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20th May, 2022 - Latest TTE News

Club and Leagues Update - 040522  - Edition contains news on TT Kidz returning in the Autumn and there is a link to a Webinar on the subject, an update on the "Level the Table" initiative around the 5-year Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and there is a 6-month report available, plus "How to find a Coach", link to a page showing the latest Funding Opportunities and Subsidies, and news of an LBGT competition in the Netherlands;

Commonwealth Games Update - 190422 - News on the upcoming Games in Birmingham, the tickets and the dedicated TTE News Page;

CEO May Update - Monthly missive from the TTE CEO indicating that various "Codes of Conduct" have been reviewed, and there are updates on Staffing, Competitions and Events and Development and that the focus is on the forthcoming Commonwealth Games;

Over The Net - The regular weekly newsletter and a summary of what was in recent editions follow and not elsewhere are as follows:

150422 - Article on Sam Walker, links to videos from the National Championships, TT and Para TT confirmed as a sport for the 2026 Commonwealth Games, article on Maggie, a 7-year old girl with Cerebral Palsy, SBL update and news of the British Primary School Championships held in Guernsey where Teres Bennett was a non-playing Captain.

220422 - Article on Para TT player Simon Hemp, various news items on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, the Clubs looking to qualify for the new European TT Competition with Josh and Jack Bennett in the BATTS Team and Helsham Weerasinghe in the Ormesby Team, results from Cadets in an International Tournament in Linz and finally update on the SBL.

290422 - Winners of the Regional Matches in the Men and Women European Cup (Grantham and Fusion), Training Camp by Para Athlete Dan Bullen, results from Schools TT Finals and Safeguarding update;

060522 -



11th April, 2022 - National Council Meeting 19th March - Notes

A National Council Meeting was held on Saturday 19th March and it was a hybrid meeting - part zoom and part physical in Milton Keynes. Tony Catt as Deputy National Councillor attended in person, which was just as well since I believe the sound quality to those on zoom was poor, and you see his Notes of the meeting. The next NC Meeting is on the 11th June. Please see also the former Meeting Minutes on the following link:

9th April, 2022 - Latest TTE News

Club and Leagues Update - 060422 - provides links to the winners of the Table Tennis Awards announced at the Centenary Celebrations.  TT Kidz and the range of opportunities for Clubs and there is a photo of the Crawley Community Club along with a Video of how they have expanded and engaged to produce day-to-day activities. News of all the forthcoming Coach Courses, invitation for expression of interest from Schools with reports on recent Schools National Finals and jobs on offer with TTE. 

Over The Net - 080422 - The regular newsletter with focus on Women and Girls Day (6th April) with a video and links to what is happening. More reports on the Schools National Finals and news of two forthcoming Grand Prix Events coming up. More memoirs of the past in the latest Centenary Stories and to end information on the start of the European venture for some clubs.

8th April, 2022 - Active Sussex Disability Sports Network Update

Information on forthcoming Conference on Wednesday 22nd June and a recording of a virtual forum that took place on the 2nd March around support for low-income families with a disability or long-term health conditions. Anyone seeking sports and physical activity needs are invited to complete a survey so that the challenges to address can be understood. Interest in physical football activity is sought and there are opportunities for challenges with suitable partners. 

7th April, 2022 - CEO Update

As most of you are aware there is now a new TTE CEO, Adrian Christy, in place and he has provided an Update for everyone. It is a welcome plus information on the TTE Finances, Safeguarding Training, National Championships, Centenary Celebrations, Strategy Review, Sport England Investment, TTE Recruitment, International Women's Day Celebrations, TT Kidz, Level the Table, Coaching, Commonwealth Games, TTE Website, forthcoming Performance Events, Code of Sports Governance, and National Council.

1st April, 2022 - TTE Centenary Gala Dinner 

The East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottinghamshire was the venue for the Gala Dinner to celebrate 100 years of the English Table Tennis Organisation. Following a Drinks Reception and Welcome Addresses by Sandra Deaton (TTE Chair) and Petra Sorling, ITTF President, there was much entertainment alongside the dinner. There was a Table Tennis version of "A Question of Sport", Silent and Live Auction, Pride of TT Awards and a Century of Iconic Moments encapsulated on film. The highlight was the "Centenary Hall of Fame" where 10 players from the last 100 years were inducted into the English Table Tennis Hall of Fame - some have passed away and some were still with us and they were present on the night - the inductees were - Fred Perry, Richard Bergmann, Johnny Leach MBE, Diane and Rosalind Rowe, Mary Wright, Jill Hammersley-Parker MBE, John Hilton, Desmond Douglas MBE, Will Bayley MBE. More details about them can be found on the following link: Click here to visit our Hall of Fame page and find out more about each one .

The closing address was by Adrian Christy who had just been confirmed a few days earlier as the new TTE CEO and there were a few closing words from Matthew Syed who subsequently made some interesting observations in a Times Article a few days later on Sports England and its relationship with TTE,

1st April, 2022 - TTE News 

For those that do not receive the TTE Newsletters, Over The Net - the latest issues can be found here for - 18th March, 25th March and 1st April. The main topic was the Nationals and there is information via links to the TTE Website on the Draw and Results. The other major topic was the TTE Centenary with news on the Book that has been produced to celebrate along with the Gala Dinner (see separate news item), Auction, Pride of TT Awards and various Centenary Stories.  There is a report on the SBL final weekend and also news of the School National Championships taking place this weekend for the first time for 3 years. There is an update on the L1 Coaching Courses that are scheduled and the very best for last with the 1st April edition featuring Sally Hughes with news of a dedicated Women and Girls 1 Star event scheduled for 2nd July (see separate news item). Adrian Christy has also been confirmed as the new TTE CEO.

1st April, 2022 - Latest Active Sussex News (all sports)

Please find recent Active Sussex Mailing - Education News March and Education Easter editions - if you are associated with schools in any way there are lots of free resources, activities and information within the Newsletters. The regular monthly eNews and the Disability and Inclusion Mailings for March also list many activities across all sports.

1st April, 2022 - Latest Sports England News (all sports)

Please find latest newsletters - March 1 and March 2 - from Sports England. Contains updates on "Uniting the Movement" Strategy, Exercise Referral Tool-Kit, Guidance for helping Ukraine and the latest on "This Girl Can" campaign.

12th March, 2022 - TTE News 

The latest issue of Over The Net - 11th March - has a focus on Women and Girls with information on funding, a Webinar that took place on Women's Day itself, Resources, Coaching and the launch of a dedicated Facebook Group, and much more such as Club celebrations and Girl TTKidz. A reminder that the TTE Coaching Survey, previously mentioned, closes 13th March at midnight.

8th March, 2022 - TTE News 

The latest issue of Over The Net - 4th March - contain information about the Officials for the up and coming Commonwealth Games, the latest on the new Junior GB Squad, Statement on Ukraine and International Women's Day which is today!! There is also information on the "Pride of TT" Awards (see news item 2nd March below for those in Sussex) and information on Centenary Webinars and that are currently being held along with a further Centenary Story.

2nd March 2022 -TTE Club and League Volunteers Awards

The latest Club and leagues Update from TTE - 020322 - contains information on the local "Pride of TT" winners and in the "Club Volunteer of the Year" category there were a number from within Sussex as follows:

Brett Holy (Crawley Community), Pedro Santos (Worthing), Michael Savill (Polegate), Amila Thilakarahna (Crawley community), Trevor Towner (Bexhillians).

There was also one in the "Young Club Volunteer of the Year" category - Tarkan Ates (Crawley Community)

Other news includes emergency funding from storm damage from Sport England and defibrillators, Young Ambassadors, Coaching Survey (closing 13th March) and an article on engaging Wheelchair participants.

2nd March 2022 - Latest UK Sport England News

The latest  - Newsletter - for February contains information regarding funding for any damage by recent storms although suspect that TT premises in generally would not have been affected. Similar to Active Sussex, Sports England are promoting the joint "This Girl Can" and "Parkrun" taking place this coming weekend on the 5th March. Other articles include the importance of exercise for disabled and young children.

1st March, 2022 - TTE AGM Notice

The TTE AGM has been confirmed for the 16th July - see AGM Notice. The date for the submission of Resolutions is the 23rd April and the venue has yet to be determined.

1st March, 2022 - TTE News - Veteran British League Results 

The latest issue of Over The Net - 25th February - contains reports on the climax to the Veteran British League competition and there was much Sussex interest. Rose Rainton was part of the winning Women's Premier Team (and Teresa Bennett part of the Runners-Up Team). For the Men, Foresters A consisting of Paul Carter, Wesley Bush-Harris, Ritchie Venner and Chris Bartram were winners of Division 1B and Foresters C with Lewis Mayhew, Andrew Norwood, Matthew Spero and Martin Gunn were winners of Division 2A. Horsham Spinners were winners of Division 4B. All the results can be found on the following link: 

British League | TT Leagues

Also, this issue contains reports on the Senior British League, promotion of TTKidz and Centenary Webinars on various topics, another Centenary Story, Young Ambassador and Ping Pong Parlours.

1st March, 2022 - Latest Active Sussex News 

Please find the regular Active Sussex eNews for February which includes information on various Forums taking place this week, Project 500 aimed at Female Coaches, new Physical Disability Guidelines, walk Projects and much more. The Disability and Inclusion version has focus on the forthcoming International Women's Day (8th March) and the joint This Girl Can and Parkrun this coming 5th March plus also much more.

23rd February, 2022 - Latest TTE News 

Over The Net Issue - 18th February - Reminder of the new Website Launch which took place on the 15th February and there is a short video on the main changes - certainly navigation looks to have improved significantly. There are still tickets for the National Championships along with a chance to volunteer and another Centenary Story and news of the Veteran British League (VBL) final weekend, continuing SBL and the partnership with the Parkinson Foundation. Finally, there is news of youth players at a WTT event and forthcoming Welfare Officer Webinars on the 23rd and 25th February at 7 pm.

Over The Net Issue - 11th February - News of the final JBL weekend and International Women's Day, another Centenary Story through the eyes of Kelly Sibley, the reopening of a Ping Pong Parlour in Cambridge and updates on the National Championships and Pride of TT Awards. A Club and Leagues Update on the 9th February gave more information for Clubs in relation to International Women's Day, Volunteering including a Survey and forthcoming Centenary Webinars, funding opportunities to support individuals from diverse communities and a local Club News (Cheslyn Hay).

Coaching Update - Last chance to complete the Coaching Survey (2nd March closing) and a reminder of the TTFit App for Coaches.

21st February 2022 - South East - Inter-Regional Qualifiers U11 and U13

The inter-regional qualifiers for U11 and U13 have been scheduled to take place on the 19th March in Tonbridge, Kent. for U11 and U13 Cadet Players. Please find the Entry Form and note that the closing date is the 9th March. Also note that it is not clear as to whether the Regional Finals are to take place. Never the less even if they do not it will be an experience for U11 and U13 cadet players to enter this event.

9th February 2022 - UK Sport England News

There were two Newsletters during January - Newsletter 1 contains information about grants ranging from £300 to £10K from the Queen's Platinum Fund, Investment that is taking place for the up and coming Commonwealth Games, and much more including a new page on their website on "Evaluation and Learning for Uniting the Movement". Newsletter 2 reports on the annual anniversary of the launch of the "Uniting the Movement". Also included is a blog on undertaking equalities impact assessment and a new role for Chris Boardman. 

8th February, 2022 - Latest TTE News 

Issue 21st January - Inspirational Volunteering Stories, WBL update and status of the Competitions Review are included along with a Centenary Story of TT pioneer Gilbert Belston, notice that TT Kidz Bookings are open and a quarter-final win for Liam Pitchford. This issue finishes with a reminder that all Coaches should have their Safeguarding DBS up to date.

Issue 28th January - Tickets for National Championship now on sale and announcement of Coaching Apprentices with Lois Peake, Graeme Barella being the first two. There is a report on the outcome of the WBL weekend where Jodie Morris was the player of the weekend and where Lois Peake won all 14 of her matches for Plymouth, the champions. Centenary stories continue along news of England Youngsters and SBL.

Issue 4th February - Focus this week is on the forthcoming launch of the new TTE website and notice of a number of Centenary Webinars starting at the end of February and running through March. Centenary stories continue with Maurice Goldstein along with continuing news on National Championships Tickets and TT Kidz sign-up and finally SBL news. 

8th February, 2022 - Latest Active Sussex News 

Please find the regular Active Sussex eNews for January with a large range of information (including the TTE Levelling Up Table Tennis Grant Scheme, and specifically for schools in the latest Education News for February there is much information on a variety of opportunities and events for schools to participate in, and there is also the specific Disability and Inclusion newsletter information. News also of the Active Sussex Network Festival of Forums which is running from 28th February to 4th March. 

12th January, 2022 - Active Sussex Education News - January

The latest Active Sussex Education issue, which is distributed to all schools in Sussex, contains news of and the Entry Form for the West Sussex Schools Butterfly Individual Table Tennis Play-Off Events scheduled for Warden Park on the afternoon of the 26th January. There is also information about the new Active Sussex Website, and other Sport Activities for Schools coming up.

10th January, 2022 - Latest TTE News - Senior National Championship - Early Bird Tickets

With the Qualifiers over all is set for the Senior National Championships in Nottingham on the 25th to 27th March and TTE are offering Tickets at a discount until the 24th January.

7th January, 2022 - Latest TTE News - Senior National Qualifiers Streaming & Top Ten Points from World Championships

Newsletter 7th January - The Senior National Qualifiers are taking place this weekend in Nottingham, and there is a preview of the event and it can be seen that the Sussex Players participating are Jack Bennett, Jacob Evans, Owen Brown, Harry Yip, Jamar McGlashan and representing the women Jodie Morris. Good luck to them all. There is live streaming on Sunday 9th January and please see information on how you can view using the Recast Channel. Regarding the Centenary Celebrations, there is a link to ways that this can be supported, and news that the Pride of TT Awards Nominations deadline has been extended to the end of January. Information on some forthcoming Coaching Courses, Membership Benefits and finally, and really worth viewing, are the Top Ten Points from the recent World TT Championships (and Liam Pitchford has one of them!).

4th January 2022 - Bryant and Getsen Training Camp - February

Dates are now available for the latest Training Camp by these two - set for St Neots on the 25th, 26th and 27th February . More information including Booking Form can be found here.

31st December, 2021 - Latest TTE News 

Newsletter 17th December - Advanced information on the new website that TTE are to launch soon which will include a members and archive area, a ballot for a ticket (worth £50) to the  Centenary Gala Dinner on Sunday 27th March in Nottingham. News that bookings are now open for the 8-week TTKidz packages to start in February 2022, a Webinar giving information around the "Level the Table" Grant Scheme and survey report on the restart of Leagues -  95% have restarted but still some issues. TTE also announce a new partnership with "GiveToLocal" which will help, free of charge, Clubs to obtain local sponsors to support them. Finally information on entries for National Qualifiers, Volunteer vacancy for Veteran County Championship Committee, Sports England survey report on Active Lives, ParaTT and WTT reports.

Newsletter 23rd December - News of how to order TTE's Commemorative Book celebrating 100 years of Table Tennis, Senior National Championship Tickets and information on the donations made by members to fund grassroots TT. There is also information on the applications for the English Leagues Competitions which are free of charge for Leagues this year as part of the Centenary celebrations, a blog by Board Member Priya Samuel.

28th December 2021 - December Active Sussex Newsletters

Main Newsletter December - Contains link to a video showing the highlights of the Sussex Sports Awards, a Report on the status after the first 3 Phases of the "Tackling Inequalities in Sussex Fund" and announcement of the new "Project 500 Coaching Community Fund" of which one of the new Champions to get Women in particular into Coaching is Teresa Bennett, Coach at Brighton TT Club - there is a link to a video introducing the 3 new Project 500 Champions. Other items include a reference to the Sport England Survey Report on Active Lives Children and Young People and the Sport England Implementation Plan for the next 3 years of the 10 year "Uniting the Movement" Strategy.

Education News - December - Many articles of interest if you are associated with Schools. In particular news of the School Games Mark for 2022 with applications opening in May 2022. There is news of a virtual workshop in January on developing knowledge of Physical Literacy and Webinar on becoming an Outdoor Teacher and news of the Dodgeball School Championships on 8th March for which applications are now being invited. There is a link to sports-themed interactive videos but alas not yet Table Tennis!

