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26th March, 2024 - Latest TTE News

Nationals Results - Most news has been around the National Championships which were held in Nottingham on the 23rd and 24th March and the Results show that Paul Drinkhall and Tin-Tin Ho won the Men's and Women's Singles and all other National Champions for the various categories are shown. From a Sussex perspective Sally Hughes got to the Round of 16 for both Singles and Doubles and Letitia McMullin to Quarterfinals in both. Letitia McMullins also got to the Quarterfinal with Joshua Bennett in the Mixed Doubles. The weekly magazine for March 22nd contains additionally information about a first ever Women and Girls event in the north of England as well as the search for more Women Ambassadors. The school's competition continues with zonal final in Bristol and from Sussex the only school through is Patcham High School U16 Girls.

Coaching Strategy - The March 15th edition reports that after the scheduled Coaching Courses over the next few months, there will be a pause why a review is undertaken to determine the way forward for Coach Education with a move towards more place based Training being suggested.  The revised strategy is indicated with the statement also that will be available for implementation in April 2025. There is no mention of anything being available before that date. The need to train people for School and Club Coaching sessions are considered as urgent by Sussex County to increase participation and as such discussions may take place to see what can be done by the County in the interim. There is good news in the edition with Sussex pair Will Bayley and Bly Twomey in action at the Singapore WTT Para Event - Will reached the Final and Bly the Semi-Final.

24th March, 2024 - Active Sussex School News (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex News for February full of information, ranging from community learning events you can get involved in, important updates and advice, and interesting reads.

10th March, 2024 - Latest TTE News

Please see latest TTE News - 080324Upfront is the list of "Pride of TT" Local Winners and from Sussex there are congratulation to:

Local Male Volunteer Winners

  • Brett Holt - Haywards Heath League
  • Gary Kenton - Hollingbury Club
  • Kevin Long - Hastings League
  • Jake Taylor - St Michaels Church Club, Lewes

Young Male Volunteer Winners

  • Isacc Burgess - Worthing TTC
  • Alain Shibu - Horsham TTC

There were no Female Volunteers, Contribution to TT or Lifetime Achievement Awards from Sussex.

There is also news on SBL final weekend, International Women's Day the forthcoming Talent Identification Day for Women as well as the search for Women Ambassadors. Articles on the training of Officials, the young Nguyen Family and Will Bayley winning another gold in Class 7 at the ITTF Astana Para Open in Kazakhstan.

10th March, 2024 - Active Sussex Disability News (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex Disability Sports Network Update for March with news and updates on the following topics:

10th March, 2024 - Company Members Meeting 6th March - Notes

With reference to the News Item of the 1st March below, feedback on the 10 Resolutions were given to TTE at the Company Members Meeting on Wednesday the 6th March, in addition to information on TT United Strategy  was given by CEO Adrian Christy. In advance of any formal notes, Tony Catt has produced the following report - Company Members Meeting 6th March - TC Report.

8th March, 2024 - TTE AGM - Timeline

Further to the News Item below on the 1st March regarding the submission and distribution of Resolutions associated with the TTE AGM on the 20th July, please now see the Timeline 

8th March, 2024 - Active Sussex - Schools News March (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex News for March with focus on Schools and containing articles on the following topics:

4th March, 2024 - Latest TTE News

Please see latest TTE News - 230224, and 010324. In the 23rd February edition there is news of the Junior British League winners and the status of Senior British League matches, Highlights of the ITTF Worlds 2024 in Busan, South Africa where the English Team were knocked out by Romania and unsurprisingly China won. There are articles on a club in Halifax providing a welcome for Refugees and 13 new Level 1 Coaches from a course at Cippenham TTC - for forthcoming local Courses please see news items below. On the administration front Leagues need to complete their Annual Returns by the 15th March and there is a Q & A Session with the Board/Leadership Team planned for April 4th. Finally there is a video on the legacy of Birmingham 2022 showing 30 girls aged from 8 to 18 being trained.

The 1st March edition has a focus on Women and Girls with mention of International Women's Day on the 8th March for which there are 2 events of fun and games at different venues in Manchester on the same day, and there is an Online Support Session on the 27th March on how to engage women and girls in the sport, an article on how to become a Women Ambassador, news of forthcoming 1 and 2 Star Women and Girls events, applications invited for an Open National Talent Session on the 25th May for girls between 7 and 11.and also March is Women's History Month. Finally, a video produced by Chloe on participation in a recent Sussex Women's Event is a must view. On the Para front quaifications for the 2024 Paraolympics are taking place, Will Bayley is the ITTF Para Player of the Year, and Gorazd Vecko MBE has received his MBE for work in Para TT.

Both editions have news about the forthcoming National Championships in Nottingham between 22nd 24th March and you can obtain Tickets here.

1st March, 2024 - Sussex County President Laurie Holland

Further to the news item dated the 21st February below, it can be confirmed that the funeral for Rosemary; Laure's wife and known from past County Association events by some Life Members and Vice Presidents, is at the Eastbourne Crematorium on the 20th March at Noon, followed by a thanksgiving at the Seaford Baptist Church at 2 pm followed by refreshments at the Blatchington Golf Course Clubhouse in Seaford at 3.30 pm.

Donations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./donation.

1st March, 2024 - Proposed TTE Resolutions

The following 10 Resolutions were notified to Company Members for feedback along with Notice of a Members Meeting on Wednesday the 6th March.

Resolution 1Resolution 2Resolution 3Resolution 4Resolution 5Resolution 6Resolution 7Resolution 8Resolution 9Resolution 10Member Meeting Agenda

A zoom meeting was held within the County with a few and the notes of that meeting follow circulated to both Company Members and County League Representatives:


Resolutions 1 to 5

No issues were identified for these Resolutions although there was one view that for Resolution 2 the proposed deleted words should remain.

Resolution 6 & 7

It was the view that these Resolutions were not clear with changes not clearly identifiable or crossed out.

Currently, a Member Elected Director is the Deputy Chair, and the proposals seemingly look to replace the Deputy Chair with a Senior Independent Director elected by the Board.  The view was that this would almost certainly exclude a Member Elected Director becoming a Deputy Chair in the future. Effectively it is seen as moving the decision to the Regulations rather than as per the Articles.

Resolution 8

View that further detail required in respect of the definition and the change/removal.

Resolutions 9 & 10

Currently the County National Councillor is also the County Company Member, and the proposal gives the option of the Company Member being someone else to represent the County by election. It was the view that this dilutes the effectiveness of the National Council since currently Company Members do not receive the National Council papers and National Council would have less influence.


A more robust report produced by Tony Catt our National Councillor following further discussions at a National Council Select Committee Meeting at which similar views were expressed - TC Report

Also attached are 2 new Resolutions that have been produced by Tony Catt in relation to an additional Member Elected Director - TC 1, TC 2.

It was noted that a Calendar for AGM Resolutions was not yet available and it is the belief that all the above ar based on the TTE Articles as at 17th February, 2022.

If you have different or additional views then please let Tony Catt know.

21st February, 2024 - Sussex County President Laurie Holland

Laurie Holland the Sussex County President, has just informed me that Rosemary, his wife of 45 years died yesterday. He will be advising on details for the Funeral Service and for Donations in due course.

Our condolences to Laurie.

21st February, 2024 - Active Sussex News (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex News for February with focus on Schools and containing articles on the following topics:

21st February 2024 - National Council - Meeting 27th January - Report

There was a National Council Meeting on Saturday 27th January and our Sussex National Councillor Tony Catt attended and his report follows - NC Report.

All the Papers for the Meeting can be found on the following link.

National Council meeting dates and papers - Table Tennis England

16th February, 2024 - Latest TTE News

Please see latest TTE News - 020224090224 and 160224. All editions report on the WTT Feeder Event in Manchester with much in the 9th February edition and an interview with the CEO on the legacy in the latest edition. The 2nd February news contains an article on a new Ping Hub, CEO report, and the launch in August of a new National Series for the top 12-30 in the U13, U15 and U19 categories for both Boys and Girls with dates set aside on August 24th, October 19th, November 23rd and February 1st. In addition, a new U21 National Cup will be launched. Other items include the search for a Chair to deliver 2026 World Team Championships and a reminder on tickets for the forthcoming National Championships. The 9th February has an article on the list of SHECoaches. In the latest edition on the 16th February there is news on the forthcoming World Team Championships in Busan and an interview with the Head of Performance Gavin Evans, the new Area Home Page and I notice that for the South East there is Sussex representation with Sally Hughes representing Women/Girls, Matt Porter Coaching and Amanda Worne on Accessibility and inclusivity. There are also reports on VBL winners, a defeat in SBL for Brighton.

16th February, 2024 - Active Sussex Disability News (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex Disability Sports Network Update for February with news that the next virtual forum is on the 27th February at 11 am. There are also updates on the following topics:

2nd February, 2024 - Active Sussex School News (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex News for February with focus on Schools and containing articles on the following topics:

30th January, 2024 - Cippenham 1 Star - Sussex Participants

Last weekend on the 28th January the Cippenham 1 Star took place and there was a strong contingent of 7 from Sussex as follows:

Sally Hughes was O21 semi-finalist and both Ava and Evie were U21 consolation semi finalists. 

Holly Holder lost to Sally Hughes in the O21 quarter-final in 5. 

It was the twins and Hasalis first competition outside of Sussex so a big first step in the pathway for their development. 

30th January, 2024 - Active Sussex News (All Sports)

Please see information about the annual Active Sussex Networking Event which is taking place on the 5th March at the AMEX Stadium and Tickets can now be obtained from their website.

29th January, 2024 - Latest TTE News

Please see latest TTE News  - 190124 and 260124. Both have articles on the forthcoming WTT Feeder Event in February and the National Championships in March with links to tickets - see Tickets and Information. The 19th January news includes the squad details for World Team Championships in South Korea in February, and request for volunteers for the English Leagues Committee and a report on the US Para Open. Both include SBL reports and reminders for Pride of TT Nominations which close tonight! The 26th January news includes article on mental health and information about the Competitions Structure - not sure I fully understand the implications of the structure yet.

29th January 2024 - National Council - Meeting 27th January

There was a National Council Meeting last Saturday and the Agenda and associated papers can be found on the following link:

National Council meeting dates and papers - Table Tennis England

Tony Catt as the National Councillor for Sussex attended and there is no report as yet. However, he has provided two reports prior to the meeting dated - 15th January - and a later one dated - 22nd January - reflecting late papers. It should be noted that the views made are his, and he has made some excellent points, but any clarifications should be made directly to Tony.

