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Welcome to the Sussex County Table Tennis Association Website (SCTTA) 

This website started in April 2013. It contains information and TT news that impacts the County of Sussex and also seeks to promotes TT within the County. The County Objectives are all detailed in the SCTTA Annual County Plan which can be found below along with information about SCTTA. There are also many County Reference Documents now on this website. Please send TT news items of interest within Sussex County to the email address below. The Website has recently been upgraded  to latest software versions and more recently to enable Video's. 


16th January, 2022 - County Championship - Over 40's Veteran 3rd Team Division 2C - Report

The 3rd Veteran Team played on the 4th December at BATTS in Harlow and had a tough time losing to Kent 3 by a score of 8-2 and to Surrey 1 by a score of 9-1. A report prepared by Stuart Vincent can be found here.

13th January, 2022 - County Championship - Over 60's Premier Team - Report

The Over 60's Premier Team which won the title 2 years (not played in the meantime) have started their defence with a draw with Bedfordshire, and 2 wins (against Cheshire and Warwickshire) over a weekend in early December, and a report prepared by Peter Bartram can be seen here. The second weekend is in March.

12th January, 2022 - Active Sussex Education News - January

The latest Active Sussex Education issue, which is distributed to all schools in Sussex, contains news of and the Entry Form for the West Sussex Schools Butterfly Individual Table Tennis Play-Off Events scheduled for Warden Park on the afternoon of the 26th January. There is also information about the new Active Sussex Website, and other Sport Activities for Schools coming up.

11th January - Rory Scott Senior/Veteran 1* Event October/November - Reports

Please see links to the report along with some match coverage for the Senior/veteran 1* events that were held in October and November last year. Forthcoming similar events can be found in news item below or on the County Events Page.

23rd October, Triangle, Burgess Hill - Report and Match Coverage - https://crawleycommunityttc.ttclubs.co.uk/article/staghorshamspinners123oct21

7th November, Slinfold, Horsham - Report and Match Coverage - https://crawleycommunityttc.ttclubs.co.uk/article/staghorshamspinners17nov21

11th January - Eastbourne League Information 

The Eastbourne League has decided to delay the restart of the Eastbourne League after the Christmas and New Year until the beginning of February due to covid concerns. Other Leagues have restarted. 

10th January, 2022 - Latest TTE News - Senior National Championship - Early Bird Tickets

With the Qualifiers over all is set for the Senior National Championships in Nottingham on the 25th to 27th March and TTE are offering Tickets at a discount until the 24th January.

10th January, 2022 - Rory Scott  - Forthcoming Cadet and Junior Events - Entry Forms

29th January, Triangle, Burgess Hill - 2* - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-u12s-u13s-u14s-u15s-u18s-u19s-2-5/

27th February, Triangle, Burgess Hill - 1* - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-u12s-u13s-u14s-u15s-u18s-u19s-2-6/

6th March, Slinfold, Horsham - 2* - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-u12s-u13s-u14s-u15s-u18s-u19s-2-3/

3rd April - Six Villages, Bognor Regis, - 2* - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-u12s-u13s-u14s-u15s-u18s-u19s-2-7/

22nd May, Triangle, Burgess Hill - 2* - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-u12s-u13s-u14s-u15s-u18s-u19s-2-8/

19th June, Six Villages, Bognar Regis - 2* - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-u12s-u13s-u14s-u15s-u18s-u19s-2-9/

9th July, Six Villages, Bognar Regis - 2* - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-u12s-u13s-u14s-u15s-u18s-u19s-2-4/

10th January - Rory Scott  - Forthcoming Senior/Veteran 1* - Entry Forms

30th January, Triangle, Burgess Hill - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-senior-veteran-and-open-1-6/

26th February, Slinfold, Horsham - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-senior-veteran-and-open-1-7/

5th March, Triangle, Burgess - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-senior-veteran-and-open-1-9/

2nd April, Six Villages, Bognar Regis - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-senior-veteran-and-open-1-2/

21st May, Triangle, Burgess Hill - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-senior-veteran-and-open-1-8/

18th June, Six Villages, Bognor Regis - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-senior-veteran-and-open-1-5