Disability and Inclusion News - December - Additionally to articles present in the above newsletters there is information on grants for "FA Fully Funded Places Programme" for under-represented groups, "The Big Give" for match funding for charities working to improve disadvantaged and under-represented groups, and also information on the TTE "Level the Table" Grant. There are other articles including "Red January" which is a campaign to get everyone moving in January to beat the winter blues. 

28th December 2021 - December Sports England Newsletters

In addition to the Survey Report on Active Lives Children and Young People and Implementation Plan of the first 3 years of the 10-year Strategy (also mentioned in the Active Sussex Newsletters above), a revised Sports Governance Code has been published which states that those bodies in receipt of significant funding must have Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans in place and I presume that means TTE. There is also information about new exercise classes for "This Girl Can"

26th December, 2021 - TT Times - Winter Issue  

The latest Issue 25 of TT Times has been published by Diane and Harvey Webb. In this issue can be found reports and information on the following:

  • ITTF World Championships (23rd to 29th November, Houston, Texas) - Reports;
  • European Youth Top 10 (15th to 17th October, Tours, France) - Reports;
  • Didier Andre's Table Tennis Exhibition (Tours);
  • Great Triumphs, Great Pain: The Life of Angelica Rozeanu - by Ian Marshall - Review by Harvey Webb;
  • The Ken & Karenza Matthews Story - Continued: 1973;
  • Swaythling Club International AGM - 11th December;
  • Home Countries International, Largs, Scotland, 12th to 14th November - Reports;
  • U12 European Championships, Spa, Belgium, 10th to 14th November - Reports;
  • WTT Cup Finals, Singapore, 4th to 7th December - Reports;
  • End of An "Era" (Error?) - From the Pen of Brian Kean;
  • Governance: TTE, ITTF;
  • Preston Grand Prix: 30th to 31st October - Reports;
  • Chinese Diary by Nora Vint: Continued
  • WTT Youth Contender Tournaments - Reports:
    • Lignano, Italy, 24th to 30th October;
    • Senec, Slovak Republic, 1st to 7th November;
    • Szombathely, Hungary, 1st to 7th November;
  • WTT World Youth Championships, Portugal, 2nd to 8th December - Reports;
  • Spotlight on George Tyler - Retiring Umpire by Tom Purcell;
  • ETTA Centenary;
  • TTE Youth Events - Reports:
    • Cleveland Junior 4 Star, 23rd to 24th October;
    • Cippenham Junior 4 Star, 4th to 5th December;
  • What was Happening 45 Years Ago? 1976;
  • WTT Contender, November, Lasko, Slovenia - Reports
  • WTT Contender, 11th to 14th November, Novo, Mesto, Slovenia - reports;
  • WTT Feeder, Dusseldorf, 7th to 10th December - Reports;
  • In Memoriam;
  • Future Events;

15th December, 2021 - Latest TTE News 

Newsletter 10th December - Announcement of Adrian Christy as the interim CEO for TTE following the previous news that Sara Sutcliffe was moving on to be CEO of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). Adrian was CEO of Badminton for 15 years - see following link: Table Tennis England has appointed Adrian Christy as interim Chief Executive— Table Tennis England. There is also footage of a Silent TT Film from 1929 and sadly an update on the Covid situation. TTE are launching a new L2 Lead Coach Course with updated coaching theories and practices. There are also updates on Performance and SBL with the Bennetts Jack and Josh mentioned in the latter.

Pride of TT Awards - Nominations are invited for the Club or League Volunteer of the Year Categories and there are also options for younger people in both. The closing date for nominations is the 31st December and the form can be found on the link.

Newsletter 3rd December - TTE has announced, as part of the Centenary Celebrations, that there will be free entry to the English Leagues Cup Competitions this season. The Cups are for Seniors, the Wilmott (Men) and Rose Bowl (Women), and for Juniors the Carter (Boys) and Bromfield (Girls). The closing date for entries is the 24th January, 2022. There is also update on the Membership Renewals and news of a Coaching Apprenticeship Scheme starting February 2020 with first 4 intakes every year being planned. There is Performance News of Liam Pitchford at the WTT Finals and an article on Diversity and Inclusion within Clubs. There is also update on SBL and  World Championships. 

15th November, 2021 - TTE News - Launch of TTE Centenary and Safeguarding for Adults Week

Please find the latest Newsletter - 121121 - and the focus was the formal launch and rollout of the Centenary of the TTE - there is a Webinar in which the 9 projects to celebrate the 100 years are expanded on by Steve Joel, and there is also a montage of photos from the past and interviews with some of the England players. News also of the continuing "Level The Table" Grant Funding of up to £2500 for opportunities to support participation in the sport and the output of the recent Club Audit - 90% of clubs are back in action following the pandemic. News also on the return of the JBL and the need for volunteers for it. The other significant news is the TTE launch of their Safeguarding for Adults Week starting on Monday 15th November with much information and access to free resources such as Training Courses, can be found.

5th November, 2021 - TTE News - Start of 100 years Anniversary

Please find the latest Newsletter - 051121 - and Table Tennis England starts the celebration of its 100-year history on Sunday 7th November at 7 pm - and you can still register to participate in the event. Included also in the Newsletter is your chance to input your views as to the future of Competitions Survey for which the closing date is the 21st November. The "LevelTheTable" Grants Scheme has also been launched and aimed at support for organisations of up to £2500 in creating opportunities for people to participate in table tennis, such as the delivery of the Level The Table strategy, formation of new Clubs or delivery of the participation initiatives such as TTKidz. Further details in the "Clubs and Leagues Update" - 031121 - which also contains information on funding opportunities for coaches. The main Newsletter also reports on the Senior British League results, Career opportunities with TTE, a report on the Preston Grand Prix and a preview of the JBL this weekend.

October, 2021 - Message from Administrator

This site has been off-line for some weeks while some Maintenance has been carried. The opportunity has been taken to load on the sites reports from recent events and all the known dates for events in Sussex going forward. There has also been some "cleaning up" of some pages. If any one has comments on any improvements that can be made to the site or if you would like to assist with the administration of the site, then please let the site administrator know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

October, 2021 - TTE CEO moving on

In an email from Sandra Deaton on Thursday 28th October, it was announced that the Table Tennis England (TTE) CEO, Sara Sutcliffe, MBE, will be moving on after 8 years in the role to take up a similar one with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) effective from the end of this year. Please see the full announcement on the following link:

October, 2021 - Table Tennis Times Issue 24 - Autumn 2021

The latest Issue 24 of TT Times has been published by Diane and Harvey Webb. In this issue can be found reports and information on the following:

  • European Youth Championships - Reports;
  • Olympic Games, Tokyo - Reports;
  • Learning from History by Graham Franke - Past TT News;
  • Kate's Progress - Review by Harvey Webb of a Book by Graham Frankel;
  • Paralympic Games - Reports;
  • Commonwealth Games - Dates and Tickets;
  • Ken & Karenza Matthews Story - Continued: 1973;
  • A new Table Tennis News Magazine;
  • ITTF Czech Open - Reports;
  • Vladimir Samsonov Retires;
  • Chinese Diary by Nora Vint;
  • Europe Top 16;
  • Blackpool Junior 4* - Report;
  • New ITTF President;
  • What was Happening 60 Years Ago? 1961;
  • World Table Tennis Events;
  • Table Tennis England's Annual Conference;
  • European Championships: Qualifying Tournament;
  • European Championships: Finals;
  • ETTA Centenary;
  • The Good News;
  • ITTF World Championships;
  • Crawley Grand Prix - Reports;
  • Table Tennis and Parkinson's;
  • Upcoming Events;

30th August 2021 - UK Sport England News

Newsletter August - There is a video on encouraging young people to get active with many free activities listed, and information about the government plans to improve infrastructure for more people to walk and cycle. There is also a blog around the easing of restrictions and re-opening for everyone. In case you are not aware it is "National Fitness Day" on the 22nd September!

30th August 2021 - UK Coaching News

Newsletter August - Information on the voting for Coaching Awards, a coaching view of the Olympics and para-Olympics, and a new series with Frank Dick, OBE on the preparation and production of Olympic Gold Medals. There is also a Toolkit around the fundamentals of movement as well as much information on a variety of other resources and learning opportunities for Coaches.

30th August 2021 - Latest Active Sussex News

Newsletter August - Information about the virtual free Sussex Conference on the 23rd September, stories on the new "This Girl Can" Sussex Champions, and Tackling Inequalities Funds. There is also information on the wider impact of covid on older people and the benefits the National Lottery has had on para-Olympics investment. News also of a forthcoming workshop on the 30th September around engaging Women and Girls in Physical Sport. If you interested in Tennis (without the Table!) then the LTA are running some training courses.

 Disability and Inclusion News August - Besides same information as in the regular newsletter, notes are now online from recent Forums and there is news of the WeThe15 Campaign launch which looks to transform the lives of the world's 1.2 billion people or 15% of the global population. Finally, news of a new online courses on coaching people with visual impairment and physical activity/exercise training for those with Parkinson's.

9th August 2021 - Latest TTE News

Newsletter 30th July - Contains information about the launch of the "Return to the Table" Campaign, reflections on the Tokyo Olympics from the GB Team, and the fact that the Centenary of the TT Association was only 100 days away. A survey, which closes on the 22nd August, on what you would like to see for the Centenary can be found here. There is also information on what participating female players have identified to provide better experiences, the fact that the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham was only one year away and the English Girls at the European Championships in Croatia and news of a vacancy for Secretary on the Tournament Approvals Panel (TAP).

Newsletter 6th August  - Contains an update on the "Return to the Table" Campaign and news of a free online TT Activator Course (normally costing £35). News also of the TTE Annual Conference which is on Tuesday 10th August from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm., a reminder of the different ways to renew your Membership and news of the changes to Competitions such as U19 extension for Juniors and restarting of the rankings. Topspin are the official ball supplier and an update on the European Youth Championships. 

27th July 2021 - National Council Meeting 19th June - Minutes

Further to the previous news items regarding the National Council Meeting held on the 19th June, please find the link to the Minutes:

27th July 2021 - Table Tennis Times Issue 23 - Summer 2021

The latest Issue 23 of TT Times has been published by Diane and Harvey Webb. In this issue can be found reports and information on the following:

  • Junior National Cup - June 2021;
  • European Olympics Singles Qualifying Tournament;
  • Ken & Karenza Matthews Story - Continued: 1973;
  • TTE Information;
  • U10-U13 National Championships - July 2021;
  • Back To School Coaching by Brian Kean;
  • The Good News Page;
  • European Championships - June 2021;
  • What was Happening 1991? 30 Years Ago;
  • Junior & Cadet National Championships - July 2021;
  • Great Triumphs, Great Pain - The Life of Angelica Rozeanu;
  • In Memoriam;
  • TTE AGM;
  • Future Events;

27th July 2021 - Latest Sport England News 

The latest edition details the Step 4 easing of coronovirus restrictions, the update of the Code of Sports Governance, and a request for "good luck" messages to be posted for Olympic participants.

27th July 2021 - Latest Active Sussex News (covers all Sports)

Education Newsletter - July - Contains information that government grants will continue after the summer and grant money unused can be carried over. The closing ceremony of the School Games can be viewed and there is also news of a new physical 20-week programme called Fitz which must be done outside the school environment. There are many articles of interest.

National Conference and AGM - Information on the Active Sussex Annual Conference and the programme on the 23rd September which is again virtual this year.

Disability Sports Network Update - News about the next virtual forum on the 12th August for this network and also information on the Brighton and Hove TAKEPART Festival 2021 for which registration is required by the end of July.

Newsletter July 2021 - Information about how Sports England Talent Plan 2019 bears fruition, changes to the sport governance if receiving funding from Sports England in that organisations should have a detailed diversity and inclusion action plan, and a fund for clubs working with young people. News also that Brighton and Hove have been selected as a host city for the 2022 UEFA Women's with games at the AMEX Stadium and more varying articles of interest.

27th July 2021 - Gertsen and Bryant Training Camp - October

The next Gertsen and Bryant Training Camp is taking place at the end of October - 29th, 30th and 31st. Please find information about the Camp here.

27th July 2021 - TTE "Return to the Table" Campaign Launch

Monday 26th July saw the launch of the TTE Campaign to get people back to playing Table Tennis and all sorts of things are planned over the summer including a Celebration during the first 2 weeks of September. There is a webinar planned for this coming Thursday 29th July starting at 2 pm, with information and for any questions 

27th July 2021 - TTE Membership Renewals

There has been a lot of information circulating regarding some refund for the season just gone based on the fact that an AGM resolution to refund all players for last season did not pass. If renewal takes place for this coming season for Compete and Compete Plus Members, there is the capability, which has indicated as not being well publicised by TTE, to claim a 50% refund. It can be confirmed that when you renew you can claim a 50% refund on last season - see recent Membership Update from TTE Chairman. This does not however, apply to Coaching and associated Qualification costs which is a source of contention by those impacted.

For the refund here is link to where it is explains it.

Here is the link to the reduction form

Personally, I have not claimed the refund since I am happy to support TTE, just as I have supported other Organisations through the covid period and the fact that all have had reduced funding. 

27th July 2021 - Latest TTE News

Clubs and Leagues Update 7th July - Information for Consultation Sessions being held to shape work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Webinar 27th July 7.30 pm to 9 pm), TTE Club Affiliation for the new Season and it is free as long as contact details are provided and the club is constituted. News of a "Return to the Table "Campaign launching 26th July and running through to September and there is an associated Webinar on the 29th July at 2 pm. There is a Video/Animation around advice for the recruitment of Volunteers and news that funding for small grants from Sports England on "Return to Play" for Clubs is to remain open until the end of this year (31st December). Finally, a reminder that there is a free elearning toolkit for using a defibrillator.

Newsletter 9th July - News of the addition of Paul Drinkhall to the GB Olympic Team and the investment from UK Sport of £1.35 million for a GB Home Nations strategic Plan and Performance Pathway. There is also a link to the results of the U10 to U13 National Championships, a reminder of the need to renew Membership, and a vacancy for the Chair of the Tournament Approvals Panel (TAP). Matt Stanforth is announced as the Leader of the England Team participating in the Commonwealth Games next year and there is an associated podcast on the subject.

Newsletter 16th July - Contains results of the Annual Membership Survey, Memberhip Renewal and with an updated Sport 80 Membership Platform, Reports on the recent Cadet and Junior National Championships (Jacob Evans, Jodie Morris and Geogina Hunter from Sussex participating) and information about the TTE AGM on 17th July and a Blog by the TTE Chairman. The latest TTE Podcast is on the England Performance Pathway.

Newsletter 23rd July - News from the Olympics and the England Team and the TTE Chairman on looking forward to a year of normality in respect of all the competitions and events. News that bookings are open for TT Kidz for children aged 7 - 11 starting in October and that TTE Director Priya Samuel has helped the UK to host an International Working Group on Women and Sport. There is a guide to the TTE AGM Resolutions that passed or did not and further information on the AGM can be seen above. There is also a report on the European Youth Championships in Croatia and the latest Podcast around "Practice makes Perfect". Finally, in case you missed the recent Webinar "Ask Us Anything" there is a link to the broadcast.

4th July 2021 - TTE News - U10-U13 National Championships and More

Newsletter 2nd July - Information on how to see the streaming of the Mark Bates Limited U10-U13 National Championships taking place this weekend (see also 29th June news item below), where there is Sussex interest. News also that Ping Pong Parlours are up for a National Award (alongside TTKidz), and a Question and Answer session with TTE coming up on the 20th July. News also that Don Parker is to chair a new Talent and Performance sub-committee and a podcast on explaining the England Skills Award.

30th June 2021 - Latest Sports England News (All Sports)

Newsletter 10th June - Information on free digital marketing training, an article on the celebration of LBGTQ and Inclusion in Sports, and news on a "Thank-You" day on the 4th July for all those that have kept Sport going.

Newsletter 24th June - The 5 UK Sports Councils unite for a joint statement on race in sport review, and there is celebration of "This Girl Can" week, and getting ready for Sports Aid Week between 20-26 September. Finally, information about funding for School PE and Sport Premium for Schools from September.

