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Welcome to the Sussex County Table Tennis Association Website (SCTTA) 

This website started in April 2013. It contains information and TT news that impacts the County of Sussex and also seeks to promotes TT within the County. The County Objectives are all detailed in the SCTTA Annual County Plan which can be found below along with information about SCTTA. There are also many County Reference Documents now on this website. Please send TT news items of interest within Sussex County to the email address below. The Website has recently been upgraded  to latest software versions and more recently to enable Video's. 


17th August - Sussex County - Invitation Event 4th September 

This event has not been run since September 2019 and it has now been planned for this coming 4th September at the Triangle Leisure Centre starting at 9 am for Cadets/Juniors (Boys/Girls) and Seniors (Men/Women) starting at 11 am. The Event looks at bringing together the best players in the respective age categories.

Invitations have been sent out and it hoped that all if not most of those invited can make the date in respect of 8 players for the Men/Boys and 4 players for Women/Girls on the 4th September. The event is set to be confirmed on Monday 29th August dependent on responses of invited players.

Please see the previous Winners and Runners-Up

Please come along on the Sunday morning to see the best in the County playing.

16th August 2022 - County Management Committee - Season 2022/2023

Following the County AGM on the 11th July there are additions to the Management Committee with Sally Hughes as Vice Chairman and championing Women and Girls - see earlier News Item - and Amanda Worne championing Access and Disability issues. The full list is on the Contacts Page with a link to contact details and included here for ease of reference. The County is still looking for Volunteers for Secretary, Treasurer and Development Officers roles and if you can spare some hours each week then please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or your local County League Representative.

15th August 2022 - County Vice Presidents and Life Members

The County List of Vice Presidents and Life Members has been updated to include Andrew Hayes, who has been East Grinstead League Chairman for many years and was awarded Life Membership of the County at the recent County AGM. The full list can be seen here.

14th August - County Events Season 2022/2023 

Please see below information about Events taking place in the County of Sussex this coming season.

The County has been putting them together over the last month for the coming Season as per the County Plan as follows:

  • Invitation Event  - 4th September - See a separate News Item shortly on this;
  • Sussex County Closed - 23rd April 2023 at Warden Park
  • County Coaching Sessions - 3rd September, 1st October, 19th November, 10th December, 7th January, 25th February, 25th March, 6th May, 24th June;
  • County Cadet/Junior 2 Star Events - 3rd December, 26th March;
  • County Novice Events - 8th October (may change to 15th October), 19th November (SWS), 21st January (Hastings), 18th February;
  • County Women/Girls Events - 5th November, 1st July;

In addition there are the following events planned by Rory Scott as follows:

  • Private Cadet/Junior Events - 29th October, 20th November, 9th April, 6th May, 18th June, 9th July
  • Private Senior/Veteran Events - 30th October, 19th November, 21st January, 8th April, 7th May, 17th June, 8th July;

The following event has also been planned by James Pettigrew as follows:

  • Private Rustingham 1 Star - 11th December - Veteran and Junior only;

These can also be seen on the spreadsheet on the following link which also contains information about dates for other nearby events such as British League and London Academy. 


Entry Forms will be posted as they become available on the TTE Website where appropriate or News Items here for such events as the Novice Cadet Events.

12th August - County Novice Cadet Events

At the County AGM there was a discussion on how to develop young players in Sussex other than within Club and County Coaching environments. A proposal was presented for the running of a number of "Novice" Tournament closed to Sussex and in bands. It was the view that this would require less resource than the previously suggested County U11/U13 Competition and would enable Cadets to play others with similar ability. The suggestion made that a definition of a "Beginner" or "Novice" being to ability to hold rallies, awareness of the rules and can serve. Please see a copy of the paper presented "Developing Young Players in Sussex" and it was recognised that they would be of minimal charge with entry fees enabling break-even. The dates provisionally agreed were the 8th October (Triangle Leisure Centre) 19th November (South West Sussex), 21st January (Hastings) and 18th February (Triangle Leisure Centre). At the moment of writing it is possible that the 8th October may change to the 15th October.

12th August, 2022 - TTE Annual Conference

This was held on the same day (morning) as the TTE AGM (afternoon) and it reviewed the year. It can be found here for ease of reference - Annual Review. 

