County Championship Matches 2021/2022

 County Championship Matches 2021/2022


18th November, 2021 - County Championship - Over 60s Second Team

The Over 60's Second Team, which is a new Team in Division 2A, were in action on Saturday 6th November in Southampton.  Please see a Match Report prepared by the Team Captain Stuart Vincent and also the Scorecards for the matches - a 10-0 win against Berkshire,  and a loss of 6-4 to Hampshire 2. Neil Hurford has also set up on behalf of TTE a TT Manager for County Championship Matches and it can be found on the following link:

 Just search for the O60's Results but note that these are not yet the "official" results. Other information on forthcoming fixtures not only on this category but also Seniors, Cadets and Juniors.

11th May, 2021 - County Championship - Team Entries 

TTE require notification of the Team Entries for the coming season and it was agreed at a County Meeting on Monday 10th May that the following number of Teams in the various categories be entered:

  • Senior Teams x 3;
  • Junior Teams x 3;
  • Veteran Teans 3;
  • Cadet Teams x 2
  • Over 60's Teams x 2;

The major debate was around whether there were sufficient women/girls available and the number of Cadet Teams may yet change downward. The only difference from Season 2019 to 2020 (none current season of course) is an additional Over 60's Team. Confirmation of acceptance of the Teams and what divisions will appear here later in the summer. Sussex are the current Senior and Over 60's Champions.