30th June 2021 - Latest Active Sussex News (covers all Sports)

Newsletter 25th June - Information on the date of 23rd September for the Annual Sussex Conference, news of the launch of a coach apprenticeship scheme aimed at 16- to 24-year-olds in August, another "This Girl Can" story, and statements on the Race Review in sport as well as information on funding and the Digital Toolkit available. The Crawley Old Girls Founder has been recognised in the Birthday Honours List from the Queen and there is a series of webinars starting in July on "Thriving Communities".

Disability and Inclusion News 29th June - Similar items as in the regular newsletter but also information on "Engaging Women and Girls Workshop free online on Thursday 8th July, 10am to 1pm. News of the date for the Mental Health in Sport and Physical Activity Conference on the 13th October, and information on Para Dance UK and the announcement by British Blind Sport "See My Voice" Leadership Programme with 35 young people to be chosen to participate and volunteers are being sought. Other items include "Move to Music" inclusive dancing course, the skating boom in Brighton and much more.

29th June 2021 - U11 to U13 National Championships 

These are scheduled for this coming weekend 3rd and 4th July and two live streams per day will be  available on the Recast App starting at 9 am. Apparently you do not need a subscription for this App contrary to previous understanding. You also get credits for sharing and posting videos!

29th June 2021 - National Council Meeting 19th June

There was a zoom meeting of the National Council held on Saturday 19th June. It was a packed Agenda and the all the papers associated with the day can be found on the following link:

National Council papers— Table Tennis England

My notes of the meeting can be found here.

29th June 2021 - TTE AGM Saturday 17th July

TTE have made the decision for the AGM to be zoom this year and the Notice and Papers were recently sent to Company Members in Counties and Leagues. This year there is a lot of Resolutions being proposed and they can be seen below. The County is holding a separate meeting where Company Members and the County Management Committee will be discussing the Resolutions. If anyone has a view that they would like to express regarding them, then please let your League Company Member know. 

More documents can be found on the TTE Website -

29th June 2021 - Latest TTE News

Club and Leagues Update 10th June - Catch Up on the National Conference and the "Pride of TT Awards" Ceremony, News of the TT Fast Format being promoted by TTE, funding from Sport England and forthcoming Webinars, the Club Matters Resources and pictures of players returning to play where, if you look hard enough you may spot me!

TTE News 11th June - News of Liam Pitchford and Tin Tin Ho selection for the Olympics, and Sue Gilroy and Jack Hunter-Spivey for the Para-Olympics, publication of the Annual Review which can be downloaded. There are also offers as part of Coach Week (see below) and items as per the Club and Leagues update above. There is also news of the Competitions Review that is taking place this summer led by Neil Rogers.

TTE News 18th June - Changes to National Events due to covid restrictions extension but National Junior Cup continued but sadly no Sussex Players, return to play funding from Sports England and I notice that Crawley Community Club have been successful with their grant application, National Schools Week and TTE delivered a live TT Kidz Session on the 25th June. There is also news of Neil Rogers, Head of Competitions being selected for an Inaugural Event Leaders Programme, and that Steve Joel is leading the centenary celebrations planning and also videos on Team England.

TTE News 25th June - News that the TT Kidz Programme has been selected for the UKActive Award, in Warsaw it is England v Germany in the European Championships, and Louis Price and Mollie Patterson respectively won the Junior Boys and Girls Cup, National School Week is celebrated and there is a new Podcast on the England Performance Pathway. and news that the NCL and NJL entries are now open.

22nd June 2021 - TTE National Conference 5th June - Webinars and Presentation Slides

This was held on the 5th June via zoom and there was a packed Agenda. Following the introductions there was a session on the new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy with slides and a following panel discussion. Subsequently there was a networking session and then a choice of workshops - TASS Research Project, TT Clubs and driving social outcomes, and Para TT Classification. Just after lunch the Pride of TT Awards Ceremony took place following by a session on Planning for the Future - the rebuilding necessary after Covid-19. Again, following there was a choice of workshop - Club Volunteering, The Power of Brand, Adult Participation (TT Fast Format Leagues, Bat and Chat and Back to TT), and a Coach Mentoring Workshop, and then another choice - Junior Participation Workshop, Engaging with your Community, Field of Play Opportunities at the Commonwealth Games, Insight into England Training. The day ended with event reflections and an evening networking session.

You can view all the Webinar Sessions and all the Presentation Slides on the following link to the TTE website - Club & Volunteer Conferences— Table Tennis England

21st June 2021 - Active Sussex - Recent Newsletters

eNews - May 2021 - Survey results, Workforce Investment Fund Learning Event, Return to Play guidance, Sports England Implementation Plan, and more;

Disabled and Inclusion News - May 2021 - "This Girl Can" Network Forum, Mental Health Toolkit, Sense Active and call for Volunteers to help map walks, Disability register, and Cerebral Palsy Sport;

Education News - June 2021 - Lots of information from Premium Funding, Effective Reporting Webinar, Sussex School Games Review, National School Sports Week, Holiday Activities and Food Programmes, and more;

Conference and AGM Date - 23rd September;

Education News - PE and Sport Funding next year update;

Disability Sports Network Update - Notes from recent Forum;

12th June 2021 - Junior Participation

In April there was a TTE Webinar on Junior Participation with survey results and looking for participation for Clubs and Schools in the TTKidz Programme which was re-launching from week commencing 4th October.  The County is looking to use some of the information as it considers setting up a Roadshow for Schools for which planning is to start soon.

The Webinar can be viewed on the following link:

4th June 2021 - Latest TTE News

Recast Channel - Signing up to the App gets access to TTE content such as background news and videos on a Recast Channel, but comes with subscription charges. You also earn "Casts" by watching adverts!!

Newsletter 21st May - Contains photos from various Clubs/Leagues on the "Return to Indoor Play" and you can see me in one of them (thanks Brett!). The issues also contain links to the latest guidance and membership offers and details of the "Pride of TT Awards Ceremony taking place at the National Conference on the 5th June. There is also a "Sport is Back" Video from Sports England (couple of Brighton City players seen momentarily), a "Bat and Chat" Article on a Falmouth Club, and news of the quartet who qualified for the European Youth Championships with Harry Yip from Sussex losing in the qualifying round robin. A Volunteer for the Tournament Approvals Committee is indicated as wanted!

Newsletter 28th May - Contains announcement of the squad for the European Championship, latest guidance on Covid and information on Membership Offers and National Conference, and the news that Ping has joined forces with StreetTT web app for outdoor TT. There are more details on the Cadets and Juniors participating in the European Championships in Croatia in July and how a theatre comapny is looking for actors for table tennis play.

Newsletter 4th June - It is the National Conference this coming Saturday 5th June, and if you have not signed up for it you can still see the "Pride of TT" Award Ceremony on Facebook at 1.10 pm. There is news of the 3 Directors appointed to the TTE Board which includes Ray James who has played in Sussex for many years and I personally was in the same team as him for a few years in the Brighton League in the 80's/90's. So along with Ritchie Venner we have two Sussex people on the Board. There is also news of the 50 or so "Enhancements to TT Leagues" which have been announced and I will have a look at these in due course. The bid for the Para 2023 ITTF European Championships has been endorsed, a further call for volunteers for the Commonwealth Games and news of an inaugural Parkinson National Championship.

18th May 2021 - National Council - Diversity Action Plan

Further to the news item below of the 14th May the remaining slide pack from the last National Council Meeting on a "Diversity Action Plan"

17th May 2021 - Latest Other News

Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion Network Update - News of the launch of the Active Alliance new Strategy "Achieving Fairness", the re-opening of a Toyota Parasports Fund, and the next online forum on the 8th June.

Sport England - 120521 - The implementation plan for the first year of the "Uniting the Movement" long term strategy, support for people looking to retrain, and the benefits of being active in nature.

 UK Coaching - Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Learn how to be quick, smart, and able to restart a heart - free training available.

Sport England News - May - Contains updated Coronavirus guidance, urging of an inclusive return to sport and physical activity, option to sign up to National Lottery Week and an opportunity to join the national conversation around "Easier To Be Active" and finally information about the free Cardiac Arrest Training.

15th May 2021 - Latest TTE News

Newsletter 14th May - Contains latest Covid Statements, Election of Ritchie Venner, Partnership with Recast, a free multi-sport App for which more details here. News also of the invitations for the first Grand Prix since lockdown on the 26th and 27th June, and Mental Awareness Week and its showcasing on outdoor tables around the Country, details of the AGM - Notice and Propositions. The National Conference Agenda is also included along with news that the National Mark Bates U10 - U13 Tournament has been confirmed for the weekend of the 3rd and 4th July.

Clubs and Leagues Update - In addition to above there is information on registration for TT Kidz events starting in the Autumn, news and Rocca (operating TT Leagues) is looking to produce a new online Tool for Club Management, Request for information about Volunteers, and a Club Finder for Cerebral Palsy Sport.

14th May 2021 - National Council - Minutes and Slides

Further to the News item below on the 10th May please find the formal Minutes of the National Council Meeting held on the 24th April as issued by TTE, along with a Slide Pack presented by Greg Yarnell on "The Way Forward" out of Covid and looking ahead to the implications of the Sport England Paper "Uniting the Movement and Mission 2025. There was another presentation by Greg on "Diversity" for which I am trying to obtain the slides.

12th May 2021 - Elected Director - Result

Further to the news item of the 22nd April below, TTE have just announced the Results and Ritchie Venner has been elected with a good majority. I believe many Sussex Leagues in Sussex voted for him.

10th May 2021 - National Council Meeting 24th April - Notes

There was a National Council Zoom Meeting on the 24th April (see News Item below for 21st April), and my brief notes of the Meeting can be found here.

9th May 2021 - Sports England - Impact of Covid on Activity

Please see the impact of Covid on Activity in the latest report from Sport England.

9th May 2021 - Latest Active Sussex News

Education News - Lots of news including a free "Health and Movement" Webinar on the 12th (3.30 pm to 4.30 pm), recruitment for Trustees representative of local communities, availability of knowledge and tools to develop PE in schools, and a Festival Pack for Sussex School Games Sports Day. There is also news of a Active Recovery Hub with access to 250 free, fun and inclusive activity resources developed in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, National School Sport Week (19th to 25th June), grants for South Downs National Park School Trips, and there is much, much more! 

Disability and Inclusion News - among the articles is specific guidance for "Return to Play" for those with disabilities, an Activity Alliance report and a reminder that mental health week is starting 10th May, and much more.

Active Sussex News - Various items of news including a Safeguarding Award for Active Sussex, and similar to TTE, Active Sussex participated in the social media boycott.

9th May 2021 - Latest TTE News

Newsletter 30th April - Contains information about the 25 Propositions (10 from Company Members) being put forward for the TTE AGM on the 17th July, and the opening of the membership renewal from 1st May and membership lasts for 15 months until end of July 2022. News also that TTE joined the social media boycott, invitations welcomed for TT Kidz registration for the Autumn, and that England Coach Gavin Evans has joined the High-Performance Coach Apprenticeship programme being launched by UK Sport. Finally, news that the National Cup will go ahead in June, invitations for becoming an Elected Director (now closed and voting taking place - see news item 22nd April below), and reflections on the GB Team missing out on the Olympics.

Newsletter 7th May - Covid Guidance has been updated as at 5 pm on the 5th May to reflect the changes from 17th May, which is all good news for Table Tennis. News also of the Centenary Planning for ETTA/TTE which starts on the 7th November 2021. The invitations for the National Junior Cup are announced and sadly there are no Sussex County Boy or Girl representatives, and of course Competitions are back in the TTE Calendar and Sussex has a few planned for next season.

28th April 2021 - Sports England - Latest News

The Newsletter - 140421 - from Sports England celebrates the return of indoor sport and activity and - 210421 - there is news of the launch of a new Active Recovery Hub with online resources aimed at Schools and Families as well as articles on "Thanking Volunteers", completion of a Race Review, the National Lottery campaign looking at everyone making a "Planetary Promise" and the publication of new research on coronavirus.

26th April 2021 - Latest TTE News

Newsletter 23rd April - Information on the Membership Offers with renewal after 1st May for extended membership period to end July 2022 and a 50% discount for next season if renewed this season. A list of the TTE activities carried out during lockdown, the latest Covid Guidance as at 21st April at 2 pm and pictures of a number of Clubs that have opened to Juniors, which I notice includes a picture of Crawley Community TTC. There is also information about the virtual National Conference on the 5th June from 10am to 5 pm - see National Conference Bookings. There is also update on the 4 GB players trying to qualify in Europe for the Tokyo Olympics, the Membership Survey which is still open and a request for votes on trick shots.

Coaching Newsletter - There is a video of an interview with Gordon Fearn and information about 3 L1 Coach Courses that are fixed (not anywhere near Sussex) and planning taking place for others.

League and County - Greg Yarnell (Head of Development TTE)  has indicated in correspondence to Leagues and the County for engagement via attendance on virtual meetings once a year, such as the AGM, to answer questions and also to discuss development and initiatives. 

25th April 2021 - Active Sussex "This Girl Can" Movement

Notes from recent breakout sessions have been brought together, with the key outcomes and next steps, into a Summary Document for moving forward the "This Girl Can Sussex Network". There is also a virtual "This Girl Can Sussex Network Forum" planned for Monday 10th May between 12.30 pm and 2 pm where the topic will be "Menopause and Physical Activity". It is free to register and participate for this - see following link

22nd April 2021 - Elected Director - 3 Candidates

As most of you are aware, following the resignation of Tony Catt, nominations have been sought by TTE for someone else to take up the "Elected Director" role. There were 3 nominations as can be seen from the following TTE announcement - Elected Director Nominations - and their names with links to their statements have been made for ease of reference. If you also go to the relevant TTE Page then there are short, circa 2-minute videos by the candidates. Ritchie Venner was one of the nominations by the Sussex County National Councillor and in a recent County Management Meeting the news was received favourable by Leagues since he is well known and a respected individual over the years in Sussex. A short Management Meeting is being set up to discuss the Candidates and assist Leagues in making their voting decisions.

21st April 2021 - National Council Meeting 24th April 

There is a National Council Zoom Meeting this coming Saturday for the County Representatives and there is lots on the Agenda. The papers for the meeting can be found on the following link:

National Council papers— Table Tennis England

If, after readings the papers there are issues that you would like raised, then please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

17th April 2021 - Active Sussex Education News

Please find the latest Newsletter from Active Sussex directed at Schools. Of particular interest is the planned Summer Programme although none of the Sports include Table Tennis unfortunately, but looking forward to address going forward. There are interesting information including resources and forthcoming Webinars.

16th April 2021 - Recent TTE News

County and Leagues Support - TTE indicating their continued support for Counties and Leagues and offering engagement through attendance at County and League AGM's;

Elected Director - Nominations closed on the 15th April and there is no news as to whether there are any other nominations other than for Ritchie Venner;

Clubs and Leagues Update - Notice of the National Conference on the 5th June, reference to Covid Guidance (still as at 5th April), Membership Survey. Ready to Return Webinar on the 21st April and opportunity to catch up on the previous one on the 8th April (see also news item below) Sports England Volunteering Thank-You Video and funding sources, Ping! 2021 locations and LinQ Sport App for arranging outdoor sessions;

Membership Survey - Annual chance to get your view across;

Newsletter - 160421 - Re-iterates Membership Survey, Ping! 2021 locations, and Covid Guidance for Junior players, indicates still time for Schools to enter TT Kidz virtual school championships, Liam Pitchford choosing to practise in Germany, Pride of TT Awards request for partners/sponsors, Executive role vacancy for British League, ad finally a video on Table Tennis diplomacy over last 50 years.

13th April 2021 - Sports England - Latest News

In another Newsletter - 290321 - from Sports England there are top tips and resources to help return to activity, a "Sports Back" Video celebrating the return of outdoor activity, a blog by Sports England CEO and request for a survey to be completed regarding a new Training Resource of digital tools to help clubs boost participation and re-engage membership and which is being launched in the Summer.

12th April 2021 - Latest TTE News

The latest issue from TTE - 090421 - highlights new dates for the Cadet and Junior Nationals in early July, sponsored by Mark Bates Limited, an article on obtaining and acting on feedback from surveys, jobs available with TTE, and invitation for nominations for Elected Director Vacancy (closing 15th April). There is news on the forthcoming Olympic Team Qualifiers and on the public recognition by Brighton and Hove for Brighton TTC, along with other 23 local Community Champions, as part of their "Above and Beyond" initiative, by having their own Bus advertising themselves. It was World TT Day on the 6th April and besides the EU launching a new logo there is an 8-hour video of the TTE livestream that took place if you have time on your hands!