29th January 2024 - English Leagues Cup Competitions (ELCC)

The ELCC Committee are seeking a Deputy Referee as a committee member – please follow this link here if you are interested:

English Leagues Cup Competitions Deputy Referee and Committee member - Table Tennis England

29th January 2024 - King Alfred Leisure Centre

The replacement of the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove is being considered, either very near the current site or in a new location. Please see a Consultation Document on the 2 options for information. The County has not held many events on the site due mainly on the ability to find any free slots - it is well used. I remember playing Brighton League Matches there in the past. I remember playing Brighton League Matches there in the past and there is always the possibility that it could be used as a central venue in the future. Its progress will be monitored.

16th January 2024 - Table Tennis Times - Issue 33 - Winter Edition

The very latest Winter Edition of the TT Times Issue Number 33 produced by Diane and Harvey Webb. As usual it is packed full of stories and reports and this is a bumper edition for everything that is happening in the Table Tennis World. The topics/contents are as below:

  • Editorial;
  • Home Counties International - 10th to 12th November 2023, Bangor, Wales
  • Preston Grand Prix - 21st to 22nd October
  • National Championships Qualifying Tournament - 6th to 7th January, Nottingham
  • Spotlight on Cippenham TT Club - 50 years 1973 to 2023
  • Junior and Cadet 4 Star Tournaments - Cleveland, Cliffdale Chandlers, Cippenham TTC
  • Ranking and Rating: Time for a change by Graham Frankel
  • Can You Help
  • What was Happening? 60 years Ago - 1963
  • ITTF World Youth Championships - 26th November to 3rd December 2023 - Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • The Good News Page;
  • Governance - TTE, ITTF, Commonwealth TT Federation
  • ITTF World Team Cup 4th to 10th December, Chengdu, China
  • WTT Finals Men - 3rd to 5th January, Doha, Watar
  • Preview - WTT Feeder 1st to 4th February, Manchester
  • In Memoriam
  • Future Dates

16th January, 2024 - Latest TTE News

Please see latest TTE News  - 120124 - which reports on the results of the Qualifying Competition for the National Championships. and congratulations to Sally Hughes on achieving qualification for the main event on the 22nd to 24th March in Nottingham and there is also a link to the Tickets or separately here - National Championship Tickets. There is also news of an Elite Training Centre in Sheffield being chosen after an 18 month search. There is also SBL news and vacancies for 2 non-executive posts on the TTE Board.

16th January, 2024 - Pride of TT Awards - Local Male Volunteer of the Year

On Sunday the 14th of January 2024, Brett Holt was presented (by James T W Pettigrew and Alain Shibu) with the "Local Male Volunteer of the Year" award signed by the TTE CEO Adrian Christy, on the day of his 22nd Tournament as a referee, this season alone.

Players at the event endorsed his award with positive comments on his enthusiasm and love for the sport.

Congratulations to Brett.


16th January, 2024 - Pride of TT Awards - Press Release

The Area Manager, Alan Lane, has sent out a reminder that the countdown is on to make a nomination for this year’s Pride of Table Tennis Awards. The details have been forwarded on to Leagues Representatives for distribution.

To nominate in this year’s Pride of Table Tennis Awards, please visit the link below:

Nominations close on Monday, 22nd January 2024 at 11:59pm

Please see associated Press Release and some of the previous winners below:


16th January, 2024 - Active Sussex News (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex News for January containing articles on the following topics:

8th January, 2024 - National Championship Tickets

Further to the news item below for the 5th January, the Tickets for the National Championships on the 22nd to 24th March in Nottingham, are now on sale - see Flyer.

8th January, 2024 - National Council (NC)

The last National County meeting took place on the 21st October and the next is planned for the 27th January and the papers for the meeting can be found on the following link. 

An election for a new Chair of the NC took place in early December and Neil Hurford was elected. Please see information about the NC Chair produced by our Sussex NC representative Tony Catt.

An election for a new Chair of the NC took place in early December and Neil Hurford was elected. Please see information about the NC Chair produced by our Sussex NC representative Tony Catt

8th January, 2024 - Active Sussex News (All Sports)

Please see the latest Active Sussex News for December containing articles on the following topics:

Please see also the Active Sussex Schools News for January containing articles on the following topics:

5th January, 2024 - Latest TTE News 

Please see recent weekly TTE Newsletters for those who do not receive them - 8th December, 15th December, 22nd December and 5th January. Themes include the Senior National Qualifiers this weekend 6th/7th January in Nottingham. Representing Sussex are Jack Bennett and Sally Hughes looking to join the 16 already selected which include Josh Bennett and Letita McMullin from Sussex. Other main themes include Tickets for sale for the WTT Feeder Event on the 1st to 4th February in Manchester for which Volunteers are being assembled (including for the Nationals 22nd to 24th March), and Nominations are invited for "Pride of TT" awards. There is also in the latest edition an interview with Liam Pitchford, a round-up of the SBL (also on TTE TV) and review of the 2023 highlights. There are also opportunities to join TTE, an update from the CEO (8th December), and for the Members Advisory Group (MAG) that it has quietly ceased to exist.

Happy Festive period and New Year to all

 Whatever you celibrate at this time of year!



2nd January 2024 - WTT Feeder Event 1st to 4th February

Please see Poster and below for the forthcoming WTT Feeder Event taking place in Manchester from the 1st to the 4th February. If you Club is considering sending groups greater than 10, then blocks of seats can be reserved and so please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in advance.


2nd January 2024 - Pride of Table Tennis Awards - Nominations

The Pride of Table Tennis Awards are now open! Please see the link and look to celebrate the unsung heroes of our sport:

2nd January 2024 - TTE Activator Course - 2nd March

Please see Flyer below for an Activator Course which invites those who are perhaps thinking of taking up Coaching and seen as ideal for Sports Leaders and Teachers.


1st December, 2023 - Latest TTE News 

Please see recent weekly TTE Newsletters for those who do not receive them - 17th November, 24th November and 1st December. Themes include nominations for Pride of TT Awards, Tickets for the WTT Feeder Event in Manchester in February, and upcoming British League Matches. More specifically for Sussex, there is an article on Tim Holtam from Brighton City TTC with a £5K National Lottery Award, a visit to Worthing TTC Club by the new TTE Chairman to present some awards, and on the competition front congratulations to Bly Twomey on winning Gold at the French Para Open and a report on the latest Women and Girls 1 Star event hosted in Sussex. 

Other articles include news of changes to the Calendar next season with modifications to junior events with 4 extra national dates for U13, U15 and U19, a new U21 Cup and a Junior League all in addition to the Nationals.  There are also articles around the success of the Home Nations Event with England winning 6 Team Medals and a host of singles and Doubles Golds, World Diabetes Day, Mental Health, a list of 10 SHECoaches, nutrition for the young and the output of a Q and A session by the Board.

16th November, 2023 - Doreen Nightingale 

Doren Nightingale passed away on the 31st October in Eastbourne aged 87. She was a Sussex County Life Member for her Services to Eastbourne League and the County and was the Representative for Eastbourne, and she was also heavily involved with the ETTA now TTE.

Please see the obituary for Doreen Nightingale which Diane Webb has written for the TTE website.

16th November, 2023 - Active Sussex News - November

Please see the latest Active Sussex News for November containing articles on the following topics:

13th November, 2023 - Latest TTE News 

In the latest edition - 10th November -  includes articles on British League, following the England Team at the World Schools "Gymnaslade" in Rio, National Championships with Para Jack Hunter-Spirey, separate Women/Girls sessions at a club in Newcastle WTT Events and a request for Officials at Events.

7th November, 2023 - Level 2 Referee

Calling all Level 1 Referee's. If you are interested in holding the next Level 2 (National) Referee) there will be an exam in Manchester on Saturday 3rd February 2024. 

If you would like to take this exam, please could you let Chris Newton know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the end of November. There may not be another exam for a while so please take this opportunity if you can.

We don’t have an exact time for this yet for the exam but its likely to be lunchtime to allow you time to travel over to the venue. The exam will take place during Saturday session at the WTT event England is hosting so you could combine your exam with a day of watching high quality table tennis.

5th November, 2023 - Latest TTE News 

For those that are not on the distribution List from TTE, please see recent newsletters - "Over the Net" for weeks ending, 20th October27th October and 3rd November.  Key news items include a message form Nick Donald, the TTE Chairman, a bulletin from the CEO Adrian Christy (3rd November) and the appointment of Sally Hughes to the European Committee on gender equality (27th October). There are regular reports on British League, and recent events and specific articles on "Managing the menopause with TT", and TT with Parkinson's and invites for questions for Board and Senior Leadership for the 15th November.

21st October, 2023 - National Council Meeting 21st October - Brief

Further to the news item on the 18th October below and the brief, prepared by Tony Catt, for the first of the TTE National Council Meeting of the season, please find a further Finance Briefing again prepared by Tony Catt on the very recent Finance Report made available by TTE. All the papers for the meeting can be found on the following link: 

18th October - European TT Union Equality Committee - Sally Hughes

Sally Hughes is very excited to have heard that her application to join the European Table Tennis Union Gender Equality Committee has been successful, and will be in the next TTE Newsletter. She was recently nominated by TTE and the board following her domestic work to provide safe and accessible opportunities for women and girls to play table tennis and she hopes to now to learn from Europe and their extensive experience. 

Congratulations to sally and we wish her all the luck in the european TT world.

