication Strategy, Local Junior Circuits, TTE Code of Governance, Junior Development;
  • Jim Skinner, Tony Anderson and Andre Keen were elected Vice Presidents;
  • Steve Steel stood down as Chairman and Jim Skinner was elected as Chair with Kevin Long from Hastings as Secretary; Full list of Officers can be found here; Thanks were exppressed to Steve Steel for leading the County over the last 6 years;
  • League Reports;
  • TTE EGM Governance Proposal debated and agreement for County to support at EGM;

Other Notable Items

  • Successful nomination for Peter Baldwin for the Leslie Forrest Memorial Award;
  • Roger Gillett nomination for Volunteer of the Year & SE Region success (although did not reach the final);
  • Crawley League success for the second year running by retaining the English League Cups – Carter and Bromfield;

TTE EGM 21st July - Notice of EGM & Related Information

An EGM was called by TTE for the 12th August to present the original proposal. TTE had agreed with those presenting the alternative proposal that the Code of Governance, relating to the number of directly elected Directors, would be reviewed over the next year. Please see the Notice, Review Commitment & Timetable, Funding information, and relevant News. Also TTE bulletins for week ending 28th July, 4th August, and 11th August.

TTE AGM 8th July - Minutes, Statements & Leslie Forrest Memorial Award

The TTE AGM was held on the 8th July with two proposals under discussion. The TTE Proposition being defeated by 0.07% short of the 75% majority required. Please find the Minutes of the AGM and Notes as produced by Tony Catt and subsequent Statements from the TTE Chair and Sports England regarding the funding from Sports England.

At the AGM Peter Baldwin, the Sussex Junior and Cadet Match Secretary, who has carried out the role for Sussex for the last 17 years, was awarded the Leslie Forrest Memorial Award as seen below. Congratulations Peter.

Season 2016/2017 - Remaining TTE "Over The Net" News Items upto the TTE AGM

Please see for information the Over The Net newsletters from TTE in case you missed them or not seen them.

Other Season 2016/2017 News 

Brighton Summer League - Final Tables & Averages

Please see the final Report and Table & Averages for the Summer League held at Hollingbury Club for 7 weeks by Rory Scott. Hollingbury A Team retained the title.

Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners Veterans 1 Star & Senior 2 Star Event 9th July - Report & Results

Please find a report of this event prepared by Rory Scott held on the 9th July at the College of Richard Collyer. There were 4 Veteran Bands and a Senior Event and the results were as follows:

  • Vets Band 1: Winner: Rory Scott; Runner-Up: Steve Horton;
  • Vets Band 2: Winner: Leo Veinsreider; Runner-Up: Roger Ingram;
  • Vets Band 3: Winner: Yury Zhelyabouskiy; Runner-Up: ue Pingram;
  • Vets Band 4: Winner: Minesh Agnihotri; Runner-Up: Bassam Mocharrifie;
  • Seniors: Winner: Rory Scott, Runner-Up: Matthew Gold; 

Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners Cadet Banded 1 Star & Circuit Event 8th July - Report & Results

Please find a report of this event prepared by Rory Scott and held on the 8th July. There were 4 Bands and a separate Circuit Event and the results were as follows:

  • Band 1: Winner: Owen Brown, Runner-Up: Will Michell;
  • Band 2: Winner: Ed Cozens, Runner-Up: John Strang;
  • Band 3: Winner: Emilio Calcada; Runner-Up: Eddie Pullen;
  • Circuit Band A: Winner: Juan Cordova; Runner-Up: Akramul Islam;
  • Circuit Band B: Winner: Franklin Almonte; Runner-Up: Rylie Leonnard; 

Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2 Star Event 2nd July - Report & Results

Please find a report of this event prepared by Rory Scott and held on the 2nd July at College of Richard Collyer in Horsham. There were 6 age groups and the results were as follows:

  • U11: Winner: James Hanblett, Runner-Up: Max Wilson;
  • U12: Winner: Todd Stanmore, Runner-Up; Ben Poulter;
  • U13: Winner: Todd Stanmore, Runner-Up: Zach Hodges;
  • U14: Winner: Charlie Graham-Adams, Runner-Up: Nahom Goitom;
  • U15: Winner: Valerio Bucci, Runner-Up: Owen Brown;
  • U18: Winner: George Hazell, Runner-Up: Robert Pelc;

Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners Cadet Banded 1 Star & Circuit Event 24th June - Report & Results

Please find a report of this event prepared by Rory Scott and held on the 24th June. There were 3 Bands and a separate Circuit Event and the results were as follows:

  • Band A: Winner: Owen Brown, Runner-Up: Jon-Vai Chung
  • Band B: Winner: Daniel Broner, Runner-Up: Ollie Nutting;
  • Band C: Sasha O'Halloran, Runner: occo Martinez-Paoli;
  • Circuit: Winner: Andrew Gifford, Runner-Up: Jayden Leonnard;

Horsham Spinners TT Club Championships 3rd June - Report & Results

Please find a report of this event by Rory Scott and held on the 3rd June at Forest School. These were the medallists and the results were as follows:

  • U11 & U12: Winner: Freddie Marchant, Runner-Up: Tom Pearson;
  • U13: Winner: Zach Hodges; Runner-Up: Ollie Michell;
  • U14: Winner: Zach Hodges, Runner-Up: Ed Cozens;
  • U15: Winner: Will Michell; Runner-Up: Ed Cozens;
  • U16: Winner: Will Michell; Runner-Up: Ollie Thorne; 

30th June - Sussex County Cadet & Junior County Championship

Peter Baldwin presented a short report at the County Meeting on the 8th May showing the Teams and  their finishing positions in the various Divisions. He will be presenting a full report at the County AGM on the 23rd July.

10th June - Archived News

Previous News Items have been archived and the recent for the months of March to May 2017 can be found under the Archive Page.

Sussex County Table Tennis Association

Information About

The SCTTA is affiliated to the Table Tennis England (TTE) and represents 9 leagues within Sussex with 917 affiliated league playing members in the 2016/2017 Season. The SCTTA is a non profit making organisation and through affiliation fees paid by Players in the Sussex Leagues supports a number of County Teams at Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran level. Last Season 12 Teams were entered in the various categories with the Senior Team winning the Premier and Cadet first Team winning Division 1A. The County also runs events each year such as Sussex Closed,Invitation Event (top 8 in various catagories), and in the recent past have run regular Circuit Events as well as Junior 2 and 4 star Tournaments and has supported Sussex Open Events. In the Season 2016/2017 a County Plan was developed and put in place and please see elsewhere on this page for more information on this

The County Management Committee are all Volunteers and meet around 6 times a year along with an AGM. If you wish to assist and Volunteer then please contact me as below.

County Plan

Sussex County Development

County Plan Season 2017/2018

Last Season a County Plan detailed Objectives along with Deliverables and Initiatives was in place and of note a Coaching Strategy and Framework was developed and put in place by Maureen Hazell and Kevin Long, and provided Coaching for Juniors, Girls Only and Intermediate Sessions. The draft County Plan for Season 2017/2018 was presented to the County Meeting on the 4th September, minor amendments were made and it was agreed and can be seen here

Web Contact

Jim Skinner - Web Master & Sussex County Chairman

If you have any news items or articles that you would like displayed then please contact me as below on my email address. Similarly if you have any issues or suggestions for this website.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07540 831096