8th April 2021 - Elected Director Vacancy - Ritchie Venner Nomination

As mentioned in the News Item of the 3rd April, nominations were being invited for the Elected Director vacancy following the resignation of Tony Catt. In response Ritchie Venner, well known to us all in Sussex, has been nominated. Please see his Prelude and Statement and there is a profile of Ritchie on the Profiles Page. 

6th April 2021 - Sports England - Latest News

The latest Newsletter - 250321 - from Sports England highlighting the cash boost for Leisure Centres to get back on their feet, a blog on how inequalities are being tackled, an update on safeguarding work, and the launch of a new investment fund or social impact bond. To finish there is return to play stories and tips.

5th April 2021 - TTE EGM January - Minutes

The Minutes for the TTE EGM held earlier in January are now on the TTE website. They are under Governance, General Meetings, then EGM or see Link below.

3rd April 2021 - TTE News including Elected Director Nominations and Information

The latest newsletter - 010421 - contains the national nominations shortlist for the current season for the "Pride of TT Awards", an article by Tin-Tin-Ho consisting of an open letter to her role model who is the Paralympian and NHS Doctor Kim Daybell, and news that nominations are now being invited for the vacant Elected Board Director post (with resignation of Tony Catt) and that the closing date is the 15th April. More information on this including updated Skills and Roles descriptions and AGM propositions around this subject can be found here. There is also information on utilization of the LinQsport App for outdoor sport and a forthcoming "Return to Play" Webinar on the 8th April. One important piece of new is the extension by TTE (following the decision made by ITTF) of the Junior Category to include U19 and that rankings in competition will resume from 1st August. Apparently, it is World Table Tennis Day on the 6th April with a request to register events, and I am not aware of any events planned in Sussex although some Clubs may be setting some outdoor challenges.

27th March 2021 - Chester Barnes - Additional Article

Further to the words in the latest TTE News and the TT Times below, please see a recent article in the Times on Chester Barnes by Matthew Syed.

27th March 2021 - TT Times 22 - Sping Issue

The latest issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found articles on the following topics:

  • Editorial;
  • The World Table Tennis (WTT) Concept;
  • World Singles Olympic Qualifying Tournament;
  • Worrying Times at International Level by Alan Ransome, OBE;
  • ETTA Centenary (7th November, 2021);
  • Commonwealth Games 2022;
  • The Table Toppers by Brian Kean;
  • World Ping Pong Masters - Report on the 2020 Event;
  • Good News Page;
  • A Table Tennis Life - Ken & Karenza Matthew's TT Journey continues, 1972 onwards;
  • Cookery Book Review - Chop, Slice, Smash then Serve
  • What was Happening 20 Years Ago 2001;
  • In Memoriam;
  • Chester Barnes;
  • TTE Governance;

27th March 2021- TTE News

The latest newsletter - 270321 - welcomes back Outdoor TT, highlights 2 Clubs who have acquired Sport England funding, information on the TT Kidz Schools Virtual Championships being launched, the 20% discount deal being offered to Shopping Centres for making space for Ping Pong Parlours, and finally but not least an Obituary on Chester Barnes.

27th March 2021 - Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News - March

Please find the March Newsletter which contains information on a specific Network Event on 30th March, all 10 of the "This Girl Can Sussex Champions" and how one can join the Sussex "This Can Girl" Network for which there is an online forum with the first meeting sometime in May. There are also links to the recent Virtual Sussex Network Conference recordings, Annual Disability Survey and a call for Case Studies on Mental Health in those with Physical Disabilities. Finally, there is a report on the vital role support workers have in tackling inactivity for people with complex disabilities, and a free online dance sessions for those with mobility issues.

23rd March 2021- TTE News

Things are starting to warm up, and it is just not the weather. From the 29th March outdoor table tennis is allowed - see information - on where to find your nearest Ping Pong Parlour.

Tournaments are getting back on the horizon and there is planning within the County as well as nationally. The regular TTE Newsletter - 190321 - indicates what can be done around the government roadmap with reference to the 12th April and 17th May dates. There is also information and link to the latest TTE guidelines and news about the TTE virtual AGM planned.

22nd March 2021- Sport England News - Sports Survival Package

The latest from Sports England and the Government Grant of £300 million for Sports England called the Survival Package but details on how it will be distributed or applications for sums has yet to be seen. Also in this issue is a Sports Aid Podcast and an article on making sport more LBGT friendly.

22nd March 2021 - Active Sussex News - March

Please find the March Newsletter which builds on the Virtual Network Conference items (see News Item 9th March below). Also contains information about the Sports England £300 million Sports Survival Package. Active Sussex has also been very busy virtually with Schools during the lockdown and information on that can be found here.

15th March 2021- TTE News

Club and Leagues Update 10th March - 100321 - In addition to 7th March News below, contains details of Club Webinars taking place, latest Coronavirus Statement 9th March, Coaching Webinar 16th March, interest request to Schools for Virtual TT Kidz participation and finally 20% discount for set-up of Ping Pong Parlours, 

Membership Fees Season 2021 to 2022 - Announcement that Fees to be 50% for those who renewed this year and renewal after 1st May this year will last until July 2022;

Regular Newsletter - 120321 - Contains information (additionally) on Team GB getting ready for Tokyo, opportunity to win tickets for 2022 Commonwealth Games, and Career Opportunities with TTE;  

9th March - Active Sussex Virtual Network Conference

This was held at the end of February and the TT community were represented by Sussex County (Brett Holt) and Brighton City TTC (Pedro Santos and Teresa Bennett) - see list of Virtual Attendees and Speakers;

There was a keynote talk by Danny Bent, founder of One Run Global, titled "The Happiness of Being You" and the Video can be seen here:

This was followed by "Bridging the Gap: Tackling Inequalities in Sussex"  Video which can be seen here:  on the funding outcomes with associated initial report into Phases 1 and 2 Funding

The final session was "This Girl Can" Video seen here: with various Ambassadors participating;

Finally, an invitation to a "March and Me" project; 

7th March 2021- TTE News

The latest news from TTE - 050321 - containing the following items:

  • Pride of TT Awards - Included in the list from Sussex is Alex Power from Horsham TTC  (Young Volunteer of the Year) and David Coleman from Bishopstone TTC (Contribution to TT);
  • International Women's Day - This is Monday 8th March and there is an online ITTF Conference open to all. Additionally, information on a series of online Seminars in countdown to World TT Day on 6th April;
  • WTT Contender Event - Report on first round defeat of Liam Pitchford in Doha although had a hand injury, and also on Tin Tin Ho progress at same event;
  • Rocca Creative - Company who produced the TT League Manager shortlisted for an award at 2021 Sports Technology Awards;
  • Youth Sports Trust (YST) - After Schools YouTube event lead by Tom Jarvis on 11th March at 5 pm and is open to all children and young people;
  • U11 to U13 National Championships - News that been cancelled and hope that will be rescheduled for later in the summer;
  • National Careers Week - Careers in TT highlighted;
  • Sports Club Matters - reminder of the forthcoming online workshops;
  • Archive Video - Ormesby TTC in 1971 with Alan Ransome;
  • Bethany Ellis - Completes her 100-mile fundraising challenge;

4th March - Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News - February

Please find the latest Newsletter containing information on the next engagement for the online forum (30th March), a story via video associated with the "Tackling Inequalities Fund", the South East Mind Network and reflection on the new Sports England strategy, and much more.

3rd March 2021- Tees Sports - Anna Hursey

Further to the news item from TTE of the 1st March of President Joe Biden contacting Anna Hursey, a Welsh Cadet, for Climate Change advice, please further references on the subject from Tees Sports

2nd March 2021- League Development

As indicated in the News Item for the 1st Match and the recent TTE Newsletter, development of Leagues is being discussed and inputs are being invited from Leagues. There has been discussion in recent National Council emails and there is likely to be a dedicated Meeting to discuss soon. Options being discussed are for variants on the standard 3-player format such as for 2-player Teams with 4 singles and one doubles and this has been played in a few Leagues such as Leamington and Oxford. The Leamington 2-player being run in parallel with the 3-player format and in Oxford as a development League initially and then subsequently as an end of season League. The Brighton League reviewed the format with a survey and a review of the options and was going to introduce a combination of the two - 3-player team with each playing 2 matches i.e. 6 singles (which is the same format as for British League and National Junior and Cadet Leagues) before the second lockdown came along. The format also has an impact on the voting rights of a League which is based around the number of Teams, which of course could be much greater with 2-player Teams! If you League is interested in providing input them please email Chris Newton at TTE by 12th March.

1st March 2021- TTE News

The latest news from TTE - 260221 - containing the following items:

  • Coronavirus Update as at 1050 on the 26th February - No indoor TT until 12th April for under 18's (as at 31st August 2020) in bubbles of 15, Adults for 6 or 2 Households from 17th May and all from 21st June;
  • National Championships - First Anniversary of the Mark Bates sponsorship and there is a Video by Mark Bates;
  • England Players - back in International action and video with 4 of them;
  • League Development - Input required for views by the 12th March;
  • England Brand - A video showing how they produced a 3D version ahead of the first WTT event;
  • Commonwealth Games 2022 - Schedule announced;
  • Anna Hursey - Article on her conversation with Joe Biden on Climate Change;

25th February - Active Sussex News - February

Please find the February News - 230221 - which contains an interview with Danny Bent, the keynote speaker and founder of One Run Global, at the Virtual Network Event (taking place today), There is also an update on the Specsavers Virtual Winter School Games, and some reflections on the latest Sport England strategy and their funding opportunities.

25th February - TTE Coaching Update

The latest Coaching Update - 230221 - containing information and access to recent Webinar's on "Women and Girls" and TTFit (and as per News Item below on the 20th February there is also one today on "Purposeful Practice"). Information also on the launch of online Training for Disability Awareness and reference to update on the Coronvirus Guidance following recent Government Update. Finally, there are opportunities indicated to book a session with a Mentor.

22nd February 2021- TTE Club Volunteer Webinar 18th February

Please see a link to this Webinar which also including the slides used -

Included within the Webinar is information on:

  • Key Findings on the return of Volunteers to Sport/TT;
  • The characteristics of "At Risk" Volunteers - clear that Communications clear;
  • What constitutes effective Communications - Frequent/Accurate, Available, Open and Honest, Informative, Personalised with email favourite;
  • Recommendations on how to re-engage Volunteers;
  • How to recruit Volunteers - Why need? What motivates them? What Barriers? Look within the Sport, Produce Role outlines;
  • Retaining and Recognition of Volunteers;
  • TTE Young Ambassadors Programme - started 2019 for ages 14-25, and the type of rewards given (and interest welcomed by 1st March);
  • Club Matters - information on one-stop shop for Clubs, Groups and Organisations, and dedicated section on Volunteers;
  • Sports England Club Matters - Free Resources available including Volunteer/Induction Checklist and Roles/Responsibilities;

There is also information about the forthcoming TTE Workshops throughout March - some 9 in total.

22nd February 2021- TTE News

The latest news from TTE - 190221 - contains the following items:

  • Information about the Steering Group that is to carry out a review of all the Competitions;
  • An article on the Paralympian Kim Daybell in a new role as a mentor with the True Athletic Project (TAP) which matches aspiring young athletes with international athletes for a year-long learning experience to a curriculum around 5 themes;
  • A Video showing the Q&A with Lui Jian during a one-hour online training session with the England Juniors at a well-known Austrian Club;
  • TT success at Newcastle University;
  • TT Kidz Live session and in particular a 5-year-old Thomas Ellis;
  • Article on the Home Nations e-camp over 3 days with TT and Fitness sessions for the Aspire Squad;

20th February 2021- TTE Coaching Webinar

The latest TTE Coaching Webinar is taking place at 11 am on Thursday 25th February for all Licensed Coaches, and the topic is "Purposeful Practice". Details can be found here and registrations close 5pm on the 24th.

20th February 2021- TTE AGM Date & Annual Returns

TTE AGM - This have been confirmed in a Mailing to Company Members for Saturday July 17th with venue and timing to be confirmed. There is a link to the official notice.

TTE Annual Returns - A Mailing to Company Members has indicated that Annual Returns are not required this year. Annual Returns list those personnel in what roles for Leagues along with the details of number of Clubs, Teams and players participating in League Play, which of course has been practically non-existent this season, and so no surprise. If there are changes to roles then the Members Database can be updated appropriately separately by those who have administrative access.

18th February 2021- Grassroots Activity Survey

With regard to the News Item on the 15th February below, the Sport and Recreation Alliance is conducting a survey to understand the impact to present evidence to the Government for more support for the sector. All sports are being urged to encourage Clubs to complete the survey. The request has been sent to Clubs direct but it is crucial that there are as many replies as possible, and on behalf of the Sussex Table Tennis Association Clubs can I urge Club Representatives to complete the survey. The closing date is the 22nd February. Please take part in this survey here.

15th February 2021- Sport England News - School Venue Funding

The latest from Sports England - 110221 - indicating funding available for Schools to help them open up their facilities to the Public from a £10.1 million fund. Those School Venues used by TT Clubs therefore perhaps should make their School Venues aware of this source of funding and it may influence and facilitate Club access that much quicker.

15th February 2021- TT News

The latest TTE issued last week were as follow:

An update to the Clubs and Leagues - 100221 - containing the following items:

  • Funding - Sport England from £300 (small grants) to £10K (Community Asset) from an overall fund of £16.5 million (across all sports), available to June;
  • Club Webinar 4th February - Information including the Webinar itself along with the Slides presented, on the topic of applications for grants in particular how to go about it;
  • Return to Play Guidance - highlighting need to keep in touch with venues, their Covid-19 guidance, bookings and also consideration for alternative venues and keeping in touch with Volunteers and Members;
  • Disability Awareness Training - free online training module available through February and free to Premier Clubs and Licensed Coaches;
  • Virtual Club Conferences - A number free during March on a variety of topics and sign-up details available;
  • Club Volunteering Webinar - Taking place at 12 Noon on the 18th February;
  • Female Players - Request for information to what would help Female Players;
  • Grassroots Activity Survey - Request for responses;

The weekly newsletter to members - 120221 - containing, in addition to above:

  • Playing at Home - An article with packs of information available for isolated families;
  • England Senior Men - Back in Training;
  • TT Kidz Launch - A request for Community Groups to run live sessions;
  • Survey - A brief one for 11-19 year olds;

9th February 2021- An Open Letter

Subsequent to the recent TTE EGM and the recent statement placed on the TTE Website on the 5th February as follows: Board statement— Table Tennis England there is in circulation an Open Letter which has been produced for the "Leadership and Membership" from Alan Champneys. It is a call for reconciliation and transparency and his statements make a lot of sense. 

8th February 2021- TTE News 5th February

The latest TTE news issued last Friday can be found here - 050221 - and contains information on the following subjects:

  • Partnership with LinQ which provides free online fitness classes for the community;
  • Project with Talented Athletic Scholarship Scheme (TASS) to optimise the female player experience and the 1st Stage is a Survey;
  • Webinar for Women and Girls in TT scheduled for 11th February at 7 pm;
  • Free online Workshops for Clubs in partnership with Sport England Club Matters - there are 8 scheduled during March;
  • Bethany Ellis on the challenge of running 100 miles for Charity Myeloma UK;
  • Notice that the Butterfly Schools National Championships for 2022 will be held over one weekend for both Individual and Team Events on the 2nd/3rd April;
  • Partnership with Sheffield County Council for Ping within the City when restrictions are lifted;

8th February 2021- Approved Balls and the Laws

To get everyone in the mood for the return of play soon, please find the current list of approved Balls, Equipment and Laws for interest, and perhap more refresh!!


1st February 2021- TTE News 29th January

The latest issue of news from TTE can be found here - 290121 - and contains information on the Sports England launch and request for County Championship Volunteers (see separate news items below). Also included is information and entry form on the launch of a Virtual TT Kidz Schools Championships in the Spring, coaching virtually with the England Aspire Squad and Ryan Jenkins, and an opportunity to join Joe Coker for online fitness sessions - the TT equivalent of Joe Wicks! A report also on the World Ping Pong Championships where Andrew Baggaley was defeated in the final and information on how to apply for a Tournament Referee Course.