10th July, Six Villages, Bognar Regis - https://tabletennisengland.co.uk/tournament/stag-horsham-spinners-senior-veteran-and-open-1-4/

7th January, 2022 - Latest TTE News - Senior National Qualifiers Streaming & Top Ten Points from World Championships

Newsletter 7th January - The Senior National Qualifiers are taking place this weekend in Nottingham, and there is a preview of the event and it can be seen that the Sussex Players participating are Jack Bennett, Jacob Evans, Owen Brown, Harry Yip, Jamar McGlashan and representing the women Jodie Morris. Good luck to them all. There is live streaming on Sunday 9th January and please see information on how you can view using the Recast Channel. Regarding the Centenary Celebrations, there is a link to ways that this can be supported, and news that the Pride of TT Awards Nominations deadline has been extended to the end of January. Information on some forthcoming Coaching Courses, Membership Benefits and finally, and really worth viewing, are the Top Ten Points from the recent World TT Championships (and Liam Pitchford has one of them!).

7th January 2022 - UK Coaching News (all Sports)

The January UK Coaching News this month talks about the Coaching Framework and there is a video summary on the 9 Themes that have been put together by experts and there are guides for each one from understanding one's self to sport psychology. There is also news of a new toolkit for inclusive facilities and in particular supporting people with visual impairment and funding opportunities that are available up to March 2022. On Friday 14th January (Noon to 1 pm) there is a Webinar on Talent Identification. 

4th January 2022 - Bryant and Getsen Training Camp - February

Dates are now available for the latest Training Camp by these two - set for St Neots on the 25th, 26th and 27th February . More information including Booking Form can be found here.

3rd January, 2022 - County Rankings - Veteran and Over 60's

The Veteran Player Rankings for this season, as registered for the County Championships and prepared by Tony Catt, the County Veteran Match Secretary, can be found here for Men and Women Veteran and for the Over 60's Men and Over 60's Women.

31st December, 2021 - Happy 2022 and Message from Administrator

I hope everyone has had a good rest over the festive period and that covid has not interrupted things too much - in the last few weeks of table tennis before Christmas I was aware that covid was having an impact on some matches. The year 2022 is now upon us and I hope that interruptions to both personal and family lives are minimal and that table tennis at least continues uninterrupted.

For various reasons I have not been as up to date as much as I would like with this website in terms of news on County Championship Team Results, Rankings and Sussex County News but hopefully this will be rectified in the next week or so. 

For a bit of fun I came across this - World's Best Table Tennis Robot vs TableTennisDaily's Dan! - YouTube - in the New Scientist recently and subsequently found that there is much information on YouTube. Enjoy

31st December, 2021 - Latest TTE News 

Newsletter 17th December - Advanced information on the new website that TTE are to launch soon which will include a members and archive area, a ballot for a ticket (worth £50) to the  Centenary Gala Dinner on Sunday 27th March in Nottingham. News that bookings are now open for the 8-week TTKidz packages to start in February 2022, a Webinar giving information around the "Level the Table" Grant Scheme and survey report on the restart of Leagues -  95% have restarted but still some issues. TTE also announce a new partnership with "GiveToLocal" which will help, free of charge, Clubs to obtain local sponsors to support them. Finally information on entries for National Qualifiers, Volunteer vacancy for Veteran County Championship Committee, Sports England survey report on Active Lives, ParaTT and WTT reports.

Newsletter 23rd December - News of how to order TTE's Commemorative Book celebrating 100 years of Table Tennis, Senior National Championship Tickets and information on the donations made by members to fund grassroots TT. There is also information on the applications for the English Leagues Competitions which are free of charge for Leagues this year as part of the Centenary celebrations, a blog by Board Member Priya Samuel.

31st December 2021 - UK Coaching News (all Sports)

Please see the December News from UK Coaching which contains information on all the winners of the UK Coaching Awards recognised and celebrated at a ceremony on the 7th December. There is also news of funded support for retraining in economic deprived areas, a new Platform (Facebook) for Connected Coaches (online Coaching Community), and new resources available. On the latter there are 10 Coaching Resources available which can be accessed to improve one's toolkit.

