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5th October 2023 - Website Renewals


The www.sctta.org.uk (and www.sctta.uk) domains owned by SCTTA, has been recently renewed (£19.58 each), and the domains expire (renew) in 2 years - 31st October 2025. and 28th October 2025 respectively.

Website Hosting

This associated website is hosted by TSOhost.com against the sctta.org.uk domain and there is an annual charge for the hosting package cPanel Economy at a cost of £57.46 with next renewal now due 11th October, 2024.

Website Secure Certificate

The website www.sctta.org.uk is a secure site (shown by HTTPS (as against HTTP) with an associated Certificate recently renewed at a cost of £59.99 with next renewal due 2nd November, 2024.

5th October 2023 - Website Changes

The website has been updated with the latest versions of Joomla (Version 4) and TSO Hostinge PNP (Version 8.0.30) using SussexPCWorks.  Update to PHP version 8.1 will take place when stable (support for version 8.0.30 ends 26th November, 2023)

4th November 2022 - Website Hosting and Migration

Further to the news item on the 31st October, the website now has everything pointing to the website on the new site hosting platform with updated with the latest PNP and certificated and so a secure website. Hopefully, nothing further to do regarding the administration of the website for another year!

15th November 2020 - Sussex County Website Updates

The website has been updated, by sussexpcworks, to Joomla Version 3.9.22 and TSO Hosting PHP Version 7.4.