1st February 2021- TTE TTFit Coaching App Webinar

On the 27th January there was a TTE Webinar on the subject of the TTFit App, developed in Belfast primarily for Coaches although Players can also use it. It enables Mentoring and Development of Players through use of Exercises, both TT related and physical, Training Plans, Podcasts and Resources. Individual Profiles with Development Plans within personalised Journals on Targets, Competitions, Matches, Training and providing a whole range of Statistics. The Basic version is free and the full version requires subscription. The link for the Webinar follows:

31st  January 2021- TTE Coaching and Education Webinar

This was held on the 21st January and you can listen to it on the following link: Table Tennis England: Coaching & Education | 21.JAN.2021 - YouTubeThe Webinar details the current Strategy and Aims, specific CPDs (L1 through to L4) to help and support, the TTE website dedicated pages full of resources, forthcoming webinars, the Mentoring Programme and other learning opportunities. The Q and A includes topics such as Tactic Training, Female Coaches, relationship of previous Qualifications to current Courses (previous L2 now equivalent to new L1). It was noted that the new L2 Course was being launched in September. Building confidence post the pandemic and keeping pace with changes in the game were also raised.

29th January 2021- TTE Coaching Update

Stephen Gertsen is now a Coach Mentor for TTE, and you can book sessions in 30-minute slots at a cost of £22.50. Suggested topics include: Player Development, Club Development, Skill Development / Acquisition, Developing Mental Strength, Developing Movement, Building Rapport with Players, expanding your own career, Coaching in a corner.

28th January 2021- TTE EGM and Voting Results

The EGM took place on Monday 25th January and there was much debate over nearly 3 hours. One of the points made a couple of times was that over recent years the Governance Model over recent years had changed to fit with Sport England requirements and as a result there were less TT specific people on the Board. All 3 Special Resolutions did not obtain the required 75% of votes, and so nothing changes. Please see the voting output as issued by TTE - EGM Voting Results.

27th January 2021- Sports England 10-Year Strategy Launch

Sports England yesterday launched their 10-Year Strategy "Uniting the Movement" and please find a link to view the launch event: 

It is long at nearly 2 hours but there are lots of speakers and some examples including Brighton TTC around 73 minutes.

27th January 2021- Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News - January

Please see the latest News from Actives Sussex and articles on - forthcoming on-line Forum (bookings close today), virtual Active Sussex Network Conference 25th February, "This Girl Can" Network, Specsavers "virtual" winter school games, plus others on mental wellbeing and inclusive dance sessions. 

27th January 2021- County Championship Management - Volunteers Required

TTE are looking for two volunteers to join the County Championship Team as Cadet and Veteran Premier Weekend Organisers. This was initially advertised early December and the closing date is the 31st January. Details and contact information can be found as follows - CC Volunteers.

24th January 2021- TTE EGM

Further to the News Items below, the EGM is taking place tomorrow and there has been a flurry of emails and statements (just two follow) from both Tony Catt and other Board Members. There was a report completed some weeks ago regarding the complaint against Tony Catt by the TTE, which has been published on the TTE Website and that can be seen here. There has also been much discussion within Sussex County by the League Management County Representatives and their Company Members, and League Management Committees have also debated.  There was general consensus on how to vote although some Leagues have subsequently modified and that could still occur in the next 24 hours! The Ballot Paper have been issued to Company Members (and the list of those within Sussex are listed in the news item of 3rd January below.

24th January 2021- National Council Meeting 16th January

The latest National Council Meeting was held by zoom mon the 16th January over 3 hours! Additional to the Agenda there was discussion on the forthcoming EGM, and there was a Presentation by the Performance Team for when slides available I will update. A link to all the papers can be found as follows:

National Council papers— Table Tennis England 

Please see also a summary of the TTE December Board Meeting by the CEO and my brief Notes on the Meeting.

24th January 2021- Sport England News

The latest information from Sport England - 120121 - indicating the launch of their new strategy on the 26th January, updated Coronavirus advice and free resources for older people in sport. More information and participation in the launch of the new strategy can be found on the following link: There are guest speakers such as Tanni Grey-Robinson, Dame Sarah Storey, and the Minister for Sport Nigel Huddlestone. Additionally, Sport England have published their latest Children and Young People Survey report which can be found here.

23rd January 2021- World Ping Pong Masters

Taking place this weekend in Coventry with no spectators in attendance but it is being shown on Sky TV if you subscribe. Andrew Baggaley is the defending champion and further information including the format and players participating can be found in this Tees Sports Mailing.

23rd January 2021- TTE News

Newsletter 150121 - Contains information on the Pride of TT Nominations, England Juniors on their last online session as part of the Performance Pathway, Active Lives Survey output indicating that young people participating in Table Tennis is remaining steady, news on Sport England's investment in TT, and that Liam Pitchford has retained his top-15 ITTF ranking.

Clubs and Leagues Update - 200121 - Contains information about live TT Kidz's at home, forthcoming Webinars on 4th February on Sport England funding and 18th February around Volunteering, and information on all past Webinars which can still be viewed.

Newsletter 220121 - Output of the participation survey, information about the World Ping Pong Masters, 3 Clubs that had won a defibrillator and indicated that Rankings Consultation still open.

23rd January 2021- Coaching Updates

TTE Webinar - Scheduled for 27th January at 8 pm and is around the App TTFit with information on the details of its benefits explained by its founder Keith Knox. The Webinar is free and the App can be purchased at 25% discount for Licensed Coaches.

23rd January - UK Coaching News

January News - Lots of it on all sorts of articles and resources. In this edition advice and information regarding support during the Covid Lockdown, a guide for Parents in supporting kids to keep active, an example of great coaching during the current times, a "Duty of Care" Toolkit to keep active for the New Year, forthcoming Webinars, Tax Guidance for self-employed Coaches, offers for Coaches and information on Resources available. Expanding on the latter there are Online Classrooms on "Learn. Develop. Thrive"

23rd January - Active Sussex 

Please find the January News - 220121 - which contains information on how to book for the virtual Active Sussex Network Conference on the 25th February and further details of the sessions, which are all free, can be found here. Also in the January News information about the Specsavers Schools "Winter Games", online video sessions on exercises and physical activity that are delivered by local providers, and the latest on "This Girl Can Sussex Network".

14th January 2021- TTE News - Coaching and Officials Updates

Coaching Update - News of a Webinar which will give an insight into "Coaching and Education" within TTE and is set for Thursday 21st January at 7.30 pm. 

Officials Update - News of a Webinar for Referees, Umpires and Tournament Organisers and is set for 26th January from 7 pm to 8.30 pm.

Links to how to register are included.

14th January 2021- TTE News - Various

The first Newsletter of the year from TTE - 080121, for those not on the distribution, contain much information such as the latest Covid Statement as at 2.50 pm on the 8th January, and there are no surprises to be found there! There are opportunities to volunteer as a Pride of TT Judge indicated, and information about the role the TTE Chairman takes within ITTF along with others from this side of the water. The GB players for the European Olympic Qualifying in February are announced - Liam Pitchford, Paul Drinkhall, Charlotte Carey and Tin-Tin-Ho are the representatives, and Coach John Mapletoff from Grantham was awarded an OBE in the New Years Honours List. Other news is that Sussex Junior Harry Yip has been included in the "Aspire" Squad, Kelly Sibley is the new National Women's Coachs for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and there is an interesting Rap Video with TT sounds! Requests are also invited for participation in Steering Group for reviewing Competitions and Rankings and it was indicated that TTE had signed up to a Sports Industry Resolution.

14th January 2021- TTE EGM - Various Information

Further to the news items below, the EGM has been confirmed for the 25th January at 7 pm for Company Members. Please see TTE Official Statement (6th January), Agenda and Detail (8th January), Confirmation and Legal Position (13th January). A County Zoom Meeting involving League representative is set to discuss voting intentions on Friday 15th January. 

3rd January 2021- TTE EGM Notice

Further to the news items below regarding the TTE EGM on the 25th January, the Notice has been posted on to the TTE website and please see the associated EGM Motions and FAQ's for ease of reference. The Company Members within Sussex able to vote are as follows:

Hastings - Diane Webb; Eastbourne - Pauline Byworth; Worthing - Susan West, Brighton - Ian Fowlds, South West Sussex - Chris Newberry, Haywards Heath - Brian Taite, East Grinstead - Andrew Hayes, Crawley and Horsham - Maureen Hazell, Sussex County Councillor - Jim Skinner. The Motions are for a "Vote of Confidence" for TTE CEO, TTE Chairman and a Board Member (Tony Catt).  

Discussion took place among Company Members or their representatives in December and no doubt that will continue in Janaury. If you have a view then please speak to your League representative in respect of Sussex County or the Company Member.

28th December 2020 - TTE EGM - Date Set

Further to the news item below on the 13th December, please see communication sent to TTE Company Members regarding the date set for an EGM - which is on the 25th January at 7 pm. The formal Notice including the Motions will be on the TTE website on the 29th December. The EGM was called for by Tony Catt who many will know in Sussex County and who is a current Board Member and has been in discord with TTE.     

22nd December 2020 - TTE Coaching Survey - Last Chance

Please see reminder from TTE on their Coaching Survey and request for feedback. The closing date is the end of today at midnight 22nd December!

21st December 2020 - TTE Development Webinar

Please see the Webinar which was held on the 12th November where Greg Yarnell, the TTE Development Office, presented the slides on how the TTE Development would look going forward. Besides myself, Rory Scott and Brett Holt were on the Webinar.

20th December 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see from TTE the latest weekly newsletter - 181220 - for those that do not receive it. In this issue there is news of Pitchford's European Dream ending in the semi-finals, link to the latest update on Coronavirus especially around the Tiers, Funding opportunities for Leagues and Clubs for projects associated with getting members back, a request for feedback on "Ranking" discussions, and in the context of further cancellation of Competitions there is to be a review of them. Finally, there is the latest on support for Licensed Coaches as well as a survey on the subject.

20th December - Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News - December 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News for December which includes link to recent Webinar on "Adapting to the Here, Now..and Tomorrow", and included with other articles is one on funding from Sport England for "Tackling Inequalities in physical.

17th December - TT Times 21 - Winter 2020

The latest issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found articles on the following topics:

  • Editorial;
  • ITTF Events Round Up - ITTF Women's and Men's World Cup;
  • A Table Tennis Life - Ken & Karenza Matthew's TT Journey continues, 1972;
  • Book Reviews;
  • This isn't the game my bird played...Michael Parkinson's expert view of Table Tennis;
  • Jacques Secretin - death of the French Legend;
  • Old Photographs;
  • World Table Tennis;
  • John Hilton....A Life in Sport by Brian Kean;
  • Table Tennis Scotland YouTube Interviews;
  • What was Happening 40 Years Ago 1980;
  • Harry Reeve and the Linacre Table Tennis Club, Liverpool;
  • What is Happening Today;
  • Future Events;
  • ITTF Updates;
  • Governance;

17th December - Active Sussex News - December 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex News for December which includes details of the virtual Network Event 2021 on February 25th, the latest "This Girl Can" Sussex Ambassador, Tackling Inequalities in Physical Sport, Meet the Winners of the Sussex Sports Awards via Video's, Employer partnership of Active Sussex wit CIMSPA (Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity), Sport England National Leisure Recovery Fund, launch of Sports Councils "Tell Your Story" Campaign, Challenges of Safeguarding during Lockdown and the Cornavirus pandemic plus more including a survey.

16th December 2020 - Company Members and EGM

Further to the news item below on the 13th December, TTE have indicated to Company Members that the 5% threshold has been reached - see Notice. An EGM is therefore to be held, probably by zoom, and prior to that it is the intention to set up a County-wide zoom meeting with Company Members to discuss. Company Members are the nominated League TTE representative and in most cases, it is the Chairman of the League but can be others as determined by the Leagues. Further information including details of the EGM will be available when known.

15th December 2020 - Benefit Package for TTE Coaching Launched

TTE have launched their own Coaching Support Platform for TTE Licensed Coaches to include development resources and best practice guidance. There is a video to view and discounts for TT Kidz for Schools.

13th December 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see from TTE the latest weekly newsletter - 111220 - for those who do receive it. In this issue there is a preview of Liam Pitchford in the forthcoming Champions League and update on the Women's Event, notice of 3 new Ping Pong Parlours, British Para TT News as well advertisements on TT Gifts. Coronavirus continues to impact the sport with the cancellation of the first 2021 British League Fixtures and there is a request for Volunteers for the County Championships.

13th December 2020 - Company Members and EGM

There is currently discord between a Board Member and TTE which has resulted in an EGM being requested and Company Members have been advised and request for support to be indicated. In this context it was clarified in a recent TTE Notice that the threshold is 5% of the Company Members. Company Members within Sussex County have discussed this including in many cases with their League Management Committee's and there is majority agreement within Sussex County to support the request.

9th December 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see for information the latest news from TTE for those not on the distribution:

271120 - Contains information about the National being cancelled (see also 261120), the latest on the Covid restrictions (see also 241120), Pitchford, TT Kidz update and Nottingham University TT players talking about Mental Health;

041220 - Information about a LinQ App for finding players, reference to Covid update, Paul Drinkhall and Sam Walker in France, Coach Mentors and TT Kidz Phase 3;

091220 - Club and League Update - Chairman's Christmas Message, Covid update, Funding still available, Club Poll on experiences and PremierClub Activator Course;

15th November 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see the latest news from TTE - 131120 - and in particular there is a local news item about the Cookhouse Cafe in Hastings, East Susex where the owner Csaba Feher has set-up a Table Tennis Table in his Cafe for his use and his family! Other Articles are on Liam Pitchford's progress to the Q/F of the Men's World Cup in China, filming by ITV with the TOWIE cast at the BATTS Club in Harlow, the Aldershot League with their short format (2-player) League. Also included is a long article by Sturat Sweeney on Ivor Montagu, Table tennis and Aparthied, and the re-opening of the Young Ambassador Programme. Many of these items were also included in the latest news to Club and Leagues - 111120 - besides reminders of the Sport England Recovery Fund and Save Our Sport Petition. The Webinar indicated on the TTE Developement changes was held on the 12th November and the slides and video can be seen on the following link: In attendance on the Webinar were Rory Scott, Jim Skinner and Brett Holt from Sussex.

15th November 2020 - Sussex Disability Sports Network - Webinars 

Please find the information from Active Sussex Disability Sports Network  - 101120 - on forthcoming Webinars. This coming Tuesday 17th November a national (10am) and sussex (11.45am) event on the inclusive response to Covid-19, on the 3rd December at 10am "Adapting to the Here and Now...and Tomorrow" and on the 17th December at 2pm "Time to Connect, Reflect and eat Mince Pies" 

6th November 2020 - Latest TTE News

Please see the latest news from TTE - 061120 which, besides elaboration on the Save Our Sport Petition and Insurance news items below, highlights the latest update for Covid-19 as at 12.30 pm on 4th November. There is also the news that the Butterfly Schools Team Champtionships will not take place this season, information about a forthcoming Webinar on Development for Clubs and Leagues and an article on England Player Emily Bolton. 

6th November 2020 - Insurance "That Supports Our Sport"

TTE Marketing have launched a campaign that promotes Insurance "That Supports Our Sport" and it can be found on the following link:

Further, for each policy purchased, Mark Bates Limited (sponsors of National Championships) will make an additional contribution to TTE, and people do not have to be members of TTE to take out the Insurance.

6th November 2020 - Approved Balls

The current list of approved TT Balls can be found on the following ITTF link and is valid up to 31st December, 2020: It is currently not on the TTE website and there has been recent debate on this in emails.

5th November 2020 - TTE Technical Officers Committee - Secretary Vacancy

If you are interested in this vacancy as a volunteer to assist the TTE Technical Officer's Committee, then please see the following link:

3rd November 2020 - TTE Save Our Sport - Petition

Further to the News Item below on the 29th October and the 16th October TTE Newsletter, TTE have publised the link to the website for signing the Petition. TTE are looking to reach 100K signatures for a Sports Recovery Fund similar to what the Arts achieved. It takes two minutes to click on the link below, register your details and then click on the email you receive.

