SCTTA Contacts

Season 2019 to 2020

At the Sussex County AGM on Monday 8th July, 2019 the following Officers are in place for the forthcoming season:

  • President - Lauire Holland 
  • Chairman - Jim Skinner
  • Vice Chairman - Tony Catt
  • Secretary - Kevin Long
  • Treasurer - Vacant (Tony Anderson until new Treasurer)
  • Tournament/Calendar - Jim Skinner
  • Umpires Secretary - Vacant
  • Coaching Secretary - Maureen Hazell
  • National Councillor - Jim Skinner
  • Deputy National Councillor - Kevin Long
  • Junior & Cadet Match Secretary - Peter Baldwin
  • Senior Match Secretary - Maureen Hazell
  • Veteran Match Secretary - Tony Catt
  • Development - Vacant
  • Publicity (Website) - Jim Skinner 
  • Safeguarding - Maureen Hazell

The contact details for the various County Officers for the season 2019 to 2020 can be obtained by clicking here.

Mailings are sent out during the year to the current Sussex County Distribution List  which includes Life Members and Vice Presidents as well as current Officers and League Representatives and other interested people within Sussex. 

If you wish to receive the mailing then please let one of the Management Committee know.