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7th April, 2021 - Crawley Community TTC - Summer cadet and Junior Coaching

Crawley TTC are about to begin their Junior Summer Term coaching at Wilfrids Catholic School. Please see the flyer below for dates and times.

More Information about the club can be found on the following link:

2nd April 2021 - Sports England Club Matters - Planning for the Future

Sports England have a separate area on their website dedicated to Club Matters which can be accessed on this link:

They have also been running a series of workshops on line which have been advertised by TTE, and one of them is on how Clubs can to begin "Planning for the Future" and Brett Holt who is the Sussex County representative for Haywards Heath League and also Secretary of the Crawley Community TTC attended, and recorded the workshop which was held on the 11th March, and it can be found on the following link:

Note that it is long (107 Mins) but basically indicates that Clubs should have a Business Plan and shows how a Club should go about it. Those on the workshop were involved with Clubs between 60 and 180 members and one Club owned their venue with other hiring space from Schools. In particular the workshop covers:

  • Why a Club should Plan - where now and where want to be;
  • What constitutes a Plan - Direction, Focus (from now to the future), how to make a difference;
  • How to develop a Plan - Short or Long Term, What by Whom and When;
  • Framework for a Plan - Analyse, Vision, Actions, Monitor;
  • Pillars of a Successful Plan - Management, Activities, Finance;
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats;
  • Vision - What does the Club want to be;
  • Setting and Agreeing Objectives - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely;
  • Regular Review - Timescales, Responsibilities for Actions;
  • Creating Structures - Audience, Clear Messages, Positive, has a Flow and Sense;
  • Who should be involved - Members, external advisors, Management Team;
  • Structure - Club Description, Where Are We, Vision and Objectives, Activities, Financial;
  • When is Plan used - AGM, Management meetings, Funding Applications;
  • Top Tips - Plan Early, Involve, Don't Be Afraid to Change, Realistic and Achievable, Get Help, Use Regularly