18th October - Table Tennis Times - Issue 32 -Autumn  2023 Edition

The very latest Summer Edition of the TT Times Issue Number 32 produced by Diane and Harvey Webb. As usual it is packed full of stories and reports and this is a bumper edition for everything that is happening in the Table Tennis World. The topics/contents are as below:

  • Editorial;
  • European Youth Championships, 14th to 23rd July, Gliwice, Poland;
  • Wolverhampton Grand Prix, 15th to 16th July;
  • Crawley Grand Prix, 16th to 17th September;
  • Euro Mini Championships 25th to 27th August, Schiltigheim, France (Ryan Goodier & Bly Twomey);
  • Can You Help Michael Loveder - Crowdfunding Request;
  • TT Artwork;
  • Spotlight on Ian Harrison, England International;
  • International School Sport Federation (ISF) World Schools Gymnasiade, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19th to 27th August (<15 & 18 Sports);
  • Euro Para Championships 4th to 9th September, Sheffield (Will Bayley Class 7 Gold & Bly Twomey Class 7 Bronze);
  • ITTF AGM & Summit, Bangkok, Thailand, 22nd to 24th August (England awarded Centenary World Championships);
  • What Was Happening 20 Years Ago - 2003;
  • European Championship Finals, 10th to 17th September, Malmo, Sweden;
  • Europe Youth Top 10, 29th September to 1st October, Bucharest, Romania;
  • The Good News Page;
  • WTT Youth Contender, Tunis, Tunisia, 9th to 12th August;
  • WTT Youth Contender, Otocec, Slovenia, 28th August to 3rd September;
  • WTT Youth Contender, Podgorica, Montenegro, 4th to 7th October;
  • WTT Senior Feeder, Havirov, Czechia, 27th to 30th July;
  • WTT Senior Contender, Lima, Peru, 31st July to 6th August;
  • WTT Senior Contender, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 7th to 13th August;
  • WTT Senior Feeder, Olomouc, Czechia, 22nd to 27th August;
  • WTT Senior Star Contender, Lanzhou, China, 2nd to 8th October;
  • WTT Senior Feeder, Stockholm, Sweden, 2nd to 7th October;
  • WTT Senior Contender, Muscat, Oman, 8th to 14th October;
  • Blackpool Junior 4 *, 23rd to 24th September;
  • TTE Governance;
  • In Memoriam
  • Future Dates

18th October, 2023 - National Council Meeting 21st October - Brief

The first of the TTE National Council Meetings is taking place this coming Saturday 21st October. Tony Catt is the Sussex County National Council Representative for Sussex but cannot attend, and Kevin Long as Deputy National Councillor will be attending. Tony has reviewed the papers and prepared a Briefing for Kevin.

18th October, 2023 - Latest TTE News 

For those that are not on the distribution List from TTE, the latest news - "Over the Net" 13th October - contains reports on recent Tournaments, Veteran British League, TTE CEO being awarded Racket Sports CEO of the Year, Ticketing, Mental Health and Volunteering for the local Area organizing groups:

8th October, 2023 - Latest TTE News

For those that are not on the distribution List from TTE, the latest news - "Over the Net" 6th October - contains following items:

  • Reports on recent Senior British League (SBL) Matches;
  • News that the new Tournament Structure has been agreed. It shows that the League Cups and County Championships have been retained and for Local and Zonal Opens to be included - you can have a chance to both learn more by registering/attending 2 Forums that have been scheduled - on Tuesday October 17th and Monday October 23rd both at 6pm.
  • If you are good at virtual TT - then there is a chance to enter a Challenge;
  • Reports on recent Home Counties Veterans TT played in Dublin - Sussex players involved were Rory Scott representing Ireland and part of the Team that won the O40's, and Ritchie Venner for the O50's.
  • Invitations requested for SHEcoaches initiative;
  • Reports on recent WTT Contender and Feeder Events;
  • News of Bly Twomey at the recent Finland Para Open winning Silver in Class 7 Singles - see link:  - she is now ranked number 9 in the world! She also won a Bronze Doubles Medal in Class 20RR. Congratulations to Bly.

There are also regular Club and League Updates distributed by TTE. The most recent on the 5th October contained informationon:

  • There is considerasble promotion for Clubs to take up TT Kidz as a way of growing a junior section and participation for 7 to 11 year olds - there is a link to register interest;
  • Information on Fundraising, Umpire and Coaching Courses;
  • News that the Jack Petchey Programmes has obtained funding for 2023/2024 for London and Essex;
  • Newscastle Women and Girls has taken off!
  • Entries invidted for the National Championships Qualifying - closing date 13th December and 28 play

5th July, 2023 - Member Elected Director - Congratulations to Sally Hughes

Please see Letter from TTE confirming that Sally Hughes has been elected as a Member Elected Director for the next 4 years. Huge congratulations to Sally and along with Ritchie Venner and Ray James who have Sussex roots, the County is well represented on the TTE Board. No doubt Sally will continue to champion Women & Girls amongst other things.

5th July, 2023 - Latest Active Sussex Education News (All Sports)

Please see the Active Sussex eNews for June, details of the Booking for the National Conference at the AMEX Stadium on Tuesday 19th September, and the latest Disabilioty News for June in particular for an Open Day at the K2, Crawley on Sunday 16th July.

18th June, 2023 - Latest Active Sussex Education News (All Sports)

Please see the Active Sussex Education News for June which contains information on the following topics below, and news of the date of the Active Sussex Conference 2023 (19th September);

17th June 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters (month of June) for those who are not on the mailing list - 020623 (2nd June), 090623 (9th June), and 160623 (6th June) along with a Club and Leagues Update 070623 (7th June). 

Themes included:

Board Membership - For the 2 vacancies for the Board, the Appointed Director should have been completed by the 13th June but as yet has not been announced. There are 3 candidates for the Member Elected Vacancy and voting is now taking place by Company Members of which there is one for each League, plus the County National Councillor. The 3 candidates are Juliet Bertie, Chris Price, and Sally Hughes and the latter of course was nominated by 2 Leagues in Sussex - Worthing and Haywards Heath. There are links to the Election Statements and videos of all 3 in the 2nd June Edition. The closing date for Company Members is the 27th June.

U11 & U13 Nationals - Held last weekend 10th/11th June and there is a link to the results in the 16th June issue.

Performance - Announcements were made for all the England Squads and Ryan Goodier from Sussex is included in the Futures Squad and also for the European Youth Championships in Poland in July as well as the GB Squad for the European Games taking place late June. (Issue 2nd June). There is a report on the Futures Squad participating in a Youth Open in France and Bly Twomey winning her first medal at a Para Open event in Poland (2nd June). 

Competitions - There is a report on the London Grand Prix (2nd June), BATTS winning the inaugural SBL Cup and the results of the ELCC Finals (9th June)., and the forthcoming National Junior Cup and a mention of the Women and Girls event being held in Sussex on the 1st July. 

Other - Article by Sandra Deaton on Leadership Mentoring (2nd June), TTE Membership remaining the same for next season and outdoor or Ping TT (9th June) and funding for Parkinson players and registrations for TTE AGM (16th June).

The Club and Leagues Update additional has items on a variety of subjects including TT United pledges, a reference to UK Coaching Week and a request for donations for a family tragedy.

31st May, 2023 - National Veteran Event 13th/14th - Sussex Players

Players from Sussex excelled themselves and did the County proud at the recent National Veterans Event (13th/14th May) mentioned – Christine Wick was runner-up in the O60’s Women Singles, Carol Eckersley was the winner of the over-70’s Women Singles and Nigel Eckersley winner of the O70’s Mens Singles, and Johnny Clarke O70’s Doubles winner with Barrie Gilbert and Johnny was also the O75 Mens Singles Winner. The full results can be found on the VETTS Website: Well done to them all.

31st May, 2023 - National Council Meeting 22nd April

Tony Catt attended this hybrid meeting (which was both physical and zoom) on behalf of the County - please see his brief Notes and the draft Minutes from TTE.

All the papers from the 22nd April and for the next meeting on the 3rd June can be found on the following link:

National Council meeting dates and papers - Table Tennis England

NOTE: The TTE AGM is on the 8th July and there are no resolutions being forward at the AGM this year.

31st May, 2023 - TTE - Club Audits

Alan Lane the Area Manager recently sent an email to designated leagues to request clubs and teams linked to the league to complete the club survey on the link below:

The information will be vital for the shaping of support for leagues and clubs in the future and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Note that Table Tennis England has installed an Area Manager network that is designed to support the sport on a more local basis.  Alan Lane is trying to visit as many leagues and clubs as possible and if you would like to arrange a time to meet and discuss your local situation, please reach out on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

31st May, 2023 - Latest Active Sussex Education News (All Sports)

Please see the Active Sussex Education News for May which contains information on the following topics below, and news of a forthcoming CPD Day on the 13th October:

Please see also The Disability Network Update for May which contains information on the following:

Finally the regular eNews for May:

31st May 2023 - TTE Elected Director Nominations

Further to the News Item below (27th May), the request nominations are now closed and the following news items from were distributed to Company Members and therefore all Leagues will have had an opportunity to nominate someone they believe can make a difference. The newsletters detail the schedule and hopefully we will soon be able to see those that have been nominated and put themselves forward. Please see TTE information for 11th May, 22nd May and 23rd May. If there are more than one Nomination then the County will arrange a zoom members with Company Members to discuss the preferred candidate from a Sussex County viewpoint and it is hoped that Leagues Company Members will discuss with their League Committee.

27th May 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters (month of May) for those who are not on the mailing list - 050523 (5th May), 120523 (12th May), 190523 (19th May) and 260523 (26th May) along with a Club and Leagues Update 030523 (3rd May). 

Board Membership - Two places to be filled and nominations have been open for some weeks for candidates to be elected by Members (closing 28th May) and by Appointment (closing 13th June). The County Representatives will have a chance to review those that have put their name forward for the Elected position. The appointment of a new Chair of TTE is also taking place and is due to complete by the end of May (26th May)

Performance - John Murphy has joined TTE from Australia to coach the National England Junior and Senior Squads (26th May). There were 12 players participating in the Youth Contender Event in Spain (12th May).

Competitions - The Inter-Regional Team and Individual Events recently took place and unfortunately the South-East came 9th out of the 10 Regions overall. It shows that there is much work to produce talent from with Sussex County post covid (26th May). There are reports on the recent National Cadet Cup and those players selected for the National Junior Cup in June (12th & 26th May). Also there was success for Will Bayley with gold in the Class 7 (12th May) and there were other Doubles Bronze Medals for English Players in the Para Open in Slovenia (19th May). The results for the National Cadet and Junior Championships can be found in a report in the 5th May Edition.

British League - Reports on Senior Premier conclusion with the title going to Ormeau (12th & 26th May).

Team England - A prior high-level Training Camp in Nottingham took place for the 5 players participating in the World Championships but there were no medals with the last two Team England players Pitchford and Drinkwell both being knocked out in the quarter-finals (26th May). The Women's Team qualified for the European Championships in Sweden later this year after beating the Netherlands (12th May). 

Other - TTE have supported the recent UKAD (Anti-Doping) Clean Week and there are links to further information (26th May). The TTE CEO provides an update and news that TTE Neil Rogers has graduated from the UK Event Leaders Programme enhancing readiness to host major events in the UK and also information around the recent Mental Awareness Week (19th May). Zak Abel used to be on the TT circuit with Liam Pitchford and he recently performed at the Coronation Concert  - there is a link to TT.TV on the reunion (12th May). Recruitment has been taking place for Chairs for the Regional Committee's and the Year 1 Implementation Plan for TT United has been signed off (12th May). The 5th May edition has a video on the importance of Schools TT and news of the launch of a new TT Dictionary!

