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2nd March - League Affiliation Dates

As TTE  celebrates its Centenary, there have been emails recently regarding the affiliation of Sussex Leagues (to TTE) and the following information has been provided, in the main, by Diane Webb in conjunction with others. As can be seen below the Brighton and Hastings Leagues are the oldest and close to celebrating their Centenary.

Affiliation Dates

Brighton League - 1927

Hastings League - 1927

Eastbourne League - 1934

Haywards heath - 1937

Horsham League - 1946

Crawley & Hosrham League - 1949

Worthing League - 1949

East Grinstead League - 1966

South West Sussex League - Unknown at the moment

24th April 2021 - Haywards Heath League - Practice Resumption

The Haywards Heath League is looking to resume practice sessions at their Warden Park School venue after the 17th May with 24 players in groups of 6 over 2 Tables similar to arrangements that were in place last September. It is planned that information will be distribution after the May Bank Holiday. Plans for resumption of the Haywards Heath League Matches is awaiting greater clarity on developments around the Covid situation.

28th August 2020 - Haywards Heath League - Practice Resumption

The Haywards Heath are looking to resume Practice and Coaching Sessions at their central venue in Warden Park School in September and for the League Season to start in October. Arrangement for Covid-19 have been put in place and September is planned to be a learning time and Codes of Conduct/Principles of Return have been produced and will be made available to registered players. A copy of the information can be found here.

15th June 2020 - Eastbourne League - Ending Season

The Eastbourne TT League are the latest to decide to end the season and they chose to record all remaining matches as 0-0. The Leagues yet to make a decision about playing remaining matches or closing the season are Hastings, Crawley and Horsham and South West Sussex.

6th June 2020 - Recent Deaths - Dennis Clare - Worthing League

Dennis Clare passed away recently and his funeral address by Rob Hoy can be found here. Dennis played for many years in the Worthing League and had represented Great Britain at International level and had medals in the World and European Vets Championships.

10th May - Haywards Heath League - Season End and AGM

Further to the News Item 2nd May, Haywards Heath League has yet to make a decision on how to end last Season or plans for Tournaments and next Season, and regular monthly meetings are to be held to review the situation. The AGM, which has to be held by the end of July each year has been deferred as to such time as the government guidance permitted such an event to be held with the requisite 28 days notice given. The current Officers have agreed to remain in their current roles until an AGM can take place.

10th May - Haywards Heath League - Lyle Cyster

Further to the News Item on the 20th April and the passing of Lyle Cyster. His next of kin Ian Cyster who lives in Bristol has indicated a non-attended cremation although a date has yet to be set. If anyone wishes to pay respects then please send them to Funeral Directors W.M.Collins and Son, Burgess Hill, RH15 9DE, whoc are happy to received cards or letter from people (marked for the attention of Hazel or Kim) and they be be sent to Ian Cyster. Please see more information and Tribute to Lyle Cyster by Brian Taite.

2nd May 2020 - League Season - Completion Options

Currently two Leagues - East Grinstead and Worthing - have made decisions on how to end last season. Worthing adopted average points per match where there was no clarity and East Grinstead abandoned remaining matches. For those Leagues using TT League Manager for their records there are a number of options to finish the season before archive and the description can be found here. There are 5 options - Freezing League Competition (results as current), Abandoning Matches (season finished as current positions), Sharing the Points for remaining Matches, Playing Matches at a later date, and finally adjudicating outstanding matches. Alternatively, TTE have indicated that National Leagues with outstanding Matches be finalised in respect of positions based on points per game, and if still the same Sets For/Against. Those Leagues that have not yet made a decision will no doubt be making it in the coming months, particularly as it looks as play may not be resuming as quickly as we may think.

22nd April 2020 - Weald TTC - Quizzes and Videos

If you believe you are in danger of forgetting all things Table Tennis, then there are some TT quizzes that you can access via the Weald Club website along with all sorts of videos that you can view.

20th April 2020 - Recent Deaths - Hazel Bradley and Lyle Cyster

Hazel Bradley who lived in Worthing and was a Vice President of the Brighton League, passed away recently in Hastings where she moved to be with her family for the last few years. She was 90 and she was suffering from dementia. Both her and her late husband Bill were previously very active in Brighton and Sussex Table Tennis.

Lyle Cyster, who has been a stalwart of the Haywards Heath League, passed away unexpectedly at his home. He was a member of the Haywards Heath Committee where he was Treasurer for many years and more recently as Vice Chairman, and he also attended Sussex County Meetings at times

Thoughts are with family and friends and in the current Covid-19 environment and lock-down the opportunity to attend funerals is probably not possible with restrictions on numbers being able to attend. Details of the funeral arrangements will therefore not be published if made available.

Sussex County Associate Leagues

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The Leagues that are affiliated to the Sussex County Table Tennis Association over the last 3 Seasons are, with the number of affiliations, as shown here. In total there were 1004 across 9 Leagues.


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