28th December 2021 - December Active Sussex Newsletters

Main Newsletter December - Contains link to a video showing the highlights of the Sussex Sports Awards, a Report on the status after the first 3 Phases of the "Tackling Inequalities in Sussex Fund" and announcement of the new "Project 500 Coaching Community Fund" of which one of the new Champions to get Women in particular into Coaching is Teresa Bennett, Coach at Brighton TT Club - there is a link to a video introducing the 3 new Project 500 Champions. Other items include a reference to the ports England Survey Report on Active Lives Children and Young People and Sport England Implementation Plan for the next 3 years of the 10 year "Uniting the Movement" Strategy.

Education News - December - Many articles of interest if you are associated with Schools. In particular news of the School Games Mark for 2022 with applications opening in May 2022. There is news of a virtual workshop in January on developing knowledge of Physical Literacy and Webinar on becoming an Outdoor Teacher and news of the Dodgeball School Championships on 8th March for which applications are now being invited. There is a link to sports-themed interactive videos but alas not yet Table Tennis!

Disability and Inclusion News - December - Additionally to articles present in the above newsletters there is information on grants for "FA Fully Funded Places Programme" for under-represented groups, "The Big Give" for match funding for charities working to improve disadvantaged and under-represented groups, and also information on the TTE "Level the Table" Grant. There are other articles including "Red January" which is a campaign to get everyone moving in January to beat the winter blues. 

28th December 2021 - December Sports England Newsletters

In addition to the Survey Report on Active Lives Children and Young People and Implementation Plan of the first 3 years of the 10-year Strategy (also mentioned in the Active Sussex Newsletters above), a revised Sports Governance Code has been published which states that those bodies in receipt of significant funding must have Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans in place and I presume that means TTE. There is also information about new exercise classes for "This Girl Can"

26th December, 2021 - TT Times - Winter Issue  

The latest Issue 25 of TT Times has been published by Diane and Harvey Webb. In this issue can be found reports and information on the following:

  • ITTF World Championships (23rd to 29th November, Houston, Texas) - Reports;
  • European Youth Top 10 (15th to 17th October, Tours, France) - Reports;
  • Didier Andre's Table Tennis Exhibition (Tours);
  • Great Triumphs, Great Pain: The Life of Angelica Rozeanu - by Ian Marshall - Review by Harvey Webb;
  • The Ken & Karenza Matthews Story - Continued: 1973;
  • Swaythling Club International AGM - 11th December;
  • Home Countries International, Largs, Scotland, 12th to 14th November - Reports;
  • U12 European Championships, Spa, Belgium, 10th to 14th November - Reports;
  • WTT Cup Finals, Singapore, 4th to 7th December - Reports;
  • End of An "Era" (Error?) - From the Pen of Brian Kean;
  • Governance: TTE, ITTF;
  • Preston Grand Prix: 30th to 31st October - Reports;
  • Chinese Diary by Nora Vint: Continued
  • WTT Youth Contender Tournaments - Reports:
    • Lignano, Italy, 24th to 30th October;
    • Senec, Slovak Republic, 1st to 7th November;
    • Szombathely, Hungary, 1st to 7th November;
  • WTT World Youth Championships, Portugal, 2nd to 8th December - Reports;
  • Spotlight on George Tyler - Retiring Umpire by Tom Purcell;
  • ETTA Centenary;
  • TTE Youth Events - Reports:
    • Cleveland Junior 4 Star, 23rd to 24th October;
    • Cippenham Junior 4 Star, 4th to 5th December;
  • What was Happening 45 Years Ago? 1976;
  • WTT Contender, November, Lasko, Slovenia - Reports
  • WTT Contender, 11th to 14th November, Novo, Mesto, Slovenia - reports;
  • WTT Feeder, Dusseldorf, 7th to 10th December - Reports;
  • In Memoriam;
  • Future Events;

17th December - West Sussex Schools TT Association - Individual Events - Entry Form

The Butterfly School Team Championships Play-Offs for Individuals is now scheduled for Wednesday 26th January at Warden Park School Sports Hall from 1pm. A Mailing has been sent to School Games Organisers for distribution as well as some School contacts and local Coaches. Please see the West Sussex County Entry Form.