The Clubs and Leagues Update has additionally a video of Will Bayley inspiring some youngsters over Easter, an article on the Big Help Out on the 8th May, Mums finding friendship through TT in Peterborough and the output of a survey by Sports England showing that more people are playing TT. There is also links to fundraising opportunities and a reminder that only approved TT Balls should be used.

28th April, 2023 - Funding Information

The South East Area Manager has reminded us that if clubs need some more information regarding funding opportunities, they can use this link which has details of all TTE funding support at present.

28th April, 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters for those who are not on the mailing list - 210423 (21st April) and 280423 (28th April)

The 21st April issue has a video of the Liam Pitchford v Ma Long match in the WTT Event held in Macao, information that there has been an increase in TT participation according to a Sport England report, and news that Gorazd Vecko the British Para Performance Director, has received an Honorary MBE for his services to Para TT. There is a link to a recent Survey regarding the World Championships if they were played in England - 190423, and the 23rd April was World TT Day on which we of course held the Sussex Closed Event rather conveniently! News also on the forthcoming European Qualification Match against Croatia for the Women’s Team and reports from recent WTT Youth Contender Events finishing with the draw for the Schools Finals.

The 28th April edition contains information on articles viewed on TTE.TV, the draws for the Nationals for the coming weekend for Cadet, U17 and Junior, report on Liam Pitchford at the WTT Contender Event in Bangkok where he reached the Q/F, Governance information and news of the Para European Championships being held in Sheffield between the 4th and 9th September and results from the recent British Para National Championships and from the Schools Finals and the Team selected to represent England in Rio in August. Finally, reports on Senior British League and Women in Peterborough finding friendship through TT.

27th April, 2023 - Latest Active Sussex News

Please see the Active Sussex News for April which contains information on the following topics:

27th April - Sports England News (All Sports)

Please see Sport England News dated - 200423 - which reports that Adult activity is back to pre-Covid levels and issue 260423 has news of a Environmental Sustainability Consultation which is now underway with a survey requesting views. There is other sport information and various blogs.

14th April, 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters for those who are not on the mailing list - 070423 (7th April) and 140423 (14th April) and a recent Club and Leagues Update - 050423

There is news (7th April) of the new TTE structure with 5 Committees now in place to deliver TT United, that Tom Jarvis is now the England Number 2 and also in the World top 100 for the first time and that besides Jarvis, Pitchford, Drinkwell and Walker along with Wales Charlotte Gray have qualified for the World Championships in Durban on the 20th to 22nd May with Tin Tin Ho also in mixed doubles with Pitchford. This issue also has a request for volunteers for the Area Local Organising Groups, a CEO Update, and reports on the English Primary Schools results - England won Team and Girls Singles medals, and the Jack Petchey Individual Schools results. There is British League update and an article on Chris Ryan's change from Para Rugby to Para TT. The current issue (14th April) has a video of Will Bayley attending an event in Wiltshire, news on Ping Pong Parlours, and article on the 90th Birthday of former World Champion (twice for England) of Diane Scholer (Rowe), and also articles on volunteers and performance and a bit of history with Alan Hyde's past diplomacy with China. The Club & Leagues Update includes additionally articles on the use of TT Leagues for NCL and NJL this season, a fundraising webpage, and the latest on Sport England funding grants from £300 to £15K

12th April - Table Tennis Times - Issue 30

The very latest Spring Edition of the TT Times Issue Number 30 produced by Diane and Harvey Webb. As usual it is packed full of stories and reports for everything that is happening in the Table Tennis World and in this issue can be found:

  • Editorial;
  • National Championships Qualifying Tournament, 7th - 8th January, Nottingham;
  • Criteria for the Nationals
  • Can You Help? Commonwealth TT Federation - request for information;
  • National Championships, 24th - 26th March, Nottingham;
  • World Veteran Championships, Muscat, Oman, 15th - 21st January;
  • Impressions of Oman: By Diccon Gray;
  • Ken and Karenza Matthews Story: The Final Episode;
  • TTE Governance;
  • Europe Top 16 Cup, 25th - 26th February, Montreux, Switzerland;
  • Spotlight on Former England International David Creamer;
  • Commonwealth TT Federation;
  • European Championship Qualifiers, 26th January (Serbia), 27th & 29th January (France);
  • Fairy Tale at the Palace by Neil Brierley;
  • World Championships, 22nd - 28th May, 2023, Durban, South Africa;
  • ITTF News;
  • TT News;
  • World TT Senior Events:
    • WTT Contender, Durban, South Africa, 10th - 15th January;
    • WTT Contender, Doha, Qatar, 15th - 21st January;
    • WTT Feeder, Amman, Jordan, 1st - 4th February;
    • WTT Contender, Amman, Jordan, 6th - 12th February;
    • WTT Feeder, Dusseldorf, Germany, 14th - 17th February;
    • WTT Feeder, Dusseldorf, Germany, 21st - 24th February;
    • WTT Star Contender, Goa, India, 27th February to 5th March;
    • WTT Singapore Smash: 7th - 19th March;
    • WTT Feeder, Antalya, Turkey, 27th March - 1st April;
  • Chris Beckley and A Picture of Health;
  • Leo Socher Grethe: Sports Photographer;
  • A Late Return - TT a la Carte by William Rees - Book Review;
  • European Games, Hutnika Arena, Krakow-Malopolska, Poland, 23rd June - 2nd July;
  • Non-Playing Captain of England Juniors from 1962 to 1969 by Laurie Landry;
  • WTT Youth Events:
    • WTT Youth Contender, Linz, Austria, 11th - 14th January;
    • WTT Youth Star Contender, Tunis;
  • Swaythling Club International: English Branch Meeting;
  • Birthday Greeting;
  • What was Happening 50 Years Ago? 1973;
  • The Good News Page;
  • In Memoriam
  • Future Dates;

12th April - Sports England News (All Sports)

Please see latest Sport England News - 310323 - with news that NHS Talking Therapies Study Results (see link to report) show that physical activities help  improve mental health outcomes,  and there is also an independent  report on the handling of complaints at Swim England following reports of abuse and bullying. For unpaid carers there is a campaign to register during April to become physically active, and the applications for small grants for communities to become more active through sport is closing on the 30th June. The new Emergency Alert service if going live and there is a planned test on Sunday 23rd April - so you may receive a test message on your mobile! Finally, there are links to various blogs.

12th April, 2023 - Active Sussex Sports Disability Network Update (All Sports)

Please see the latest newsletter - 060423 - which reports on recent Virtual Forums, and one can catch up on recent forums, and there is Adult Safeguarding planned for 6th June. There is also a request for information on local champions - people in local sport or physical activity who see things differently, and there is a profile on a partner Forestry England and in particular Bedgebury where tree species are conserved along with news of the Active Forests programme.

11th April, 2023 - Marathon Sponsorship Request

Andy Cooper, who plays in the Worthing League (although not playing this season), is running in the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April and is raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. If you feel inclined to sponsor him for an amount for this cause then please use the following link:

31st March, 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters for those who are not on the mailing list - 240323 (24th March) and 310323 (31st March) with the latter the news and photo of the Pride of TT National Awards for the Sussex trio of Teresa Bennett (Coach of the Year), Amanda Worne (Inspirational Story of the Year) and Worthing TTC (Club of the Year) - see also news item below dated 29th March. The results of the Mark Bates Limited National Championships is also a main focus with links to a complete rewind if you feel so inclined as well as other news on the subject. The latest issue includes an article on the Primary Schools Internationals this coming weekend and I notice that Teresa Bennett is coach for the England Girls A Team, and there is also a photo of the very first England Team which was a 100 years ago - can't say I remember any of them! Please see below pictures taken by Diane Webb.


Pictures taken by Diane Webb at the Nationals


29th March, 2023 - TTE National Awards

Well Sussex is certainly on the map. Not only are we the Senior County Championship winners (again) and further to the Local and Regional Awards mentioned below (13th February and 23rd March respectively) we also have amongst us the "National TTE Club of the Year" which is Worthing TTC, and TTE National "Coach of the Year" which is Teresa Bennett at Brighton TTC. Additionally, Amanda Newton Worne also won the most "Inspirational Story" for how she overcome adversity and Sally Hughes for her work on diversity and inclusion and in particular in getting the Women only events underway. Both Amanda and Sally are both associated with Worthing TTC and the County - Sally is Vice Chairman and Amanda is in place to front any Access (Wheelchair) issues.


 29th March, 2023 - Latest Active Sussex News

Please see the Active Sussex News for March which contains information:

Additionally, the latest Education News has articles on the following topics

Finally, please see also the latest Disability Sports Network News.

29th March - Sports England News (All Sports)

Please see latest Sport England News - 020323 - which contains articles on the launch of the "This Girl Can With You", Race Inequality, 2023 sports conferences and various blogs and issue - 170323 - with news of funding for Leisure Centres with Pools and also for the School Games Organisers (SGO's) for another 2 years. There are also articles on how to stay active as one gets older and an invitation to participate on Monday 8th May (Coronation Weekend) as part of the "Big Help Out" and there is more information on an "Opportunity Finder".

23rd March, 2023 - TTE Regional/Area Awards

Alan Lane the recently appointed South East Area Manager (see news item 30th December), and building on the Local Awards (see news item 13th February), was busy over the weekend of the 4th/5th March when he presented a number of Regional/Area Awards. They were for Teresa Bennett for the "Coach of the Year", Worthing TTC for the "Club of the Year" and Brett Holt was surprised at the Triangle whilst administering a Cadet/Junior Event for a "Contribution to TT Award"


17th March, 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters for those who are not on the mailing list - 030323 (1st March), 100323 (10th March, and 170323 (17th March). One of the main themes is of course the Nationals in respect of the draw, the para players included and information relating to Tickets. There is also focus on Women and Girls with a report on the 1 star at Cippenham TTC, links to support for Women and Girls in the sport building on the "This Girl Can" campaign along with International Women's Day. The SBL final matches is mentioned with updates including the play-offs. On performance, there are reports on Liam Pitchford and his bronze in the Europe Top 10, the England players in Singapore and the English youngsters in Sweden. Other information includes articles on Ping in the Community, a Club's 12-hour marathon to help a Hospice, a partnership between TTE and the Stroke Association to raise awareness. what the new Area Managers have been up to and a reminder that Leagues need to complete their Annual Returns to ensure that they have voting rights.

