County Agenda's & Minutes

County Agenda's & Minutes

Documents and Meeting Summaries for the current season of 2022/2023 will appear on this Page as and when

12th August 2022 - Sussex County AGM 11th July - Summary

The Sussex County AGM was held on the 11th July at the Lewes Town Hall and the passing of recent County Life Members and Vice Presidents were remembered at the very start. It was the first physical meeting for sometime.

Reports were presented and in summary the following were the main points from the meeting:

  • Women/Girls Event - congratulations were expressed to Sally Hughes for obtaining funding and initiating the very first Women/Girls event;
  • TTE Centenary  - Book "A Century of Photographs" and the Gala Dinner discussed;
  • Accounts - remain healthy £69K with small profit on year - main expenditures County Championship, County Coaching, and Shirts and 2 Banners designed and purchased;
  • County Affiliations - down by 20% across Leagues due in main to players not coming back from Covid;
  • Proposal for County Affiliation to remain unchanged (£10 Senior, £5 Junior) agreed;
  • County Championship - Reports from Match Secretaries - Senior 2nd winners Division 2B, Junior 2nd Runners-up Division 1B, and Over 60's 2nd Runners-Up Division 2A;
  • County Championship - Premier Senior 1st Team was not able to continue its winning run;
  • TTE - Discussion and guidance previously on proposed Resolutions and reiterated by Tony Catt;
  • Sussex Closed successfully held at Warden Park (first since 2019) along with 3 Cadet/Junior 2 Star events;
  • County Coaching monthly organised by Maureen Hazell restarted April 2021 and Junior/Cadet Performance and Development Squads produced and summary available; 
  • County Plan - Much achieved but as ever insufficient volunteers to deliver full plan - new plan presented in draft;
  • Implications of non-affiliation of Brighton TTC to the local Brighton League and running of Individual League discussed - agreed to continue to make TTE aware of the issues;
  • County Events Calendar produced to include Invitation Event, Sussex Closed, County Coaching Sessions (9), Cadet/Junior 2 Star (2), Novice Events (4), Women/Girls (2);
  • Proposal presented and agreed for Novice Cadet Events to be held around the County;
  • Current President (Laurie Holland) and Vice Presidents were re-elected and Andrew Hayes, East Grinstead League Chairman became a new Vice President;
  • Election of Officers - new faces - Sally Hughes now Vice Chairman and Women/Girls Champion and James Pettigrew Umpire Representative;
  • League Reports - Given by all League Representatives on League Events over the past Season;

It was an excellent meeting with lots of enthusiasm. Note that the County still need a Secretary and Treasurer and so if you feel you can contribute then please do not hesitate to contact me. There are further news items on some of the topics mentioned.

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