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12th August 2022 - County Coaching Summary

During last season following the return to play in April 2021, 16 County Coaching Sessions have been held organised by Maureen Hazell. It was difficult to restart following Covid-19 but the regular sessions were able to identify the emerging talent within the County and the creation, for both Cadets and Juniors, Performance and Development Squads. The players selected can be seen on the following links and note that the names are in alphabetical order and not ranking.

Cadet Performance and Development Squad

Junior Performance and Development Squad

These players will receive further County Coaching during the 2022/2023 Season and also be available for selection for County Championship Matches.

The County Coaching Sessions resume on the 3rd September at the Triangle Leisure Centre and further monthly dates, all at the Triangle Leisure Centre, are as follows:

1st October, 19th November, 10th December, 7th January, 25th February, 25th March, 6th May, and 24th June

Note that there may be some changes with respect to timing/venue for the 1st October and 19th November dates due to a Volleyball Women's Cup Competition in the sports hall at the same time for part of the session at the moment.

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