31st October - TT Times 20 - Autumn 2020

The latest issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found articles on the following topics:

  • Competitions;
  • BATTS Harlow: Surviving the Virus by Graham Frankel;
  • Ping! - A Personal Perspective on Table Tennis by Graham Frankel;
  • More Table Tennis Books;
  • A Table Tennis Life - Ken & Karenza Matthew's TT Journey continues, 1971;
  • Spotlight on the Olympic Games;
  • Photo's from Ray Dorking;
  • What was Happening 10 Years Ago? 2010;
  • World Veterans Championships, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, 2010;
  • In Memoriam;
  • Future Events and the English National Championships;
  • Commonwealth Games 2022;
  • Table Tennis England Members Advisory Group (MAG);

31st October - Sports England Newsletter

Please see a Sports England Newsletter which contains Return to Play Funding, updated Coronavirus Guidance and a Black History Month Blog.

31st October - Active Sussex and Disability and Inclusion News - October 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex News which includes the names of the Sports Award Finalists, Sport England Funding and their Autumn and Winter Toolkit, an article on tackling racism at the grassroots, and information about the forthcoming Safeguarding Week 16th to 22nd November. The Disability and Inclusion version has similar but additionally news of SDSN Webinar on the 17th November, Mencap's Round the World Challenge and British Blind Sport hosting a Conference "See My Voice" on the 25th November.

31st October 2020 - TTE Updates

301020 - Regular weekly newsetter with information this week about the cancellations of many TTE Calendar Events including NCL, NCJ and British League. Information also about the launch of new funding of upto £500 for new activation sessions although from Tier 1 areas only for Adults. There is an article about Maria Tsaptsinos playing in the Greek League, news about some TTE Vacancies and a video on some bizarre ping pong ball world records.

291020 - Coaching Update - Details about a forthcoming Webinar on the 5th November from 7 pm to 8 pm on the topic of "How to develop more competitive match players" and it is led by Junior Head Coach Marcus Gustafson.  

221020 - Information about a forthcoming Webinar that you can sign-up to on the 12th November and which will detail recent Development changes and how this will affect support to Clubs and Leagues going forward.

29th October 2020 - TTE Updates

161020 - This issue includes information on the "SaveOur Sports" campaign where TTE is contributing towards the Sports Recovery Petition with request for articles, for example, such as why Leisure Centres are important to Leagues/Clubs. There are links to the latest statement and Webinar detailing the impact on guidance around the introduction of Tiers, an artcile on the award of the MBE to the TTE CEO Sara Sutcliffe, the schdule for the Commonwealth Games in 2022, a video interview, which is well worth watching, the legend Desmond Douglas. Finally Susses Players Jacon Evans and Jodie Morris are now in their second year doing their "Diploma in Sporting Excellance Programme" which includes, besides Education, a Performance Pathway.

231020 - This issue has a video about the England Players being back in competition, details about the Covid Support Fund from Sports England for small grants from £300 to £10K, Community Asset Fund from £10K to £50K and a crowdfunding initiative called Active Together where funds are matched with money raised by such method. Other news items included Active Lives Survey output and link to Radio London interview with Sara Sutcliffe on her MBE award.

16th October - TTE Updates

091020 - Additionally to the 071020 newsletter there is an article on Gavin Evans being the England National Team Coach through to 2022 and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, along with Simon Mills being the England Team Leader. There is also an Article on Mental Health and information about grants of up to £5K for 7 young members of the Performance Pathway.

071020 - Club and Leagues Update - Articles on Pride of TT Nominations, Club Support Webinars, Covid-19 updated news and examples of Clubs that have returned to play, launch of TT Kidz Awards Scheme and access to free resources on learning about Crowd Funding from Sports England.

8th October, 2020 - Pride of TT -Nominations Deadline Extension

The deadline for nominations for "Pride of TT" has been extended to Sunday 18th October. Nominations can be for a Volunteer, a Club, or an Official. The SE Regions nominations are higher than other Regions but let that not stop further nominations - so please consider those that you think are deseriving of recognition. See note from TTE Chairman which includes link to Nominations.

8th October, 2020 - TTE League Manager - New Functionality

A Webinar was held by TTE & Neil Hurford (Chairman of MAG) to explain the change in functionality to the TTE League Manager, and for those Leagues that use it (as well as those that are using it in parallel with TT365), the slides used can be found here, and the webinar can be revisited on:

The topics covered are listed below with the timings on the Webinar:

  1. What's new on the public website (@4.5 min - 20 min)
  2. Setting up your new competition (@20 min - 33.5 min)
  3. New features of Versions 1.6 & 1.7 - and how to use them (@33.5 min – 1 hr08 min)
  4. What's coming next (@1 hr 20 min)
  5. "Ready to Return" - flexible formats in TT Leagues (@1hr 09.5 min - 1 hr 16 min)
  6. Local league ranking
  7. Questions (@1 hr 16 min - 1 hr 25 min)

2nd October - TTE Updates

TTE Weekly Newsletters

180920 - Coronvirus Update (see separate News Item), Sandra Deaton elected VP ETTU role, John Hilton memory lane article, Ping Pong Parlours and more;

250920 - - Return to Play updatd guidance, Campaign for Sports Recovery Fund, Schools return using qualified Coaches, Pride of TT Nominations, Brighton City activities on outdoor tables, and more;

021020 - Pride of TT Nominations closure date extended to 18th October, Horsham Ping Pong Parlour and Rory Scott's us of, SBL cancellation, and update on Coronivurs guidance;, and more;

14th September - TTE Updates

TTE Weekly Newsletter - 110920 - Contains information about the new England Kit, a link to the recent Facebook Q&A session with TTE on 6th September, 1 Star events are cleared to return (see Document), request for Pride of TT Nominations, "Care to Play" Article about enjoyment of TT for those in Social Care, School Initiatives - School Essential Membership (free pack and newsletter) and School Plus at £65 per year for a School with many packages such as equipment and Training, link to the TT League Manager Upgrade Webinar (see above), an Article on Kevin Taylor who played for 21 hours to raise £2K for an Hospice, and finally a new progamme for TT Kidz.

Club and League Update 10th September - Information in context of recent Government Guidance i.e. OK to continue Return to Play;

Club and League Webinar 9th September - TT League Manager - View Webinar plus the Slides used which highlights the recent changes and new functionality to TT League Manager;

Club and Leagues Update 2nd September (see below) - With reference to the video on League Webinar on the 24th August, please see the associated slides/document used (update by TTE with latest information);

7th September - Active Sussex

The Annual Conference on the 24th September is virtual this year with 5 free sessions throughout the day - please see Agenda and sign-up information here.

7th September - TTE News 

The latest Newsletters from TTE last week were as follows:

Coaching Update 1st September - Applications invited by 2nd October for Coaching Level 3 Course starting 28th November, a TTE Vacancy with the role "Coaching and Education" as well as request for Pride of TT Nominations by the 2nd October;

Clubs and Leagues Update 2nd September - Confirming Return to Play and video on the Rowhedge (Colchester Club) experience, the "All Clear" for Leagues to resume (not the case for many cannot because many Clubs not yet gained/negotiated access to their venues) and the Ready to Return Statement with 5-Stage Process and a number of Guidance Documents have been updated. There is also a video of the League Webinar held on 24th August as well as links to previous Webinars. Club incomes are obviously lower with reduced numbers and suggestions for seeking grants is highlighted - Local Councils, UK Community Foundation, Cash4Clubs, Sports England Active Together and also Sports England Guidance for further information. Finally information on knowledge checks that can be carried out around various topics such as Safeguarding, Diversity, Mental Health, Inclusion and Well Being with a Digital Badge on completion - well worth all Coaches doing.

Over The Net 4th September - The regular weekly newsletter with the main focus on the Facebook Live session with TTE Officals held on Sunday 6th September and repeated links to League Return Guidance and Pride of TT Nominations. There are Articles on the reopening of Training Camps for the England youngsters and Ross Wilson preparing for Tokyo Paralympics and a Return to Play video as carried out by St Neots TTC. 

28th August - TTE News - Facebook Live

The latest news from TTE - Newsletter 280820 - contains information about a live Facebook session with TTE Officers on Sunday 6th September starting at 7.30 pm. Included also is a video of the Rowhedge TTC in Colchester and how they have been getting on with return to play, and also there is an invitation to nominate a League for the title "League of the Year", plus some job opportunities.

26th August - Active Sussex and Disability and Inclusion News - August 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex News and Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News for August for information.

23rd August 2020  - ITTF - Feedback on International Umpire (IU) Exam

For Umpires and those interested in the nuances of Umpiring the International TT Federation Webinar may be of intetrest. It is a bit slow but some interesting points, particularly around para rules. Please see the link below:

high Performance & Development Webinar 16 - 2020 IU Exam Feedback, Rules & Regulations Analysis

22nd  August - TTE News

Please see the latest TTE Newsletters (14th and 21st August), TT League Manager Update, and a Counties and Leagues Update with items included as follows:

Newsletter 14th August - Articles on how TTE is working with other organisations to put pressure on the government to open up Leisure Centres, and results of recent survey which is indicating over half Clubs not ready to return yet due to lack of access to venues. On this topic there is a separate newsletter for Counties and Leagues on updated Ready to Return information for Leagues with Webinars available on the 24th August). Other articles are on David McBeath who recently had a hip operation, a request for Pride of TT Nominations, paralympian athlete Kim Daybell in a Sky Podcast on returning to the front line with the NHS, Tom Purcell's story on progress to umpiring a gold medal final at the 2012 Olympics, and Nottingham TT Club Challenge raising funds for Access Sports.

Newsletter 21st August - Included is TTE Memebership Renewal Status (13K), an interview with England's Captain Gavin Evans in the Training Camps, TT League Manager update which includes Local Rankings (and further information on the other additions to TT League Manager can be found here which also includes Webinars on the subject on the 8th and 9th September).  Again there is a request for Pride of TT Nominations, a letter to his younger self by Liam Pitchford, and another Survey request this time aimed at Leagues.- note closiing 24th August - and news of Ping Pong Parlours opening up.

19th August - TTE National Council Chair

Nominations were requested for Chair of the National Council for the forthcoming season and 9 were received by TTE, all for the same person Estyn Williams, National Councillor for Warwickshire. There was therefore no ballot required. The first National Council Meeting for the new season is scheduled for the 10th October.

19th August - TTE Coaching News 

Please see the latest TTE Coaching Update, which included an invite to a Webinar with Brighton City TT Club on how their BGC Project - Building a Grassroots Community. Led by Teresa Bennett and Pedro Santos they present the range of different sessions in their own and outreach premises, the advantage of having a dedicated person to source funding and current work on the development of a Training Course for others to learn. The Webinar took place on the 9th August and can be seen on the following link: Other items include a UK Coaching Video with advice on safety and social distancing, a website for re-activating, output from the TTE Ready to Return Survey, and news of places for a Diploma in Sporting Excellance (DiSE) for 2 years at 6th Form/College.

19th August - Recent TTE News 

For those who do not receive them the recent TTE Newsletter distributed include: 

Over The Net 31st July which, besides re-iterating the movement to Stage 3 and potentially Stage 4 on the 1st September, there is a video on Membership Renewal, an Article by Ross Wilson looking to defend his T6-T10 Gold at the Para Commonwealth Games in Brimingham on the 28th July 2022, Online Training Video and Article on young players by England Players as part of the England Performance Pathway with one of the workouts available to view, and a new book by Graham Frankel with a personal perspective on TT (see extract in TT Times Issue 19 below).

Over The Net 7th August - New date for the Senior Nationals (29th/31st January 2021) and that the rankings will not have a 10% reduction for the start of this coming season, another Membership Video, Nominations for Pride of TT Awards and Pam Butcher in the running for the Amplifon Award for Brave Britons, and an Online drive to find future Para Stars. 

31st July - TTE League and Club Update

The latest TTE Newsletter addressed to League and Clubs can be found here. It includes a survey on the status on the return to play from Leagues and Clubs and the closing date is the 6th August.There is also information indicating Clubs can now affiliate to TTE as Premier or Associate, and that League Play can restart from the 1st September (dependent on the number of Clubs that can play I guess). Also included is information on "Reactivate Training Platform" which is being funded by Sport England to give people confidence and knowledge in returning sfatey to sport and physucal activity, and finally the renewal of the Personal Insurance for TTE Members for which note that there are no Covid-19 exclusions.

27th July - TT Times 19 - Summer 2020

The latest and bumper issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found:

  • Good News Page
  • TTE AGM 2020
  • Continued Advertures  Ken/Karenza Mathews on a TT Life 1971
  • Photographic Retrospective on National Championships
  • Spotlight on Mick Strode
  • Future Events
  • What was Happening 25 Years Ago 1995
  • The Deabte - From the Pen of Brian Kean
  • A Different Type of Backhand
  • In Memoriam
  • Memories from a Retired Tournament Oragniser
  • Ping!: A Personal Perspective on TT by Graham Frankel
  • Governance Update

27th July  - Active Sussex inclduing Disability and Inclusion - Newsletters - July 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex Disability amd Inclusion Newsletter  which includes news of a new Course produced by Brighton City TT Club on "Building a Grassroots Community" which will be available later this year. There are also articles on a joint review of the Code for Sports Governance with Sports England, Ad and Tools to from Active Sussex around Disability and Inclusion, Inclusive and Accessible opportunities for disabled people and Easy Fund Raising. Please also see the latest edition of Active Sussex Newsletter. 

27th July 2020  - TTE News & Membership Renewal

Please see recent Newsletter - 170720 - which includes a recording of one of the recent Webinars (Slides are on Covid-19 page). There is also a video of Elite Players back in Training, names of the new MAG members, Q&A on the recent AGM Annual Report, video on new Membership Categories (see Membership Renewal), and offers on Outdoor Equipment and Pride of TT nominations. The issue dated - 240720 - includes a message from the TTE CEO regarding Return to Play and Membership Renewal. There is also news of a linkup with Esports Association to promote mental wellbeing and exercise, and a TT Kidz Summer camp starting on the 3rd August from 9.30 am to 10.00 am for 6-11 year olds for basic skills and note sign-up is limited to first 100. News also of an online Challenge Show for 40 Teams on the 30th July from 7.15 pm to 8.00 pm - it is free to enter.

27th July 2020  - Table Tennis "Return to Indoor Play" and separate Covid-19 Page

Further to the "Return to Play" Newsletter from TTE in the 15th July news item below and subsequent Newsletter and Information from TTE, a separate page for Covid-19 related and Return to Play information has been created. Discussion on how clubs get back into action has started within the County and there are two major issues that have been identified  - Access to Venues and Layouts for Club Venues and on the latter discussion has been rquested with TTE. A Process for how Clubs and Leagues can progress through the documentation has been produced along with a spreadsheet showing the status of Clubs within Sussex. Brighton City have returned to limited play but with own venue it is much easier to control access and use.

15th July 2020  - TTE - Return to Play and Mental

Return to Play - Further to the news item 13th July below on the Return to Play, TTE have issued further information indicating that guidance has been updated on their website, and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available from the Government. There are links to the relavant pages and there is also notice of Webinars that can be signed up to by Clubs and Leagues for this coming Thursday and Friday  16th and 17th July to discuss the Guidance. There are also other resources indicated such as funding for PPP, Online Support, 1 to 1 free Training to support return to facilities previuosly used.

Mental Health - A special issue of "Over The Net" with focus on Mental Health.

13th July 2020  - TTE - Membership Renewal & Revised Categories

Please see the TTE Chairman's Statement and reference to an article from her, regarding membership renewal, and also information on the revised Membership Categories and the Renewal Process. Current membership expires 31st July and renewals can take place on-line next monday 20th July. 

13th July 2020  - TTE - Return to Play 

TTE Newsletter - 100720 - The weekly  newsletter from TTE indicates that "Return to Play" has been agreed from the 25th July and guidance from the Government is awaited. It is expected that TTE guidance will subsequently be uodated and that play indoors will be limited. Of course the problem with most cluds is that they use multi-use venues and risk assessments will need to be completed, assuming that the venue itself is Covid-19 secure and is allowing other users, Also of note is that Clubs and Leagues can apply for funding for PPE and cleaning equipment, and a message from the Chairman reagrding membership renewal, and you can still sign-up for the TTE AGM.