 There was also a Club and Leagues Update - 010323 - which had focus and information on how clubs can carry out fundraising with links to previous Webinars on the subject, and also links to Sport England and TTE for the small grants programme and/or subsidies. 

8th March, 2023 - Latest Active Sussex News

Please see the latest Active Sussex Education News for March with news items in particular on a mini London Marathon for young people from 17th April to 12th May and there is also the Daily Mile which schools can sign up to. There is mention of an invitation for females keen on Table Tennis in Schools to take up a TTE Bursary of 50% towards the cost of a Level 1 Coaching Course, and there is much more news. Please also see the latest Sussex Disability Sports Network Update - 010323 - which highlights a forum on Wednesday 29th March at 11.00 am on the development of the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan with a number of feedback sessions via zoom indicated.

24th February, 2023 - Active Sussex eNews February

Please see the latest Active Sussex eNews for February which contains information about Job Opportunities with Active Sussex, Project 500 (Women's Coaching) Webinar on the 23rd March at 10am, Stronger Than Life Report (Strength and Balance for over 65), benefits of Apprenticeship Schemes, Active 60 Workshop 4th May from 4 to 5 pm, and much more. 

24th February, 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters for those who are not on the mailing list - 170223 (17th February) and 240223 (24th February). From the 17th February news of the future King and Queen visiting a Bat and Chat session in Cornwall, Gavin Evans selected as Head of Performance, an article on the return of Liam Pitchford (from arm injury), British League News (vets, seniors and juniors), Isle of Wight County and their 100 year celebration, advertisement for election scrutineers and TTE Vice President Gorazd Vecko honoured by his home country Slovenia as a Friend of Para Sport. The 24th February edition has news of doubling of prize money for the Nationals along with information on the purchase of Tickets, a report on Paul Drinkhall playing in a WTT event in Dusseldorf, and applications for TTE Chair are now open with Sandra Deaton's second term of office coming to an end. There is also the usual British League Report, news of lighting upgrade at Draycott & Eaton TTC and a video of Liam Pitchford and Sam Walker drawing pictures.

22nd February, 2023 - TTE Coaching Update

Please see the latest Coaching Update News from TTE which contains information about a new Facebook Group with opportunity to join and share ideas, reminder of a free safeguarding online course available, a blog by Kate Hughes on how they practise in Sweden, upcoming Coaching Courses available, and relaunch of the UK Coaching Club with 3 levels of membership - basic, premium and platinum. News also that Wheelpower have teamed up with TTE to increase the number and confidence of coaches with a physical disability and pictured is Amanda Worne from Worthing. Also, picture is Sussex's County's Lois Peake with a video explaining the 2-Bounce Serve.

22nd February, 2023 - Latest Active Sussex News

Please see the latest Active Sussex Education News for February with news items on Teaching Outdoor Adventurous Activities, L4 PE Qualification, Safer Sports Events (Safeguarding e-learning), Movement Matters (SEND Schools/Pupils, iMoves (Children's Mental Health, Active 60 Workshop 4th May, Observing PE lessons Course, Sports England small grants, and much more.

Further to the news item on the 11th January below, the Active Sussex Network 2023 is taking on the 7th March at the AMEX Stadium from 10am to 2 pm, where the strategy for the next 5 years will be announced along with discussion from various Sussex based organisation on the implementation for Year 1. Please find the Booking Form.

Sussex Disability Sport Network Update - Includes funding opportunities and support for organisations looking to work with disabled people to deliver physical activities for disabled people. There are also employment and training opportunities.

13th February, 2023 - Latest TTE News

Recent newsletters for those who are not on the mailing list - 030223 (3rd February) and 100223 (10th February) along with a Club and Leagues update - 010223 (1st February)

The Club and Leagues Update contains the formal announcement for the Area Network Managers with Alan Lane named as the South East Area Representative. Also announced is funding for TT sessions for people living with Parkinson's, a request for Volunteers for the Nationals from the 24th to 26th March and the roles required with their description are specified, and of course tickets are for sale for viewing them! There is also a review of the European Championship Matches held at the K2 and the regular issue on the 3rd February has much more. There are also articles on Tin-Tin Ho progress to semi-finals in Jordan, the latest on British Premier League with good wins for Will Bayley.

A Webinar has been scheduled for the 15th February at 3 pm for TTE Members to raise questions with TTE Board Members and there is no need to register - just click on the link in the news item.

Colin Clemett steps down from the Rules Committee aged 94!! Plenty of time for me yet!

The main additional items include an update from the CEO Adrian Christy and the announcement of the local list of "Volunteers of the Year" and from Sussex the following local awards have been made:

  • Teresa Bennett - Female Club Volunteer of the Year (Brighton TTC);
  • Brett Holt - Male Club Volunteer of the Year (Crawley Community TTC);
  • Richard Sinclair - Male Club Volunteer of the Year (Worthing TTC);

 Please see photo's below from their local presentations as copied for TTE News:


 Brett Holt (Crawley Community TTC)                                   Richard Sinclair (Worthing TTC)                                         Teresa Bennett (Brighton TTC)

31st January, 2023 - Latest TTE Information

Please see the latest TTE Newsletters for 20th January and 27th January

England National Men's Team 26th and 27th January - The main news was the England International Matches at the K2 against Serbia and France and although sadly the result against France was not a win and then someone mentioned to me that it was the French reserve players!! It was a good experience however to see the matches live and there were many players and youngsters from Sussex there to watch. Please see Newsletter 300123 for Reports on the International Event as well as requests to log your experience. 

There is also news on British League, fundraising to save Colebridge TTC and some results from the World Vets Championship in Muscat, Oman.

Technical Officers - There is an Officials Update which is inviting people to become an Official with courses on offer and in particular news of a free Safeguarding Course which can be found on the following link:

There is also an update from the TTE CEO and news of Safegurading commitments

31st January 2023 - National Council 18th January - Notes

Please see Notes 180123 of the National Council Meeting held on the 18th March and produced by Tony Catt the Sussex National Councillor. It seems that most of the time was taken up with discussion on the Competition Review! 

31st January - Sports England News (All Sports)

Please see latest Sport England News - 300123 - with news that small grants are available for any facilities that were damaged by flood water, a report on the development of digital skills and new resources for musculoskeletal patients.

31st January, 2023 - Active Sussex Sports Disability Network Update (All Sports)

Please see the latest newsletter - 260123 - which indicates that the Disability and Inclusion Newsletter is merging with the monthly eNews along with request for input to a consultation on Physical Literacy being run by Sport England.

20th January - Sports England News (All Sports)

Please see latest Sport England News for January which includes, following review, 19 new commitments for strengthening safe guarding spanning many areas. There is also an article on "building an understanding of physical literacy, the return of the small grants programme with grants up to £15K available, news of the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer, a podcast featuring a Prison PE Instructor as well as the latest blogs on the Sports England website.

20th January, 2023 - Bob Beggs

Keith Jackson, former Chair of Sussex County TT Association, has informed me that Bob Beggs, who was active in the Brighton and Haywards Heath Leagues during the 90's, has passed away. He had been living in Berkshire for at the least the last 10 years and was suffering with Parkinson's Disease. I certainly remember him and believe that for a period I may have played in the same team as him.  If anyone has memories of Bob then please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

18th January, 2023 - TTE Competition Guidance Video

If you have not entered a TTE Competition before then this short video is for you. It is interesting and talks through everything that goes on at a tournament and even if you have attended an event, it is worth a view; Please see the following link:

18th January, 2023 - Latest TTE Information

Please see the latest TTE Newsletters for 6th January and 13th January as well as a Club and Leagues Update 12th January 

England National Men's Team 26th and 27th January - The top news is still the qualifiers for England Team for the European Championships to be held in Sweden in September next year, and they are in qualifying Group A3 with Serbia and France. The away leg against Serbia took place on the 8th December (see 9th December news) and they won 3-2. The home matches against Serbia and France are being held on the 26th and 27th January respectively and this is taking place on our doorstep at the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley with 600 seats being provided. See the link on Newsletter for bookings and further information - the cost is £12,50 per day for Adults and £8 for Cadets/Juniors, and there is also a Family option for 2 Adults and 2 Children. From a Sussex County perspective, we should all look to support this event at the K2 as best we can and perhaps this will enable further such events to be held there. So spread the word and let's get those tickets! 

National Championships - These are being held in Nottingham on the 24th to 26th March. The top 16 in both Men and Women events are entered along with those progressing from the National Qualifiers which took place over the weekend of the 7th/8th January. The draw and reports are on links as well as links for buying Tickets.

Articles - Include Women and Girls Event and Report (see news item below), TT League Manager (being used for non-League Events such as County Championship), Centenary Year summary, League Centenaries, Inclusivity, Jack Petchey London Schools Team Finals, and much more including British League and WTT Contender Reports. There are also vacancies with TTE if you are interested. Additionally, from the Club and Leagues update information Coaching Courses and Wheelpower boost for Coaches with disabilities.

18th January, 2023 - Active Sussex eNews January (All Sports)

Please see the latest news - 170123 - from Active Sussex and upfront is the move to their new premises within the Innovation Centre on the University of Sussex campus. News includes Network 2023 Event 7th March at the AMEX, Results of the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey, Application for Coach Core apprentices for a new programme, and Sports England Grants funding for amounts up to £15K and running to end of June. There are Articles on RED January - the challenge to keep active every day in January, the Stronger for Life project for over 65's and the new Sussex Heath Instructor Network. Finally articles on Safeguarding, East Sussex Health Walks, free Tennis Sessions and the 10th Birthday of Project 500.

11th January, 2023 - Active Sussex Education News

Please see the latest Active Sussex Education News for January which has a focus on Continuous Professional Development (CPD and there are lots of training items and activities listed for Teachers that are involved with PE, and there is also a "Save the Date" for the Active Sussex Network 2023 on the 7th March at the AMEX Stadium.

30th December, 2022 - Area Manager Network

The latest TTE Newsletter - 231222 - contains information on the launch of the new Area Manager Network - not sure if this means that the old Regional Network has now ceased. The person indicated for the South East Area is a Alan Lane and the Area includes - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, IOW, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex!! Will we ever get to see him? The issue also includes British League Reports and news of a new Athlete Panel.