If you feel like watching the presentation of the Review completely, along with the Awards made then you can watch the whole 2.5 hours on a video on the following link:


12th August - eBatt/Global University Systems 1 Star 7th August - Results

This event was held at the Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill on the 7th August and although only a 1 Star Event it attracted a very strong list of high-ranking players. Perhaps the prize money on offer had something to do with it - £500 for the winner, £250 for Runner Up and £100 losing semi-finalists. Even the Consolation Event had prize money with the winner receiving £100 and Runner Up £50. The format was groups of 4 in the Open with further groups of 4 before the main draws. It was a Mixed Open Singles only with the sponsorship from eBatt and Global University Systems and the winner was Grigory Vlasov with the Runner Up Chris Doran. Report and videos of the some of the key matches can be found on the following link along with the results of the groups and main/consolation draws:


12th August, 2022 - Table Tennis Times - Issue 27

Another cracking read in the latest edition of the TT Times Issue Number 27 produced by Diane and Harvey Webb. This Summer Edition is packed full of stories and reports for everything that is happening in the Table Tennis World. In this edition:

  • Editorial;
  • Junior U19, U17 and Cadet National Championships Report - 30th April to 1st May in Nottingham;
  • Junior National Cup Report - 18th to 19th June, Birmingham;
  • London Grand Prix, Redbridge Report - 28th to 29th May;
  • Gloucester Grand Prix Report, 25th to 26th June;
  • Ken & Karenza Matthews Story - 1974 continued to 1975;
  • U13 and U11 National Championships Report - 11th to 12th June in Wolverhampton;
  • Celebrating 50 On - Ormesby TTC;
  • Chinese Diary by Nora Vint: Final Episode;
  • Commonwealth Games Qualifying Tournament 21st May (behind closed doors);
  • Michael Loveder (Photographer) at the Commonwealth Games;
  • English Leagues Cup Competition (ELCC) - Report Zonal Rounds and Final;
  • What was Happening 70 Years Ago - 1952;
  • WTT Feeder, Contender & Champions Events x 6 Reports;
  • TTE Governance;
  • TTE Conference & AGM Report;
  • WTT Youth Contender Events x 4 - Reports;
  • ITTF World Championships, Chengdu, China, 30 September to 9th October, 2022;
  • Olympic Games & Paralympic Games, Paris, France (July to September 2024);
  • European Vets Championships, Rimini, Italy 27th June to 2nd July - Report and some recognisable faces in the photo's;
  • European Youth Championships - 6th to 15th July, Belgrade, Serbia, Report;
  • Forthcoming Events;

Happy reading!!

12th August, 2022 - TTE Newsletters

For those who are not affiliated to Table Tennis England you will not have seen these Newsletter. However, if you are thinking of doing so even if you are only playing socially, the there is much information of interest around Table Tennis. Below is a summary of recent Newsletter and the topics included and the links to TTE Website are still active by using Ctrl-Click:

  • 12th August - Contains a round-up of the Commonwealth Games - 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes and an article on the Legacy; preview of the European Championships in Munich where 5 Players are participating, Award to Tin-Tin for "Athlete of the Year" 2022 TASS Star Award; an article on Jan Fuller on her preparations for the Parkinson's UK TT National Event; changes to the TT Club Platform, final changes to the Rankings for 2021/2022 and a request for 2 Volunteers working the Archives;
  • 5th August - Commonwealth Games and the Men’s Team winning Bronze in the Team Event and progress for others, Crawley Grand Prix 17th/18th September, Membership Renewals, Senior British League changes such as new Cup 3rd/4th June 2023, TT League Manager use, and changes to Rankings, Article on Kate Hughes on the benefits of being a Level 3 Coach, TT Kidz for Clubs in October, and news on the GB Coach Apprenticeship Scheme; 
  • 3rd August - Club & Leagues Update - Link to Toolkit on welcoming new people captured from interest from the Commonwealth Games; an Article on TT Kidz, news of a forthcoming Webinar at 7 pm on the 23rd August with focus on Women and Girls and how Clubs can make more inclusive and accessible, Changes to the TT Club Platform for Premier Clubs, and an Article on the Primary Schools Festival that took place in Greater Manchester on the 28th June;
  • 29th July - Commonwealth Games Team opponents, Karen Tongue OBE on her role at the Games, TTE CEO update for July, Ormesby TTC and the presentation of TTE VP Award to Brenda Stephenson by Club Chairman Alan Ransome, OBE, Ping and the winning design for Table Tops around Birmingham by 11 year-old Charlotte from Coventry TTC, Official Suppliers to the Commonwealth Games for Bribar, Tees Sports and Topspin, update on the Jack Petchey Foundation which is now in its 11th Year and which provides opportunities for young people to play, compete and lead, TTE Board of Appeal looking for 10 people (applications now closed);
  • 22nd July - Commonwealth Games news - videos introducing Team England Squad, Article on Kim Mudge Umpire at the Games, behind the scenes "kitting" out the Team and the withdrawal of Mollie Patterson because of injury, and "Have a Go" Zone at the Games for those new to TT with an associated Toolkit that can be downloaded; Brighton City entering an inclusive team into the British League, News on the TTE AGM, outcome of all the Resolutions, Affiliation Fees and Honours, the opening of on-line Membership Renewals, request for Premier Clubs (3) to host Disability Talent Identification Session for Para TT, and finally opportunities with TTE;