6th July 2020  - TTE - Various News Items

TTE Newsletter - 030720 - The weekly  newsletter from TTE, if you do not receive them, contains this week the request for nominations for Awards, draft Annual Review, a video from England's elite players on lockdown training, information about Brighton City Club and their development of an on-line course about building communities, and the latest on "Return to Play"

Coaching Webinar - The latest Coaching Webinar is scheduled for this coming Tuesday 7th July at 2.00 pm and is available for free for all Level 1 Coaches and above. It is being led by Greenhouse Sports Director of Coaching Jason Sugrue and the topic is "Laerning about Players Emotions".

3rd July 2020  - TTE - National Council - 27th June

Further to the news item on the 23rd May, the National Council held a virtual meeting on the 27th June. The Papers/Reports for the meeting can be found on the following link:

In Memorium included Peter Shead from Sussex. There was a "Return to Play" presentation and based on recent Government annoucements there was no return to play on the 4th July. The issue with multi-use venues was recognised. Please see my notes of the meeting and included within is a link to an Impact Document which is the TTE year summary. The CEO indicated that with Covid-19 there needs to be adaption and behavioural change to how the Sport is played with flexibility on formats, start times, etc.

28th June 2020  - TTE - Various News Items

TTE Newsletter -260620 - The weekly  newsletter from TTE, if you do not receive them, contains this week the latest information regarding the return to play, and it is that there will be no return to indoor play from the 4th July and so TT remains at Stage 1 of the 5-stage return process. There is a link to a recent Webinar on a Q and A session and see the latest guidance and advice for Clubs and Leagues on the return of play issued by TTE. As a comment one of the key issues that needs to be addressed in any relaxation of the lockdown is the use of multi-use venues such as primaty schools and the fact that robust risk assessments will need to be produced if any return to such sites are to be entertained.

TTE Elected Deputy Chairman - Don Parker won the election and you can see the TTE official notice plus some polling information.

TTE Membership Catgories - These have been indicated in previous news items and TTE have now communicated them and they are looking for endorsement at the forthcoming TTE AGM

Coaching Webinar - The latest Coaching Webinar is scheduled for this coming Tuesday 30th June at 2.00 pm and is available for free for all Leverl 1 Coaches and above. It is a Q and A session with Coaches Stephen Gertson and Craig Bryant.

21st June  - Active Sussex - Disability and Inclusion News - June 2020

Please find the latest Newsletter from Active Sussex around Disability and Inclusion. This edition includes information about the Webinar on the 2nd July at 2 pm on the subject of Inclusive Clubs and Brighton City are being used as one example. Sports  England have also launched an Open Call to individuals and organisations to tackle inequalities and they are also looking for information on how people with disabilities have been coping with innovative solutions to staying active during lockdown at home (deadline for entries on this extended from 24th June to 1st July), plus much other news.

21st June 2020  - TTE - Virtual AGM - 18th July

TTE are holding their annnual AGM and Conference virtually on the 18th July starting at 10.00 am. It will be conducted by Zoom and you need to register by 3rd July to participate. Please see below the papers:

21st June 2020  - TTE - Various News Items

TTE Newsletter -190620 - The weekly  newsletter from TTE, if you do not receive them, contains this week the latest information regarding the return to play. Please see:

Ready to Return - Information about the 5-Stage Process, National Competitions and Elite Play, and 7 documents including guidance for members and clubs in managing hygiene and venues, and layouts for Lesiure Centres and Sports Halls see relevant link to TTE Website:

Ready to Return Webinars - A number of these have been set for the forthcoming weeks and the first is this coming Wednesday - see link to TTE website for full list as well as information on how to sign-up: Topics include Volunteer Recruitment and DBS Checking (Noon 24th June), Ready to Return (1 pm 25th June), Updates and Opportunities to link with Mass Participation Initiatives (noon 8th July), Update on new Membership Categories (Noon 15th July) 

Player Return Responses - The Newsletter also gives a link to an analysis of the reponses from 1800 players on the return to play.

Other News - Includes workout video by Paul Drinkhall, TT being confirmed in 2022 Multi-Sports European Championships, Tees Sports Official Ball Supplier for TTE, being Mascot as an 8-year old for National Womens's Singles and the status on the Ranking Consultation taking place (National/Elite)

 Webinar - The next Coaching Webinar is scheduled for this coming Tuesday 23rd June at 11.00 am and is available for free for all Leverl 1 Coaches and above. It is being led by Ollie Holt from UK Coaching and the title is "We All Need to Adapt"

18th June 2020 - TTE - Update on TT League Manager

An update on the TTE owned TT League Manager can be found here. It lists the enhancements planned before the start of next season and which includes a ranking system. However, at a recent Sussex County Zoom Meeting (see below) clarity is being sought on what the proposed ELO Ranking Model is and how it compares with the TT365 alogorithms. There is also some confusion over the Data Protection required for TT365 player entries, and clarity is also being sought on this.

16th June Coaching Webinar - Noon Today!

The next Coaching Webinar, hot off the press this morning is scheduled for Noon today for L2 Coaches and above only. The title is "Player Development" and is being led by John Murphy.

15th June 2020  - TTE - Various News Items

TTE Newsletter - 120620 - The weekly  newsletter from TTE, if you do not receive them, contains this week information on the results of the survey regarding the return to play and it was noticed that 60% were keen to get started again even if there was a different format. Also a reference to British League and a Strategy Document for the future development plus more on John Hilton, TT Kidz on demand and Soical TT in the form of Ping Pong Fight Club on Saturday TV.

15th June - Active Sussex - Newsletter - June 2020

Please see the latest Active Sussex Newsletter - June 2020 - Contains information about the Active Sussex Conference and AGM on the 24th September, and which is going to be virtual, and another Sports Disability Webinar taking place on 2nd July between 1pm and 2pm which is showcasing examples of inclusive sports clubs and Brighton City TT Club is being used as one of the examples - see further information here. Also included is information about an online workout programme, an "Active at Home" Booklet for older adults, and a free Mental Awareness Course for Coaches.

15th June 2020  - ITTF - Dealing with Player Misbehaviour

The International TT Federation have been running Seminars for the ongoing education of their Technical Officials. A recent one was on Player Misbehaviour from the view of Umpires, Refeeres and Players. You can find it on the following link - Youtube Webinar #8  Stick with it - it is an hour long but interesting.

6th June 2020  - TTE - Various News Items

TTE Newsletter - 050620 - The weekly  newsletter from TTE, if you do not receive them, contains this week information about the return to play with the 5 stage process and an associated Webinar as well as request for views on the subject. There is also an article on the provision of TT for isloated and inactive members. Also included is notice of request for nominations for the Members Advisory Group (MAG) which is now open until the 19th June.

Coaching Webinar - The next Coaching Webinar is scheduled for 1 pm on the 9th June, and this one is only available for L2 Coaches and above. The title is "The Inner Game: Learner-centred coaching"

Deputy Chairman Voting -There are two nonimations - Darren Morgan and Don Parker - and Company Members (League Chairman or agreed League/County Representative) have the opportunity to vote by noon on the 23rd June. The details of the voting instructions can be found here.

1st June  - TTE - Deputy Chairman Nominations

TTE have distributed today information on the status following closure of the nomination period. There are two nominations for the vacant Deputy Chairman post - and papers for the election of the two nominations received - Darren Morgan and Don Parker - will be sent out later this week. 

1st June  - TTE - Guidance on return to Play and Safeguarding Webinars

TTE have distributed today their latest guidance on getting back to play with a 5-stage plan able to be downloaded for reference.  Also included in the newsletter is notice of 3 forthcoming Webinars on Safeguarding for Coaches, Clubs and Leagues with each - on the 10th, 17th and 24th June starting at Noon. There are different topics on each one - Why Safegurading is Important, Role of Welfare Office, and Volunteer Recruitment and DBS Checking. Please see Newsletter here.

31st May  - TTE - Various News Items

TTE Newsletter - 290520 - The weekly  newsletter from TTE, if you do not receive them, contains this week a Q&A Video with Liam Pitchford, a request for feedback and views on returning to play, Grants from Sport England for Clubs and the launch of the next phase of TT Kidz in October. as well as the list of improvements that have been made to TT League Manager.

Coaching Webinar - The next Coaching Webinar is this coming Tuesday 2nd June at 3pm and is open to all Level 1 Coaches and above, and the topic this week is Coaching Kids. It is being led by George Rigby.

23rd May  - TTE - National Council - 27th June

The next National Council Meeting has now been scheduled, via Zoom, for the 27th June - advance notice. Information about Agenda and papers will appear when available.

23rd May  - TTE - Various News Items

TTE Newsletter - 220520 - Information about the TTE AGM and the withdrawal of all the Propositions which includes the proposed raising of the Fees and they will be frozen for the coming season. There is still the intention to revise the membership categories which include sthe new "Club Play" category although it will be free for the coming season. The Newsletter also contains the output of a Webinar with Paul Drinkhall and his life through lockdown and a video from Gavin Evans regarding Mental Awareness during the coming Mental Awareness week. Also see fund raising ideas including face masks by Will Bayley.

Coaching Webinar - The next Coaching Webinar is this coming Tuesday 26th May at 7pm and is open to all Level 1 Coaches and above, and the topic this week is Coaching Women and Girls. It is being led by Sally Shutt and Natalie Green

Data Protection - A reminder from TTE that players are automatically covered if Leagues are using the TT League Manager and Membership Manager, and that players data cannot be used on other systems such as TT365. Further information can be found here.

Deputy Chairman - A reminder that nominations for Deputy Chairman close on the 29th May - see news item 10th May below. The latest Company Register has been made available from TTE and Leagues should have completed their Annual Returns which includes indicating the Company Member and completing relevant Forms is new/changed. More information can be found here.

23rd May - Active Sussex - Newsletter - May 2020

Please see the latest Active Sussex Newsletter - May 2020 - Contains information about a Trustee Vacancy, Video on Active Lives surveys, Covid-19 activity report from Sport England, Mntal Health Awareness Week and a video of a Sports Disability Webinar held on the 21st May. 

17th May  - TTE - Latest Newsletter - Resumption of Play Guidance and TT League Manager

Please see the latest TTE Newsletter - 150520 -  which contains information on the return to play with a 5-stage Process, with Stage 1 at present with play at Home and on outdoor tables. Also included is information about TT League Manager in respect of "Options for closing last Season", use of the system for competitions, and planned items for which upgrade will take place by August 2020. There is also a reference to the Deputy Chairman Elections - see also News Item 10th May. Additionally, TTE advised that Geoff Scruton, an International Umpire and Vice President of Yorkshire, had passed away.

17th May  - TTE - Further Coaching Webinar - 19th May at 1pm

TTE have arranged a further Coaching Webinar for next Tuesday 19th May at 1pm for coaches of all levels. It is being led by Ben Young and the subject is "fundamental movement skills" It is free and for sign-up information please see information here

17th May  - Active Sussex - Disability and Inclusion News - May 2020

Please find the latest Newsletter from Active Sussex around Disability and Inclusion. This edition includes information of a Webinar this coming Thursday 21st May from 2pm to 2.30 pm exploring the challenges and barriers to SEND provision within Schools, Active Lives Survey Results, STEP (Space, Task, Equipment and People) inclusion resources to support activity whilst at home, and information about the Specsavers "virtual" Sussex Games across 11 weeks of the Summer Term although it does not look as if Table Tennis has been included - presume very difficult to play virtually! There is also information in the Newsletter about UK Deaf Sports and further Webinars around Women in Sport and for Mental Health Week, which is between 18th and 24th May. 

11th May  - Tees Sport Newsletter - May 2020

Tees Sports have recently distributed their Newsletter for May for your information if not seen.

10th May  - TTE - Deputy Chair Election

With the sad recent death of Charlie Childs, an election for a replacement has been scheduled. The following Letter indicates more details and the process and links to the Nominations Forms for those who may be interested.  

10th May  - TTE - AGM Membership Propositions

Besides the Membership Proposals in the latest Newsletter (see below), there are also Propositions around amendments to the Honours, Voting Consultation for "One Member One Vote" (see news item 5th May), Fees (see below) and also one on ranking to be kept as player v player and not specific competitions. More information on the Propositions and the AGM can be seen on the following link: 

10th May  - TTE - Latest Newsletter - AGM Membership Proposals

TTE have indicated on their latest Newsletter - 090520 - Membership Proposals for next season, to be discussed at the TTE AGM, in respect of re-branding as Compete Plus, Compete, Just Pay and Supporter (replacing the current Player Member, Player and Associate categories) . The prices or affiliation fees for each category are also being proposed at the AGM and respectively for the new categories as £20 Senior and £10 for Junior and for the new categories £6 for Club Play and £4 for Just Play although the introduction of the Just Play is being considered for following season. Also included in the Newsletter is information about Bethany Ellis obtaining support from Tyson Fury for her Charity Crusade for Cancer Research UK, Outline for the return of TT subject of course to Government and Sport England guidelines, the launch of TT Kidz for deprived areas via various schools, and fund raising by Dan Ives one of the young Ambassadors.

10th May  - TTE - Further Coaching Webinar - 12th May at 2pm

TTE have arranged a further Coaching Webinar for next Tuesday 12th May at 2pm for all Level 2 coaches and above. It is being led by Gavin Evans and the subject is "deliberate practice" explaining what it is, how to implement it and the impact it can have. Please see the information here for signing up.

5th May  - TTE AGM - Proposition "One Member One Vote" Consultation

There has been much discussion previously around changing the voting system, and the TTE Board are now looking to table a Proposition to undertake a membership consultation and to receive legal advice on changing to a direct member voting structure. Please see the AGM Proposition and Rationale here. Previoulsy the debate has been around changes based on who becomes Company Members e.g. specified Clubs, but now the proposed consulatation is for a direct member voting.

4th May  - TTE - National Council Elections - Next Meeting and next Season 

There has been two meetings of the National Council in the current season with one meeting in March cancelled due to Covid-19 (although there was a zoom meeting for some discussion on particular topics), and reports are made to the County Meetings and Management Committee. Another NC Meeting has been scheduled for the 27th June although it is not clear if it will go ahead or be a zoom meeting - see Letter NC Chairman. The current Sussex County National Councillor and Deputy National Councillor are Jim Skinner (Sussex County Chairman and Brighton Records Secretary) and Kevin Long (County Secretary and Hastings Secretary) respectively, and both periods of office expire after the TTE AGM. All meetings are in Milton Keynes and the role of the National Council is to act as a channel of communication between the Board and the membership. The Election - see TTE Notification - of both for next season needs to be completed by the 15th June, and if any one is interested in taking up the role then please let the County Secretary Kevin Long know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It would be expected that the National Councillor would represent the views of Sussex County and report back to Sussex County Meetings through attendance. A County Meeting is scheduled for the 9th June with this item on the Agenda although in the current Covid-19 circumstances it is likely to be a zoom meeting. 

1st May  - TTE - Further Coaching Webinar - 5th May at Noon & latest Newsletter

TTE have arranged a further Coaching Webinar for next Tuesday 5th May at Noon for all Level 1 coaches and above. It is being led by Matt Stanforth a Level 4 Coach and TTE Perfomance Department's Programme Manager, and the focus will be on Player Mental Development. There are 90 slots reserved and there is also a video showing the sign-up process. The latest Newsletter from TTE can be found here if you do not receive them, and this issue includes a message from the TTE Chairman on Coronavirus Update, a Fitness Video by Alan Cooke, TTE Techincal Director, and how Performance Coaches have been helping the young rising stars make the most of training and learning opportunities. There are also other items such as the lockdown challenge from Sam Walker. 

25th April - Active Sussex - Newsletter - April 2020

Please see the latest Active Sussex Newsletter which indicates that the Specsavers School Games in June will be virtual this year. Not sure if Table Tennis will be included at the moment. Also included is online work-out schedules that can be done at home and community funding opportunities from Sport England.

25th April  - TTE - Further Coaching Webinar - 28th April at 2 pm & latest Newsletter

TTE have arranged another Coaching Webinar for next Tuesday 28th April at 2 pm for all Level 1 Coaches and above with Chris Turner on the topic "Developing Skill through a Constraints Led Approach". Again restricted to the first 60 applicants. Please see also latest TTE Newsletter - 240420 - in which there is  a video of Tin Tin Ho playing on her Ukulelel and news of funding opportunities for clubs on coronavirus impact.