30th December - Table Tennis Times - Issue 29

The very latest Winter Edition of the TT Times Issue Number 29 produced by Diane and Harvey Webb. As usual it is packed full of stories and reports for everything that is happening in the Table Tennis World and in this issue can be found:

  • Editorial;
  • World Para Championships 6th - 12th November, Grenada, Andalucia;
  • Ken and Karenza Matthews Story - The latter days (1975 and 1976);
  • TTE Governance and Reviews;
  • Preston Grand Prix 5th to 6th November;
  • Cleveland Junior 4* Open 29th to 30th October;
  • Dad's Army by Brian Kean, former Scottish International;
  • England National Championships;
  • WTT Senior Events:
    • Contender 31st October to 6th November, Nova Gorica, Slovenia;
    • Feeder 22nd to 25th November, Dusseldorf, Germany;
    • Feeder, Fort Lauderdale, USA, 11th to 14th December
  • The Decline of Local Leagues by Graham Frankel;
  • Alan Cooke Retires;
  • A Very Special Lady by Diane Webb;
  • WTT Youth Contender Events:
    • 3rd to 9th November, Szombathely, Hungary;
    • 7th to 13th November, Senec, Slovenia;
    • 23rd to 27th November, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
  • ITTF Summit and AGM 4th to 6th December;
  • ITTF Athletes Commission Elections;
  • What was Happening 95 Years Ago? - 1927;
  • ITTF World Youth Championship, 4th to 11th December, Tunis, Tunisia;
  • Cippenham Junior 4* Open 4th to 5th December;
  • European Championships Qualification Tournament, Round 4, 8th December, Kovilovo, Serbia;
  • Future Dates;

30th December - Generic Information - All Sports

Please see latest:

  • Sport England News for December which reports that Children's activities are now back to pre-pandemic levels as well as a report on the future of leisure in the public sector.
  • UK Coaching News for December - Issue 071222) - details of the winners of the UK Coaching Awards, available resources for personal development, forthcoming free webinar on the 20th January on "How to Create Effective Learning Environments" and the Community Hot Topic - raising the question when coaching "What do you need help or support with?" Issue 141222 indicates 6 Coaching Resources that all Coaches should Bookmark along with information on product savings/offers.
  • Active Sussex News - December Newsletter - Lists the winners of the Sussex Sports Awards for 2022 and there are articles on the Annual Report, pre/post-natal exercises, Red January which is a nationwide initiative to get people active every day in some shape or form, cost of living training courses as part of Club Matters, and much more. The Disability and Inclusion version includes information on the International Working Group for Women and Sport which is being hosted by the UK over the next 4 years, and there is much more on a variety of topics.

20th December, 2022 - Latest TTE Information

Please see the latest TTE Newsletters - 021222, 091222 and 161222, and a Club and Leagues update - 071222, and the following were the key themes:

England National Men's Team - They are currently participating in qualifiers for the European Championships to be held in Sweden in September next year, and they are in qualifying Group A3 with Serbia and France. The away leg against Serbia took place on the 8th December (see 9th December news) and they won 3-2. The home matches against Serbia and France are being held on the 26th and 27th January respectively and this is taking place on our doorstep at the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley with 600 seats being provided. See link on Tickets for bookings and further information - the cost is £12,50 per day for Adults and £8 for Cadets/Juniors, and there is also a Family option for 2 Adults and 2 Children. From a Sussex County perspective we should all look to support this event at the K2 as best we can and perhaps this will enable further such events to be held there. So spread the word and let's get those tickets!

National Championship Qualifiers - These are scheduled for the 7th and 8th January in Nottingham with the National Championships themselves taking place on the 24th to 26th March. The top 16 Men and Women do not need to qualify and this includes Sussex Joshua Bennett (ranked 8) and Lois Peake (ranked 9).

Competitions Review - This appears to be now approved with complete U-turns on the objections made (see 161222 News). The County Championship, English Leagues Cups (ELCC), NC and NJ Leagues are to remain initially with evolution being sought. Cadet and Juniors will also include Para. There is a link to the presentation.

CEO update (16th December) - Mentions the England Men's Team matches at the K2 and urges tickets to be purchased to watch. There are restructuring announcement - the Talent and Performance Teams have integrated to form the Performance Development Team and includes Coach Education across GB and developing coaches rather than just qualifying them to build coach pipelines. There are now Area Network Managers and not sure whether this has replaced Regional Representatives and various Teams as follows - Engagement (previously BD), Governance, People, CEO, Finance and IT.

Other Articles of Note

Ormesby Women secure the second qualifying place in the Europe Trophy Final, and Wheelchair coaching is taking place by Nick Heaps and the Draycott and Eaton TTC as well adverts for TTE roles (021222).

Women only Coaches at Level 1 sessions arranged with 50% bursary on the costs and links to fund raising and Sport England resources such as Business Planning and reducing energy costs (071222).

Active Lives - Youngsters returning to activity post pandemic according to a Sports England Active Lives report, plus advertising for TTE "100 years of TT Centenary Book" and TTE careers (091222).

Safeguarding - Free training for Welfare Officers is in the pipeline and there is a podcast with the details (41 minutes long) - see 7th December Clubs and Leagues update.

Karen Tonge - Article on her receiving her OBE (16th December)

Sandra Deaton - TTE Chair now a Deputy Chair on the ITTF Nominations Committee for 2 years

5th December, 2022 - Latest Active Sussex News

Please see the latest Active Sussex Education News for December which lists 12 activities and forthcoming event which is suggested are 12 gifts for Christmas! The Disability and Inclusion Newsletter includes news of a virtual Network Forum on Wednesday 14th December from 10 am to 11 am and the Disability and Inclusion Sports Award Winner plus much other news. A new Disability and Inclusion Hub has been formed and there is an Introductory Workshop on the 8th December at 4 pm as well as information and guidance on the "Cost of Living"

28th November, 2022 - Sport England News (for all Sports)

In this issue - 211122 - there is news of Commonwealth Games equipment being passed on to some 390 West Midlands Community Groups, launch of the Pre/Post Natal exercise programme, and the announcement of the winner Eloise Moller of the Grassroots "This Girl Can" Sports Award. There is information to blogs on the Sports England website (Women’s Rugby League and Union) and advance notice of the National Lottery Open Week on the 18th to 26th March.

28th November, 2022 - Latest TTE Information

Recent Newsletters from TTE can be found here - 181122 and 251122 - and contain information from the recent World Para TT Championships in Andalucia where Will Bayley won gold in the Singles Class 7 beating the European Champion and World Number 2 Jean-paul Montanus in the final. There were also golds in both Mens and Womens Class 14 Doubles for Paul Karabardak/Billy Shilton and Fliss Pickard/Grace Williams respectively. There are also reminders - see following link: 

The Pride of TT Award Nominations deadline has been extended, although not sure until when. News that the number of Clubs taking out TTKidz number 34 in the latest round with just one in Sussex - at Ifold. There is a British League report with wins for BATTS and Brighton in the Premier Division, but it seems more and more that this event is resembling the Premier Football Clubs with players not local to the clubs. A review of the Membership Scheme is currently taking and there is a link to a 20-minute video of one of the Webinars. Alan Cooke is stepping down as GB/England Coach and Head of Pathway Matt Stanford is also stepping and replacement for the latter is being advertised along with other Career and Voluntary Advisory Panel roles with TTE. There is news on WTT Youth Contender and Feeder Events and a Safeguarding Podcast (41 minutes long).

17th November, 2022 - Latest Active Sussex News

The November eNews - 151122 - contains information on the Sussex Sports Awards finalists, and Will Bayley has been shortlisted for the "Sports Personality of the Year" Award and Digna Baynes from Brighton TT Club for the "Volunteer of the Year" Award shortlist. There is also news of a virtual forum for the "This Girl Can" on Tuesday November 29th from 12.30 to 13.30 pm, and of the new Chairman and Trustees. There is also a video of Teresa Bennett as a Project 500 Champion and her Coaching and bring more females into TT at the Brighton TT Club. Other news includes support for people to get on their Bikes, School Games Roadshow (2021/2022 Case Study), that next week starting the 21st November is Safeguarding Week.

17th November, 2022 - Latest TTE Information

The TTE CEO has issued his monthly report for November - see CEO Update - and topics include TT United Launch and the need for restructure to enable, Membership Scheme consultation, Cost of Living Crisis Survey, continuing in the light of feedback the Competition Review, the "Pride of TT Awards", Engagement with TTE TV, Talent and Performance , UK Sport meeting with other CEO/Chairs, the Commercial Programme, Data Strategy, GB Chair, and Staffing Update.

12th November, 2022 - National Council Meeting 22nd October - Reports

The last National Council Meeting took place by Zoom on the 22nd October. In the absence of Tony Catt away on holiday, Kevin Long attended and please see his Report Kevin Long. It is the first onehe has attended and no doubt opened his eyes a little. Tony Catt, despite his holiday, presented a separate report - Report Tony Catt based on the documentation. The main topics were the Competitions Review, Strategy (Table Tennis United), Membership Review and the Webinars currently taking place (see news items below). Kevin pointed out that feedback in one instance only reflected 1.5% of the membership and a great point mentioned regarding Competitions was that specific dates set aside for local competitions was not of help since often the main factor was the availability of a venue. Needless to say, it has back to the drawing board.

11th November, 2022 - Latest TTE News

Membership Consultation Webinars are taking place and the first was held on the 9th November at 9 am. Tony Catt our National Councillor attended this one and found it very interesting (see within his National Council Report above). He e urges people to sign up for the one of the following dates - 16th November at 2 pm and 28th November at 7.30 pm.

In the latest newsletter - 111122 - there is news of Gold Medals for England at the World Para Championships in Granada, Spain for both the Men's and Women's Class 14 Doubles, and streaming on TT TV of SBL Matches taking place at BATTS, Harlow this coming weekend. There is an interesting article on how to set-up a League with link to a Handbook containing all relevant information including a draft Constitution, plus a "Cost of Living" Survey and a video on the adaptive rules for Wheelchair Players as well as highlights of the recent Preston GP at which Rory Scott from Sussex was the Runner-Up in the Veteran Event plus a job vacancy with TTE.

Pride of TT Awards: - In the context of the "Pride of TT Award" nominations currently taking place for this year there is an article in the Newsletter above on Kim Daybell who won the Inspirational Story of the Year Award in 2021 and on the following link nominations for this year can be logged: It's time to take Pride in our volunteers - nominate now! - Table Tennis England. The nominations close on Sunday 20th November at 11.59 pm. Nominations can also be made for Technical Officials on the following link: See also news item 6th November below.