12th August 2022 - County Coaching Summary

During last season following the return to play in April 2021, 16 County Coaching Sessions have been held organised by Maureen Hazell. It was difficult to restart following Covid-19 but the regular sessions were able to identify the emerging talent within the County and the creation, for both Cadets and Juniors, Performance and Development Squads. The players selected can be seen on the following links and note that the names are in alphabetical order and not ranking.

Cadet Performance and Development Squad

Junior Performance and Development Squad

These players will receive further County Coaching during the 2022/2023 Season and also be available for selection for County Championship Matches.

The County Coaching Sessions resume on the 3rd September at the Triangle Leisure Centre and further monthly dates, all at the Triangle Leisure Centre, are as follows:

1st October, 19th November, 10th December, 7th January, 25th February, 25th March, 6th May, and 24th June

Note that there may be some changes with respect to timing/venue for the 1st October and 19th November dates due to a Volleyball Women's Cup Competition in the sports hall at the same time for part of the session at the moment.

12th August 2022 - Sussex County AGM 11th July - Summary

The Sussex County AGM was held on the 11th July at the Lewes Town Hall and the passing of recent County Life Members and Vice Presidents were remembered at the very start. It was the first physical meeting for sometime.

Reports were presented and in summary the following were the main points from the meeting:

  • Women/Girls Event - congratulations were expressed to Sally Hughes for obtaining funding and initiating the very first Women/Girls event;
  • TTE Centenary  - Book "A Century of Photographs" and the Gala Dinner discussed;
  • Accounts - remain healthy £69K with small profit on year - main expenditures County Championship, County Coaching, and Shirts and 2 Banners designed and purchased;
  • County Affiliations - down by 20% across Leagues due in main to players not coming back from Covid;
  • Proposal for County Affiliation to remain unchanged (£10 Senior, £5 Junior) agreed;
  • County Championship - Reports from Match Secretaries - Senior 2nd winners Division 2B, Junior 2nd Runners-up Division 1B, and Over 60's 2nd Runners-Up Division 2A;
  • County Championship - Premier Senior 1st Team was not able to continue its winning run;
  • TTE - Discussion and guidance previously on proposed Resolutions and reiterated by Tony Catt;
  • Sussex Closed successfully held at Warden Park (first since 2019) along with 3 Cadet/Junior 2 Star events;
  • County Coaching monthly organised by Maureen Hazell restarted April 2021 and Junior/Cadet Performance and Development Squads produced and summary available; 
  • County Plan - Much achieved but as ever insufficient volunteers to deliver full plan - new plan presented in draft;
  • Implications of non-affiliation of Brighton TTC to the local Brighton League and running of Individual League discussed - agreed to continue to make TTE aware of the issues;
  • County Events Calendar produced to include Invitation Event, Sussex Closed, County Coaching Sessions (9), Cadet/Junior 2 Star (2), Novice Events (4), Women/Girls (2);
  • Proposal presented and agreed for Novice Cadet Events to be held around the County;
  • Current President (Laurie Holland) and Vice Presidents were re-elected and Andrew Hayes, East Grinstead League Chairman became a new Vice President;
  • Election of Officers - new faces - Sally Hughes now Vice Chairman and Women/Girls Champion and James Pettigrew Umpire Representative;
  • League Reports - Given by all League Representatives on League Events over the past Season;

It was an excellent meeting with lots of enthusiasm. Note that the County still need a Secretary and Treasurer and so if you feel you can contribute then please do not hesitate to contact me. There are further news items on some of the topics mentioned.