17th December - East Sussex Schools TT Association - Individual Events - Entry Form

The Butterfly School Team Championships Play-Offs for Individuals is now scheduled for Saturday 29th January at Patcham High School, Brighton organised by Teresa Bennett. Please see the East Sussex County Entry Form.

16th December - West Sussex Schools TT Association - Team Events - Results

The Butterfly School Team Championships Play-Offs for the West Sussex County Round took place at the Triangle Leisure Centre on the 24th November. This was a revised venue due to Warden Park School venue becoming not available a week earlier. There were 48 players in attendance, all Boys, forming 12 Teams from 5 Schools in the U13 and U16 age categories. For the U13 the winners were Forest with Tanbridge Runners-Up and for the U16 age category Tanbridge were the Winners with Forest Runners-Up. Thus, the Tanbridge U16 and Forest U13 Boys Teams went forward to the Zonal Round. There were no U11 or U19 entrants and no Girl Team entrants at all. Please see the Results of Matches.

16th December - East Sussex Schools TT Association - Team Events - Results

For the East Sussex Team Event Play-Offs, the following were Winners going forward to zonal round in London on 15th/16th January - Under 11 boys won by St Luke’s Brighton from 6 Boys Teams held on Thursday 25th November. There 28 players participating.

For the Under 13 boys and girls the finals were held at Bexhill High on Monday 29th November with St Andrews Prep winning the U13 boys and Patcham High the U13 girls. Area events before had resulted in Bexhill being the winners of the Hastings area (for both boys and girls), the Eastbourne area representative which was St Andrews Prep and the Brighton area winners which were Dorothy Stringer for boys and Patcham for girls There were 4 boy teams and 3 girl teams in the finals and so 28 players participating in total. The prior Area Events had for Hastings 8xU13 Teams (4 boys and 4 girls) and for the Brighton Area, 11xU13 Teams (6 boys and 5 girls) held at Patcham High. 

For the under 16 team event finals these took place at Patcham on the 1st December with 4 Teams (2 boys and 2 girls) and the winners were Patcham High for the U16 girls and Vardean for the U16 boys. Robertsbridge were representing the Hastings Area for boys and girls, Patcham representing girls for Brighton and Vardean for boys - 4 teams in total with 16 players participating. The prior Area Events had for Hastings 6xU16 Teams (3 boys and 3 girls), and for the Brighton Area 12 xU16 Teams (7 boys and 5 girls).

Sadly, there were no U11 Girls team and no U19 Team this year.

15th December, 2021 - Latest TTE News 

Newsletter 10th December - Announcement of Adrian Christy as the interim CEO for TTE following the previous news that Sara Sutcliffe was moving on to be CEO of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). Adrian was CEO of Badminton for 15 years - see following link: Table Tennis England has appointed Adrian Christy as interim Chief Executive— Table Tennis England. There is also footage of a Silent TT Film from 1929 and sadly an update on the Covid situation. TTE are launching a new L2 Lead Coach Course with updated coaching theories and practices. There are also updates on Performance and SBL with the Bennetts Jack and Josh mentioned in the latter.

Pride of TT Awards - Nominations are invited for the Club or League Volunteer of the Year Categories and there are also options for younger people in both. The closing date for nominations is the 31st December and the form can be found on the link.

Newsletter 3rd December - TTE has announced, as part of the Centenary Celebrations, that there will be free entry to the English Leagues Cup Competitions this season. The Cups are for Seniors, the Wilmott (Men) and Rose Bowl (Women), and for Juniors the Carter (Boys) and Bromfield (Girls). The closing date for entries is the 24th January, 2022. There is also update on the Membership Renewals and news of a Coaching Apprenticeship Scheme starting February 2020 with first 4 intakes every year being planned. There is Performance News of Liam Pitchford at the WTT Finals and an article on Diversity and Inclusion within Clubs. There is also update on SBL and  World Championships.

15th December 2021 - Umpires for Events - February to June 2022

If you are interested in Umpiring and are qualified such as County Umpire, then applications are invited for British League Events, and for National Events both from February to June. Replies are required by 18th December.