There was recently a Coaching Update - 081122 - with a video on what Coaches have got of the TTE Coaching Courses from their motivation, what they have learnt, the opportunities it has opened up and the value for money they perceived to be. There is also much other Coaching information and links.

6th November, 2022 - Sport England News

In this issue - 021122 - there is mention of voting for "Sportswomen of the Year" from 4 nominees, an article on how to boost your mood through the winter blues, and an assessment of the impact of a Teacher Training Programme. Finally, new ways of keeping active together.

6th November, 2022 - Latest TTE News

In the latest newsletter - 041122 - there is an invitation for members to participate and input to a review on the Membership Structure with 3 webinars scheduled for the 9th, 16th and 28th November, and there is a also a welcome to the TTE Board for Jos Kelly who recently won the election for the 4th Elected Director on the Board (see news item below). The Para World Championships are taking place in Granada, Spain and there are videos with some of the players participating including Will Bayley. There is also a focus on Women and Girls and the involvement of a American You Tube star participating in an event hosted by Sussex County (see separate news items), as well as information on the Women and Girls Ambassadors, news of the Preston Grand Prix Event, Training of England youngsters and report on a WTT Contender Event.

It is that time of year again for the "Pride of Table Tennis Awards" for which nominations close on Sunday, 20 November at 11:59pm. Please see the Press Release and previous Award Presentations - Photo 1 and Photo 2.

To nominate your League please visit the following link:

Alongside the League of the Year Award, you can nominate in any of the following categories, including the blue riband Volunteer of the Year and Young Volunteer of the Year (Male and Female)

There are awards for:

  • Coach of the Year
  • Technical Official of the Year
  • Club of the Year
  • School of the Year
  • Partner of the Year
  • Level the Table Award
  • Inspirational Story of the Year

And for those who have made a huge commitment over a number of years, there is the Contribution to Table Tennis Award and new to this year, the Lifetime Achievement Award.

A Clubs and Leagues newsletter - 021122 - reiterates the TT United launch and Pride of TT Awards but additionally contains information of a free App for "Street TT" and "Level the Table" funding for Women and Girls events and activities. There is also news of a forthcoming Webinar scheduled for 7th December aimed at Clubs and the topic on this one is Safeguarding and Easy Funding. Finally news that TTE has teamed up with Wheelpower to fund increase in number of disabled coaches as well as their skills.

6th November  - TTE Board - Additional Elected Director - Results

Further to the news item below on the 31st October, please see the Results of the voting by TTE Company Members - Jos Kelly becomes a Board Member for 4 years immediately.

31st October - TTE Board - Additional Elected Director - Voting

Company Members have been voting to choose the additional Elected Director, enabled by Resolutions at the last TTE AGM, and the voting closes today. The Company Member for Hastings League, Diane Webb, raised some questions with candidates and their replies were discussed in a County Zoom Meeting to which Company Members and Sussex County Representatives were invited. The answers to the questions raised are on the links against the Candidates - Neil Hurford, Jos Kelly, and Mike Bishop - were discussed at the zoom meeting. It was the general consensus that Jos Kelly was the best candidate although there were some concerns over his proposed social media use if elected. Some Leagues had already concluded the outcome themselves before the zoom discussion. The National Councillor was guided to vote appropriately.

29th October - National Council Meeting - Competitions Review

A National Council Meeting was held on Saturday 22nd October and Kevin Long as Deputy National Councillor was representing Sussex in place of Tony Catt who was on holiday. The Agenda and papers presented can be found on the following link: National Council meeting dates and papers - Table Tennis England

In particular at the meeting there a consultation document presented which was reviewing the Competitions, and the context and back-ground was given at the meeting. There were concerns from Sussex that the English Leagues Competition was not mentioned and that some of the County Championships categories would cease to exist. Please see the TTE Competitions Review document and also Comments provided by Tony Catt, Sussex National Councillor. This is a consulatation document and so if there are any views that you may have then please let Tony Catt know directly or via your League County Representative.

29th October - TTE News - TT United Strategy Launch

Table Tennis England (TTE) have launched their latest strategy titled TT United - please see the Launch Information and the Strategy Document itself. Tony Catt, the Sussex National Councillor has reviewed the document and has made some Comments. The regular weekly Newsletter - 28th October - also has information including a short video. The Newsletter also contains reports on the Senior and Veteran British League Matches, request for "Pride of TT" nominations and that TTE have teamed up with WheelPower to increase the confidence of Coaches with physical disabilities.

29th October, 2022 - Active Sussex Disability & Inclusion News

The October Disability & Inclusion News - 251022 - contains news of virtual forum on 14th December, Parable Dance Mentoring Programme, Booking Form for "This Girl Can" event, marking Black History Month, launch of Activity Alliance Programme, Adult Safeguarding week (November 21st to 27th). Plus, information on reducing energy costs, supporting people to be active this winter and a digital hub where resources and further information can be found.

21st October - Table Tennis Times - Issue 28

So, so much to read in the latest edition of the TT Times Issue Number 28 produced by Diane and Harvey Webb. This Autumn Edition is again packed full of stories and reports for everything that is happening in the Table Tennis World and I particularly enjoyed reading "The Find of the Centenary" by John Ruderman. In this edition:

  • Editorial;
  • Commonwealth Games 28th July to 8th August 2022, Birmingham
    • Women's Team, Men's Team, Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
  • The Mysterious Death of Table Table Review by Graham Frankel
  • Congratulations
  • European Championships 13th to 21st August 2022, Munich
  • The Find of the Centenary by John Ruderman
  • Euro-Mini Championships 26th August to 28th August 2022, Schiltighein, France
  • What was Happening 20 Years Ago? 2002
  • European Team Championships - Women Stage 1, 15th/16th October, Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • ETTU European U21 Championships, 14 to 18th September, 2022, Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Europe Youth Top 10, 30th September to 1st October, Tours, France
  • "A Late Return" by William Rees - Review of Book by Harold Webb
  • In Memoriam
  • ITTF World Championships 30 September to 9th October 2022, Chengdu, China
  • Crawley Grand Prix, 17th/18th September - a win for Josh Bennett
  • TTE Governance
  • Summary of WTT Tournaments x 7
  • Future Dates

21st October, 2022 - Latest Active Sussex News

The October eNews - 181022 - contains a report on the Active Sussex Conference which took place at the AMEX Stadium, and the #Time Together Campaign which is looking at families and in particular Mums and Daughters to get active together. There is also an animation which shows the 6 characteristics of inclusivity. Catch up also with the Active Sussex Education News for October.

21st October, 2022 - Latest TTE News

Recent TTE Newsletters contain news items on a variety of topics, all Table Tennis related of course, and if you become affiliated to TTE then you will have seen these Newsletter. For those who are not currently affiliated, then a summary follows:

7th October - The latest update (September) from the CEO, notice of 3 Candidates on the ballot paper for election to the TTE Board (videos messages from the Candidates available), news of the Men's Team in the World Championships in China, and that there are five new International Umpires, medal success for para players in Greece Open, and young star in a Swedish Tour Event. News of Women/Girls events and dedicated pages on the website, the forthcoming JBL weekend and Safeguarding and how to access a toolkit.

14th October - The "Pride of TT" Nominations are here again, and so if you know someone that is deserving then please put them forward. News of the JBL weekend and forthcoming SBL and that Gavin Evans has taken on the Head of Performance role for TTE on a temporary basis. News also that entries are invited to the National Championships Qualifying Tournament and Ping Pong Art that can be bought for Charity. The Competitions Review is presenting it results and news of forthcoming events and that para player Kim Daybell has announced her retirement.

21st October - The Para Squad of 13 for the World Championships in Spain in November has been named and includes Will Bayley, and news that Steve Smith is now an International Referee. British League matches continue and voting for the 3rd Elected Director by Company Members closes on the 31st October. Women and Girls focus continues with the Graham Spicer Club on their programme working with TTE. The Women's England win both their matches in the European Team Qualifying and TT TV news.

Coaching Update - It is too late to apply for the L3 Coaching Course but if you have any related Coaching queries then use the links to the TTE website. A Club and League Update has information of a partnership with easyfundraising. There is also news of Level The Table funding, forthcoming Webinars and in particular a Women and Girls one on the 25th October, and inclusivity news.

21st October, 2022 - Sport England News

In this issue - 191022 - there is news of a Parliamentary Reception held by Sport England to celebrate the sport and physical sector's resilience during the recent covid-19 pandemic. It also celebrated the Women's Euro Football and Commonwealth Games successes. There is also news of access to resources on how to reduce energy costs as well as resources from a digital hub promoting physical activity. There is also a blog celebrating Black History Month.

3rd October, 2022 - TTE 4th Elected Director - Applications

The Nominations have closed for the additional Elected Director position on the TTE Board and those who have put themselves forward can be seen in the "Letter to Company Members" issued today by the Returning Officer. Further information on the voting process can be seen on the following link:

30th September, 2022 - Tony Catt National Councillor

Tony Catt is currently the Sussex County National Councillor and also therefore a TTE Company Member along with representatives from each of the Sussex Leagues. A resolution was passed at the last TTE AGM for a 4th Elected Director, that is elected by the Membership. Tony Catt was interested in being nominated and did put forward his name into the hat, which would have been good for Sussex with 2 other Sussex people already on the Board - Ritchie Venner and Ray James. However, Tony has decided not to continue and has withdrawn his application and he will no doubt distribute his reasons in due course.

30th September, 2022 - Latest TTE News

The latest TTE Newsletter - 300922 has focus on the "Level The Table" Strategy with a 12-month update, what is being done on inclusion in National Inclusion Week and that grants can still be obtained under this heading. There is also news of the England Trio who are participating in the World Team Championships in China, and the ITTF World Parkinson Championship Event that has been put up for a Business Award. There is also news of the Greek Para event underway and the winners of the Blackpool 4*.

The previous edition - 230922 - reports (with video's) on the results of the Crawley Grand Prix where local Sussex player Josh Bennett won the Men's Singles along with the £500 Cash Prize. The TTE TV is launching soon but with scription of £4.99 per month or £49.99 per year, and it aims to show National Events. News of forthcoming Women's and Girls Webinar on the 25th October at 7 pm and where Sally Hughes from Sussex is very much involved. A visit by a Antiques Roadshow star to Bristol TT League, which apparently is the oldest in the world, a report on the U21 European Championships and finally a report on the "Have a Go" participants at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Also, the latest on TT Kidz events - planned in Sussex for Hastings and Bexhill-on-Sea, and a Coaching Update with funding opportunities for those interested in L3 Coaching Courses.