12th August - Horsham Spinners Senior Veteran 1 Star Event 10th July - Results

The last Horsham Spinners Senior/Veteran 1 Star event of the 2021/2022 Season organised by Brett Holt (on behalf of Rory Scott), took place at the Six Villages Sports Hall on the 10th July. Besides the Senior and Veteran separate events there was an Open combining the categories. All the results from the event can be found on the following link.


12th August - Horsham Spinners Cadet/Junior 1Star Event 9th July - Results

The last Horsham Spinners Cadet/Junior 1 Star event of the 2021/2022 Season organised by Brett Holt (on behalf of Rory Scott), took place at the Six Villages Sports Hall on the 9th July. The age categories were U12, U13, U14, U15, U18, and U19. All the results from the event can be found on the following link.


12th August 2022 - Women and Girls 1 Star Event 2nd July - Results 

Thanks to the hard work of Sally Hughes in obtaining funding from TTE and much communication and energy she has achieved in creating the very first Women and Girls 1 Star Tournament to be approved by TTE. It was held at the Triangle Leisure Centre on the 2nd July and there were 6 events - Under 21, Over 21 and Open with consolation events for each. There was a good standard with some 30 plus players and it was held under the County Banner with funds ring-fenced. Sussex Players were well represented and Jodie Morris from Sussex won the Under 21 Event. Ewelina Sychta won both the Over 21 and Open. There was also a Sportswomen Award for Karin Kunrath.

All the information in respect of results for all the group matches and main draws can be found on the following link and note by clicking on an image you will get all the relevant groups, etc.:


Another Event is scheduled for the 5th November again at the Triangle Leisure Centre, and please see the Entry Form . It is planned that Over 21/Over 21 Events are held am with an Open for all ages pm. Entry Fee is £10 for am events and £10 for pm event. Consolation Events planned subject to no scheduling issues on the day. Sally Hughes can be contacted with the number on the entry form for any queries.  

12th August 2022 - Archived News Items

All the News Items from this Page for the period March 2022 to June 2022 have been archived and can be found on the Archive Page. For ease of reference, it can be found as follows:

March 2022 to June 2022

For information News Items are generally on the relevant Page and duplicated on this main feed. Archived Files therefore capture all the news items made from when the site started in 2013 and can be used for Reference.







County Plan

Sussex County Development

County Plan Season 2022/2023

Currently being updated following comments at the AGM and will appear shortly


Sussex County Table Tennis Association

Information About

Please see the Sussex County Privacy Policy.

The SCTTA is affiliated to the Table Tennis England (TTE) and represents 9 leagues within Sussex with 969 (of which 72 were Junior) affiliated league playing members in the 2019/2020 Season. The SCTTA is a non profit making organisation and through affiliation fees paid by Players in the Sussex Leagues supports a number of County Teams at Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran level. Last Season 12 Teams were entered in the various categories with the Senior Team winning the Premier Division. The County also runs events each year such as Sussex Closed, Invitation Event (top 8 in various categories), and in the recent past have run regular Coaching Sessions and 2* Events.

The County Management Committee are all Volunteers and meet around 6 times a year along with an AGM. If you wish to assist and Volunteer then please contact me as below.

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County Safeguarding Policies and Statements

In the context of the need recognised for a County Complaints Procedure to be available, the County "Safeguarding Policy & Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy" and the "Child Safeguarding Policy Statement" were reviewed at the County Meeting on the 25th March, 2019. In the main they were updated to reflect TTE and associated documents and to include reference to County using only Licensed Coaches along with ensuring DBS Checks have been carried out for all relevant County Officers as being aware of Social Media implications.   It should be noted that Leagues and Clubs should have something similar or at least reference to these. These Policies are in addition to the County Constitution and will be referred to by a proposed rules change.