18th November, 2021 - County Championship - Over 60s Second Team

The Over 60's Second Team, which is a new Team in Division 2A, were in action on Saturday 6th November in Southampton.  Please see a Match Report prepared by the Team Captain Stuart Vincent and also the Scorecards for the matches - a 10-0 win against Berkshire,  and a loss of 6-4 to Hampshire 2. Neil Hurford has also set up on behalf of TTE a TT Manager for County Championship Matches and it can be found on the following link:


 Just search for the O60's Results but note that these are not yet the "official" results. Other information on forthcoming fixtures not only on this category but also Seniors, Cadets and Juniors.

15th November, 2021 - TTE News - Launch of TTE Centenary and Safeguarding for Adults Week

Please find the latest Newsletter - 121121 - and the focus was the formal launch and rollout of the Centenary of the TTE - there is a Webinar in which the 9 projects to celebrate the 100 years are expanded on by Steve Joel, and there is also a montage of photos from the past and interviews with some of the England players. News also of the continuing "Level The Table" Grant Funding of up to £2500 for opportunities to support participation in the sport and the output of the recent Club Audit - 90% of clubs are back in action following the pandemic. News also on the return of the JBL and the need for volunteers for it. The other significant news is the TTE launch of their Safeguarding for Adults Week starting on Monday 15th November with much information and access to free resources such as Training Courses, can be found.

6th November - Sussex County Cadet and Junior 1 Star - 30th October - Report

Please find the link to the Report for the second Sussex County Cadet and Junior Series for the current season held on the 30th October at Warden Park School Sports Hall, and prepared by Brett Holt where 4 Bands with each band playing across 2 Tables. The date for the next event in the series has yet to be confirmed.


5th November, 2021 - TTE News - Start of 100 years Anniversary

Please find the latest Newsletter - 051121 - and Table Tennis England starts the celebration of its 100-year history on Sunday 7th November at 7 pm - and you can still register to participate in the event. Included also in the Newsletter is your chance to input your views as to the future of Competitions Survey for which the closing date is the 21st November. The "LevelTheTable" Grants Scheme has also been launched and aimed at support for organisations of up to £2500 in creating opportunities for people to participate in table tennis, such as the delivery of the Level The Table strategy, formation of new Clubs or delivery of the participation initiatives such as TTKidz. Further details in the "Clubs and Leagues Update" - 031121 - which also contains information on funding opportunities for coaches. The main Newsletter also reports on the Senior British League results, Career opportunities with TTE, a report on the Preston Grand Prix and a preview of the JBL this weekend.

October, 2021 - Message from Administrator

This site has been off-line for some weeks while some Maintenance has been carried out. The opportunity has also been taken to do some house keeping but this is by no means complete. If any one has comments on any improvements that can be made to the site or if you would like to assist with the administration of the site, then please let the site administrator know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

October, 2021 - TTE CEO moving on

In an email from Sandra Deaton on Thursday 28th October, it was announced that the Table Tennis England (TTE) CEO, Sara Sutcliffe, MBE, will be moving on after 8 years in the role to take up a similar one with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) effective from the end of this year. Please see the full announcement on the following link:


October - West Sussex Schools TT Association - Team Events

The Butterfly Schools Team Championships are restarting this year hosted by Table Tennis England. The West Sussex County Round is taking place at Warden Park School on the afternoon of the 24th November. Winning Teams go forward to the Zonal Rounds in the New year. Teams are of 4 for U11, U13, U16, U19 except U19 Girls (Teams of 2)

Entry Forms have been circulated to SGO’s for distribution and can also be obtained from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on request. Closing date 19th November

October, 2021 - Table Tennis Times Issue 24 - Autumn 2021

The latest Issue 24 of TT Times has been published by Diane and Harvey Webb. In this issue can be found reports and information on the following:

  • European Youth Championships - Reports;
  • Olympic Games, Tokyo - Reports;
  • Learning from History by Graham Franke - Past TT News;
  • Kate's Progress - Review by Harvey Webb of a Book by Graham Frankel;
  • Paralympic Games - Reports;
  • Commonwealth Games - Dates and Tickets;
  • Ken & Karenza Matthews Story - Continued: 1973;
  • A new Table Tennis News Magazine;
  • ITTF Czech Open - Reports;
  • Vladimir Samsonov Retires;
  • Chinese Diary by Nora Vint;
  • Europe Top 16;
  • Blackpool Junior 4* - Report;
  • New ITTF President;
  • What was Happening 60 Years Ago? 1961;
  • World Table Tennis Events;
  • Table Tennis England's Annual Conference;
  • European Championships: Qualifying Tournament;
  • European Championships: Finals;
  • ETTA Centenary;
  • The Good News;
  • ITTF World Championships;
  • Crawley Grand Prix - Reports;
  • Table Tennis and Parkinson's;
  • Upcoming Events;

October - Haywards Heath League - Closed Tournament 12th September - Report 

The Haywards heath held their Closed Tournament on Sunday 12th September where Brandon Bennett secured a double winning the Premier and Handicap Titles and Andy Walker won the Veteran Title. Please see Report on the event prepared by Brett Holt.

October - Sussex County Cadet and Junior 1 Star - 11th September - Report

Please find the Report for the first Sussex County Cadet and Junior Series for the current season prepared by Brett Holt where 4 Bands with each band playing across 2 Tables. The next event in the series is on the 30th October.

October 2021 - In Memoriam - Ron Spencer

An active member for many years for the Hastings and District Table Tennis League and also was a Vice President for the Sussex County and he passed away on the 21st August. Please see information on Ron Spencer  provided by Diane Webb. The list of current and deceased list of County Life Members and Vice Presidents has been updated and can be found here.

October - County Trials Day - 5th September, 2021 - Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill - Report

These took place on the 5th September at the Triangle and were run by Peter Baldwin who is the Match Secretary for the Cadet and Junior County Championship Teams. Please find his Report with Results rom Round 1 and Round 2.

October, 2021 - Archived News Items

The News Items on this page for the months of July and August have been archived except for the results of the Sussex Closed "Welcome Back" Banded Event held on the 27th July below for reference. All the other archive news items can be found on the Archive Page. The links should still be active.

27th July, 2021 - County "Banded" Closed Event 24th July - Results

The first post-Covid County Event was held last Saturday at Warden Park School Sports Hall. It was a closed event for Sussex Players only as listed as a "Welcome Back to TT Event". Thanks to Brett Holt who organised it on behalf of the County and it went well with some excellent TT with Owen Brown pipping Jacob Evans in the top Band. Thanks go also to those who helped set up and down and particularly Rob Hoy who repaired all the Score Machines. All the results with photo's can be found here, or on the following web link: https://tiny.one/sctta24jul21


County Plan

Sussex County Development

County Plan Season 2020/2021

No County Plan for Season 2020/2021 has been produced due to Covid-19.

Some plans are being made to restart some activities around Easter time and more information on this will appear in due course.


Sussex County Table Tennis Association

Information About

Please see the Sussex County Privacy Policy.

The SCTTA is affiliated to the Table Tennis England (TTE) and represents 9 leagues within Sussex with 969 (of which 72 were Junior) affiliated league playing members in the 2019/2020 Season. The SCTTA is a non profit making organisation and through affiliation fees paid by Players in the Sussex Leagues supports a number of County Teams at Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran level. Last Season 12 Teams were entered in the various categories with the Senior Team winning the Premier Division. The County also runs events each year such as Sussex Closed, Invitation Event (top 8 in various categories), and in the recent past have run regular Coaching Sessions and 2* Events.

The County Management Committee are all Volunteers and meet around 6 times a year along with an AGM. If you wish to assist and Volunteer then please contact me as below.

 Promotional Video

County Safeguarding Policies and Statements

In the context of the need recognised for a County Complaints Procedure to be available, the County "Safeguarding Policy & Protection of Vulnerable Adults Policy" and the "Child Safeguarding Policy Statement" were reviewed at the County Meeting on the 25th March, 2019. In the main they were updated to reflect TTE and associated documents and to include reference to County using only Licensed Coaches along with ensuring DBS Checks have been carried out for all relevant County Officers as being aware of Social Media implications.   It should be noted that Leagues and Clubs should have something similar or at least reference to these. These Policies are in addition to the County Constitution and will be referred to by a proposed rules change.