18th April  - TTE - Further Coaching Webinar - 21st April at 1 pm

TTE have arranged a further Coaching Webinar for next Tuesay 21st April at 1 pm for all Level 1 Coaches and above with Alan Cooke, TTE Technical Director. The subject is the impact and role a personal coach can play Please note that the Webibar is limited to the first 60 places.

17th April  - TTE - Online Umpire Courses and playing TT at Home

TTE have launched online Umpire and registration for these is available on the following link:

Note that bookings will only be taken until close of play next Tuesday 21st April. This information is also shown in the latest TTE Newsletter - 170420 - which includes as well information on how to learn and play TT at Home!

16th April - Active Sussex - Disability and Inclusion News - April 2020

Please see the latest Active Sussex Newsletter around Disability and Inclusion and in particular news of a forthcoimng Webinar on "Connecting and Collaborating during Covid-19" scheduled for 30th April.

13th April - Active Sussex News - Stay At Home Special

Please see recent Active Sussex News which includes link to information available on their website for staying active at home with tips, sharing of local initiatives and webinars to take part in.

10th April - TT Times 18

The latest issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found:

  • National Championship Qualifiers Report
  • Governance Update
  • National Championships Report
  • Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament Report
  • Events from 1970;
  • Article by Ken/Karenza Mathews on a TT Life 1971;
  • Swaythling Club International Meeting;
  • In Memoriam;
  • Article on going from Ping-Pong to Table Tennis;
  • A Good News Page
  • Article on previous ETTA Treasurers - Part 3;

10th April - TTE News and Coaching Development Webinar

The latest TTE News - 100420 - contains a message from the CEO of TTE, a reminder of the Membership Survey which has been distributed to everyone, a message from Liam Pitchford to the England Primary International Team, and a World TT Day Video on the longest rally - really worth a view and not what you might think. There is also from TTE another free Coaching Webinar scheduled for Tuesday 14th April and this time for L2 Coaches and above.

6th April - TTE Coaching Development - Free Youth Development Webinar - 7th April at 2pm

If interested in participating in this free Coaching Webinar, provided by TTE, then please see information here, and sign-up.

5th April - TTE News - Weekly News

The latest TTE News - 030420 - contains again information regarding applications for emergency funding for Clubs from Sports England (see also news items 2nd April below). It also contains Tributes to Charlie Childs, a Deputy TTE Chairman who passed away recently, TT Kidz Activity Cards, and World TT Day.

2nd April - TTE News - Sports England - Emergency Funding for Clubs

TTE have issued information about Emergency Funding that can be applied for from a Sports England Community Fund for those Clubs who are struggling in the current Covid-19 environment. There is also information and links to seeking Government Advice, FAQ's, Key Advice for Clubs and Ideas to stay Active.

30th March - TTE News including Coronvirus Update & Home Practice

For those who are not on the TTE distribution list, please find latest TTE News including on the Coronavirus.

Bereavements: TTE has announced the passing of Ron Alcock, an England International in the 1940's ad 1950's, and also Charlie Childs who was elected to the TTE Board last summer.

Coaching Webinars: These are free and are for L2 Coaches and above - the first one is 11.00 am on Tuesday 31st March.

Newsletters - 130320, 200320, 270320 - Information on Kim Daybell, a Paralympian and also Junior Doctor on the front line, message from TTE Chairman, marathon effort for Sport Relief and results of the Schools Team Championships (sadly no Sussex Schools).

Coronvirus: In particular in the recent edition on the 27th March there are updates on Coronvirus with reference to specific TTE Page and also Home Practice - Inventive way to practice at home and stay in touch including Brighton City Club and their daily get together at 5 pm using zoom, and different TT Challenges from Coaches.

27th March - National Council 14th March and subsequent Conference Call 18th March

The next National Council Meeting was scheduled for the 14th March in Milton Keynes, but was cancelled due to the Coronvirus concerns. The papers that were scheduled for the meeting can be seen below:

If there are any questions on any of the information in the papers, then please let me know so that I can feedback to TTE. Subsequent to the cancellation of the meeting a Conference Call was held on the evening of the 18th March on the subject of the last two papers i.e. the Ranking, which were presented. It was primarily for the National and International aspect rather than TT Leagues, and there were systems - Relative and Absolute with the latter currently being used. The advantages and disadvantages of both are summarised in the papers and the view of the meeting was for a move to the Relative System for the accommodation of International results, although it was recognised that this would be more onerous in respect of administration. A survey had been running until the 22nd March to collect views.

27th March - National Championships - 28th February to 1st March

These took place, before the shutdown, in Nottingham between Friday 28th February and the 1st March. There was much Sussex interest with 4 players in the last 32 in England - Helsham Weerasinghe, Josh Bennett, Jack Bennett and George Hazell for the Men and Lois Peake, Alice Hazell in the Women's last 32. In the Mens U21 Josh Bennett and George Hazell participated and Jodie Morris in the Women's U21. Sadly none of them won but it was a good Sussex representation. Please see the TTE Newsletters for late February/early March (in case you do not receive them) - 210220, 280220, 060320 - which contains information about the event and I believe the BBC screening is still available on iplayer. Details about the event are on the TTE website on the following link.

The main event winners were Liam Pitchford and Tin-Tin-Ho. Other items on the Newsletters include British League update, Pride of TT Awards and a "Ping Long" for Sports Relief.

17th March - Coronavirus - Suspension of Activities

In the light of recent Government advice and the latest TTE Guidance – see also following link,  which was posted at 11.00 am on the TTE website this morning 17th March:

Effectively all TTE events are cancelled until 30th April – I suspect it may be later. Advice was also for Leagues to suspend matches as well and all Sussex Leagues have i.e. Hastings, Eastbourne, Worthing, Brighton, East Grinstead, South West Sussex, Crawley and Horsham, Haywards Heath Leagues have suspended matches and activities. Planned events such as Sussex Closed are also cancelled.

Have a good rest, keep safe and let’s hope this all clears before the start of next season.

9th March - SE Region Qualifiers - Entry Closure extended to Friday 13th March

Please see the Entry Form for this year's South East Regional Qualifiers being held at Ashford Tennis Club on Saturday 21st March and for which the entry closure has been extended to Friday 13th March. Players must be TTE affiliated. The top two in each category going forward to the Inter-Regional Finals being held on weekend 23rd/24th May.

5th March - Coronavirus - TTE & Sport England Guidance

Please see the latest information and advice to Clubs & Leagues from TTE regarding the Coronavirus. Specifically it advises playing matches as normal but to avoid shaking hands. Perhaps other methods of acknowledgement should be considered like elbow to elbow!! 

3rd March - UK Coaching & Top Edge Coaching Information

Please see the latest Newsletter from UK Coaching on UK Resources, and Developing People Skills, and from Top Edge offering Online and Distance Coaching and details of Plymouth Summer Camp.

3rd March - Active Sussex - February and Disability and Inclusion Newsletters/Update

Please see the latest news from Active Sussex - February Newsletter, Disability and Inclusion for January and February, and Disability Sports Network update.

26th February - TT Kidz - Events running in Sussex

Please see Kidz Information from TTE which list information on where they are currenly being run in Sussex - in Horsham and Rother. If interested it may be possible still to sign up youngsters and the link for booking also gives much information about the content of the Courses and of course a Club or League can sign up for a future event to be hosted and run. 

19th February - TT England - Latest Newsletters

For those who do not receive them please see recent Newsletters from TTE - 170120, 240120, 310120, 070220, 140220. The headlines are:

  • Team GB failed to qualify for the Toyko Olympics
  • Updates on the Mens British League
  • Completion of the WBL and Sussex player Alice Hazell was part of the winning Division Two and Brighton were 2nd in Division 3 with Teresa Bennett the best Individual Average
  • National Championships (28th February to 1st March) -  Good Sussex repreentation with Jack Bennett qualified to join brother Josh Bennett and George Hazell and Helsham Weerasinghe in the Mens
  • National Championship - Women from Sussex in the Finals include Lois Peake, Alice Hazell and in the U21 Jodie Morris
  • National Championships - now sponsored by Mark Bates Limited and increase in prizes
  • Top Referees Conference to be held in the UK in November
  • New GB Sport live streaming service launched and will include some TT events
  • Results of the Jack Petchey Schools Team Finals
  • Video of the Premier Players TT clash - Lovren and Salah
  • Baggaley retaining the World Championship of Ping-Pong at Alexandra Palace
  • GB Team players talks about Mental Health in a podcast
  • Craig Bryant named as coach for the World Team Championships in Korea in March
  • Applications invited from TTE from Premier/Associate Clubs for funding upto £300 for inclusivity projects
  • Survey on rankings

16th January - TT England - Club Registration & Finder

The capability exists to log your Club, along with details of TT sessions, on to the TTE Club Finder. You can find out if your Club is registered, along with others in your vicinity via the following link: 

However, checking it out it is clear that there are only a few clubs within Sussex County showing although there are a lot of Ping places, i.e. where there are TT Tables that can be used e.g. AMEX Stadium. Your Club does not need to be a Premier Club and can be registered or affiliated as an Associate Club. The process is to first register the Club on the TTE Membership database and a guide on how to do this can be found on the following link:

This is a good way to make known your club to people within your vicinity who may wish to join your Club.

14th January - Active Sussex News - January 2020

Please see the latest Active News for January - it indicates the keynote Speaker for the forthcoming Active Sussex Network Event 2020 on the 27th February at the Buxted Park Hotel, Sussex Disability Network Survey and Hastings Workforce Project, and much more including workshops on Safeguarding.

14th January - TTE Newsletter - Performance & Competition News & SE Club and Volunteer Conference

Please see the latest TTE Newsletter - 100120 - from TTE. It contains information about the forthcoming Senior National Championships in which Sussex Player Josh Bennett has already qualified and hi brother Jack Bennett along with George/Alice Hazell are in the Qualifiers. There is also update on the forthcoming SE Regional Club Conference this coming Sunday in Tonbridge where Will Bayley will be giving a talk, and bookings are still be taken - see Flyer.

6th January - TT Times 17

The latest issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found:

  • Report on the Team World Cup in Tokyo;
  • Trial of Table Tennis Review (TTR) System;
  • Update on Events;
  • Article by Ken/Karenza Mathews on a TT Life 1965;
  • Report on recent Home Counties Internationals
  • In Memoriam;
  • What was happening in 1959
  • A Good News Page
  • Article on previous ETTA Treasurers;
  • Future Events

6th January - TTE National Council Meeting - 14th December - Minutes

Further to the news item on the 3rd December, please find the Minutes from the National Council Meeting held on the 14th December. It includes in particular discussion in workshops on the Voting System/Company Membership and the Membership Strategy.

20th December - TTE Newsletters - British League, Pride of TT Awards, Board Christmas Message & England Team for Korea

Please see the recent TTE Newsletter - 131219 - which contains information relating to tickets for the National Championships, the use of VAR in TT, British League news and recent Pride of TT Awards. Also - 201219 - for Board Christmas Message & England for Korea World Championships

18th December - Active Sussex News - December 2019

Please see the latest Newsletter from Active Sussex. It includes details about forthcoming Active Sussex Networking event on the 27th February, the recent Sussex Sport Awards (but sadly no TT people), and links to Funding Awards and Funding that can be bid for in the forthcoming months.

9th December - TTE - South East Club Conference, Tonbridge - 19th January 2020

Please see information relating to a Club Conference being held by TTE at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge. Two representatives from each League are invited and it is an ideal opportunity to see what developments there are that can be utilized for Leagues/Clubs. Here is the draft Agenda.

7th December - Brighton City TTC - Daily Mirror Best Club of the Year Award & their Musical Single

Please see the latest issue of the TTE News - 6th December - in case you are not on the distribution. It contains information about Brighton City Club receiving the Best Club of the Year Award from the Daily Mirror as well as the launch of a musical single and the story behind it. The issue also contains the latest British League news and the tickets for forthcoming National Championships.

7th December - Active Sussex Disability & Inclusion News - December 2019

Please see the December edition of the Disability & Inclusion News from Active Sussex. This issue contains information about MIND engaging in physical activity, the winner of the Disabled Sports Personality of the Year and the launch of an innovative Cricket League.

3rd December - TTE National Council Meeting - 14th December - Papers & Latest News

Further to the news item on the 25th November, please see the Papers for the coming meeting, and please let me know of any thoughts prior to attendance.

Additionally, please see  the latest TTE Newsletter - 291119 - which contains information about Team GB for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Tickets for the World Championhips of Ping-Pong in January, the new Board Directors, the recent updates to TT Leagues and GB Para nomination. 

25th November - TTE National Council Meeting - 14th December - Membership Strategy

Further to the news item on the 8th November, the National Chairman has issued this letter seeking views on membership strategy for TTE and will be discussed at the next Sussex County Meeting. However, if any one has any views then please let me or your Sussex County Representative know your thoughts before the 14th December.

25th November - TTE News - Lois Peake gets Golds

Please see the recent TTE Newsletters, for those who do not receive them, for recent weeks - 151119 and 221119. The 15th November issue highlights the Golds won by Lois Peake in the Individual and Doubles events in the Isle of Man at the Home Counties International Event. There is also news of Don Parker receiving the Commonwealth Sport Order of Merit 2019 and information about the awards for the Year 3 funding from the BeTT Programme and in Sussex Horsham Spinners TTC, Horsham TTC and TT Rother were successful. For the 22nd November issue there is information about the TT Kidz Programme, the nominations for the Pride of TT Awards and the results from the Portugal Cadet/Junior Open.

8th November - TTE National Council Meeting

The next National Cuncil Meeting is to take place in Milton Keynes on the 14th December - see Preliminary Notice - and the papers will be listed as soon as they are available.

8th November - England in Japan - Tees Sport Article & TTE News

Please see article issued by Tees Sports relating to the Team World Cup in Tokyo with information on the seedings and schedule, and the Home Nations Championships this coming weekend being held on the Isle of Man with Senior, Junior and Cadet Teams. The latest TTE News - 081119 - provides the results for the England Team and entries are now being accepted for the Senior Nationals Qualifying. 

7th November - Active Sussex - October & November News (for all Sussex Sports), Sport Awards Tickets & Inclusive Activity Programme

Please see the October Active Sussex Newsletter which contains information relating to the forthcoming presentation of the Sussex Sports Award for 2019 at the Annual Awards Dinner on the 22nd November, for which you can purchase here Tickets. There is a video "Believe in You" and information about the Hastings Academy Satellite Club, and funding information. Also information on a "Inclusive Activity Programme" workshop. The November Issue contains links to the shortlist for the various Awards and also there are links to Safeguarding Courses which are held monthly in a variety of Sussex locations at a cost of £35. 

7th November - TTE News

For those who do not receive the weekly TTE Newsletters the recent ones can be seen here - 041019, 111019, 181019, 251019 and 011119 - and of course you can always join TTE as an Associate Member to receive these if not a player. There is much news about Will Bayley's progress in Strictly Come Dancing and his subsequent withdrawal. There is article (1st November) on how to transition from Social to Competitive TT a Podcast (18th October) from the TTE CEO Sara Sutcliffe, a vidoe on the recent ETTU Coaching Conference and British League Results, and much more.

6th November - TT Times 16

The latest issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. As usual it contains articles on recent events such as the European Vets Tournament in Budapest and the Commonwealth Championships in India where the Federation Chairman Alan Ransome was standing down after 26 


29th September - TTE News - Will Bayley & Jacob Evans

Recent TTE Newsletters over recent weeks can be seen here - 130919, 200919, 270919 - for those who do not received them. There is much news about Will Bayley andd Strictly Come Dancing participation and there is also a report in the latest one on the ever improving Jacob Evans from Sussex who won Band 4 of the Preston Grand Prix and was the "Player of the Tournament". Please see also the Agenda for the forthcoimng ETTU Coaching in London at the end of October.

25th September - Active Sussex - September News (for all Sussex Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex Newsletter which contains information relating to Sports Award Nominations for 2019 (closing 11th October) and their presentation at the Annual Awards Dinner on the 22nd November where Kriss Akabusi MBE is the star host, and with keynote speaker Born Barikor. Also included in the newsletter is information about the Sussex Disability Sport Network Event on the 10th October at the AMEX Stadium - please see Agenda. There are also articles on inspiring and supporting those who live with one or more long-term health conditions and funding opportunities from "Power to Change Community Business Fund". Finally there is reference and link to East Sussex funding news - recent awards and where funding can currently be