29th September, 2022 - Latest Active Sussex News

The September eNews - 220922 - contains information regarding Nominations for 7 categories for the Sussex Sports Awards for 2022 which are now open and closing Noon 21st October. There is a new Marketing and Communication Officer, Alex Bunce, announced and a call for targeted projects in deprived areas. Information on work which has started by South Downs Leisure on a sustainability strategy and that Wednesday 19th October has been designated "Live Longer Better" national event with the four R's - reconditioning, rejuvenation, risk reduction, revolution! There is also news of a Brighton & Hove Ageing Well Festival 2022 now on until the 3rd October. There are also other news items including a video on a Young People's Mental Health Pilot being run in Arun. The Sussex Disability & Inclusion News for September has a reminder about the next virtual forum at 11 am on the 4th October with a talk from Jo Butterworth from Chailey Heritage (see News Item 22nd September) and like the main eNews mentions the Sussex Sports Awards and Nomination in particular for the Inclusion & Diversity Award. On the 29th November there is news of the "This Girl Can Sussex and Project 500 Collab Session. There is much other news including a Youth Investment Fund Roadshow Invitation - at Uckfield on the 4th October and Hastings on the 6th October.

22nd September, 2022 - Sussex Disability Sports Network Update (SDSN) - September

The September Edition contains a link to recordings of the recent SDSN Conference and news of a virtual forum on the 4th October from 11 am to 12.30 pm. using zoom and with the theme "Accessible Facilities". There is also various support information.

15th September, 2022 - TTE Elected Director 

With the passing of the relevant Resolution at the TTE AGM, the Nominations for an Elected Director have opened (and close on the 26th September), with voting to take place during November. Only Company Members can be nominated and typically League Chairman in most instances and the Sussex County National Councillor Tony Catt is also a Company Member. Please see recent TTE communication regarding the Nomination Information along with a letter from the Returning Officer that was sent to Company Members.

14th September, 2022 - TTE News 

Please see the latest TTE Newsletter - 080922 - which contains information about the launch next of TTE TV. News also of development to the Street TT App for the contact with others for playing TT on outdoor/Ping Tables, a request for Premier Clubs to put themselves forward to host National Events and a blog by Craig Bryant as to what is involved with a Training Camp in Italy with 3 Cadet Girls. News also of a visit by Walsall FC players to a Ping Pong Parlour in Walsall and Will Bayley on his hopes for the Finland Para Open.

The Club & Leagues Newsletter of 7th September also mentions the Women's and Girls focus (see Sports England News below) with also requests for volunteers to join the Women and Girls Ambassador Programme. On this subject there are general tips on how to go about recruiting Volunteers. There is a survey for Premier and Associate Clubs to complete, a mention of the changes to the TT Club Management Platform and the introduction of a Facebook Page for Coaches (and where Coaching Courses are planned). 

13th September, 2022 - Sport England News

Of relevance in this issue - 010922 - is the launch of "Level the Table" fund with TTE for grants up to £2.5K for the Marketing, Venue Hire, Equipment (compliant tables) and Coaching Costs for Women and Girls projects starting the 1st January 2023. The link goes to the TTE Website where the application can be made and of course it is also mentioned in the TTE News - see item above. Sally Hughes as Sussex County representative for Women and Girls is looking at local funding opportunities with County support as required, and so please contact her if you wish to either participate, assist or need help with your application. 

12th September, 2022 - Active Sussex - Education News

Please see the first Active Sussex Education News of the term. Although not specifically for Table Tennis it contains a range of information for Schools which local Clubs can tap into. If there are activities that need promoting to Schools they can be requested to be included. This issue contains a request for female coaches to join Sussex Project 500 and also on free resources that can be obtained amongst other information.

9th September, 2022 - Queen - TTE Statements & Guidance

In case you have not seen the information issued by TTE today by the CEO in response to the passing of the Queen, please see the Initial Statement and Guidance. Regarding the latter document it indicates that during the period of mourning events planned should go ahead at the discretion of the Organisers although respect should be shown by a minute's silence, and on the day of the funeral, when known, any planned events should be postponed or cancelled. The end of an era.

7th September, 2022 - Latest Bryant & Gertsen Training Camp

The latest Coaching/Training Camp from the Bryant and Gertsen Team has been arranged for the 28th to the 30th October in Ackworth, West Yorkshire. Please find Information and Booking details.

4th September, 2022 - TTE News 26th August

Please see the latest TTE Newsletter - 020922 - News that Para events have been added to U17 and National Championships and there are links to the adaptations required for players in open events and the classifications. Grants are also available for Clubs for wheelchair compliant tables of up to 50% the cost of purchase up to £1K. There is a report on the WTT Youth Contender event in Otocec, Slovenia, a request for affiliated Premier Clubs to host National Cup Events and news that TT Kidz is starting again next month and there are links to where they are being held for those registered. Entries are also open for the Preston Grand Prix on the 5th/6th November and a reminder to renew your TTE Membership if not done so.

28th August, 2022 - TTE News 26th August

Please see the latest TTE Newsletter - 260822 - News of some Level 1 Umpiring Courses although not in Sussex or the South East at the moment, and that entries close this coming Wednesday 31st August for the Crawley Grand Prix. Information on the 6 young players selected for the Euro-minis in France on the 26th to 28th August, new Level 2 Coaching Locations as well news of consultation taking place on structural changes to the Women's British League. On the subject of British League volunteers are being sought to take photographs at British League weekends. Finally, news and video of Cheslyn Hay TTC holding a 12-hour marathon to raise money.

25th August, 2022 - Active Sussex Disability & Inclusion News - August

The August edition contains news of a Virtual Forum on the 4th October between 11 am and Noon with focus on accessible facilities, and launch of the "Make Space For Us" and "Grassroots in Sport and Physical Activity" Reports. There is a reminder of the National Inclusion Week (see news items 18th August) and free Dementia Awareness Training for Coaches on Friday 23rd September from 10 am to 4 pm in Hastings. There is a video on Cricket's DIScoverABILITY Day which was recently held at the County Ground, and the story of the "Play Together" Football Festival held on the 29th July at the AMEX Stadium with 120 participants.

21st August, 2022 - TTE News 19th August

Please see the latest TTE Newsletter - 190822 - Contains news about the return for the 2nd year of the Women and Girls Ambassador Programme, the status of England players in the European Championships, and the chance for Community Groups in the Midlands to bid for equipment used in the Commonwealth Games. There is also a profile on a Nicholas Walker, a young Ambassador, by Banbury Coach Eric Barlow, and a reminder of the Webinar tomorrow evening the 23rd August to discuss Women and Girls in the Sport. Copies of the Centenary Book are still available to be purchased. Finally, there is an article with Fijian TT player Stephen Reilly who was born in Plymouth and a former Royal Navy Champion who eventually ended up in Fiji and is their coach amongst other things.

20th August, 2022 - TTE AGM - Draft Minutes

Please see the draft TTE AGM Minutes which would have been sent to League Company Members (and has been distributed to County League Representatives). Tony Catt was in attendance and made detailed notes also - Tony Catt Notes. As can be seen most of the Resolutions passed except for the following - Resolution 11 (Staff with TT Knowledge), Resolution 12 which was withdrawn, and Resolution 13 (ITTF over-rides the TTE Ranking Lists) which had a majority but not the 75% required for a Special Resolution (achieved 70%). 

18th August, 2022 - Active Sussex News - August

These newsletters cover all sports with much information but often there is generic information of use such as grants and campaigns/initiatives which can apply to Table Tennis. There are a number of Clubs that have obtained grants from Active the past and they are funded by Sport England. In the August 2022 issue the topics include a new Football Programme to be launched soon by the FA aimed at Girls 12-14, a "Move to your Mind" campaign with Sport England funding and is based on the view that those with health conditions can be challenged to become active by how they feel from day-to-day, a NHS campaign to "Love Your Lungs", a survey on Covid and Cost of Living Impact from Community Clubs and Groups, and Nominations welcomed for the UK Coaching Awards 2022. There is also news of. "Love to Ride UK" launching "Cycle September" and 26th September to 2nd October being "National Inclusion Week". Finally, the NSPCC recently had their "Safe Sports Day" and there is a Podcast around creating "Safer Cultures" plus two briefing papers on the subject. Please remember that if you wish to advertise initiatives in your club or league you can use Active Sussex.

12th August, 2022 - TTE Annual Conference

This was held on the same day (morning) as the TTE AGM (afternoon) and it reviewed the year. It can be found here for ease of reference - Annual Review. 

If you feel like watching the presentation of the Review completely, along with the Awards made then you can watch the whole 2.5 hours on a video on the following link: 

12th August, 2022 - Table Tennis Times - Issue 27

Another cracking read in the latest edition of the TT Times Issue Number 27 produced by Diane and Harvey Webb. This Summer Edition is packed full of stories and reports for everything that is happening in the Table Tennis World. In this edition:

  • Editorial;
  • Junior U19, U17 and Cadet National Championships Report - 30th April to 1st May in Nottingham;
  • Junior National Cup Report - 18th to 19th June, Birmingham;
  • London Grand Prix, Redbridge Report - 28th to 29th May;
  • Gloucester Grand Prix Report, 25th to 26th June;
  • Ken & Karenza Matthews Story - 1974 continued to 1975;
  • U13 and U11 National Championships Report - 11th to 12th June in Wolverhampton;
  • Celebrating 50 On - Ormesby TTC;
  • Chinese Diary by Nora Vint: Final Episode;
  • Commonwealth Games Qualifying Tournament 21st May (behind closed doors);
  • Michael Loveder (Photographer) at the Commonwealth Games;
  • English Leagues Cup Competition (ELCC) - Report Zonal Rounds and Final;
  • What was Happening 70 Years Ago - 1952;
  • WTT Feeder, Contender & Champions Events x 6 Reports;
  • TTE Governance;
  • TTE Conference & AGM Report;
  • WTT Youth Contender Events x 4 - Reports;
  • ITTF World Championships, Chengdu, China, 30 September to 9th October, 2022;
  • Olympic Games & Paralympic Games, Paris, France (July to September 2024);
  • European Vets Championships, Rimini, Italy 27th June to 2nd July - Report and some recognisable faces in the photo's;
  • European Youth Championships - 6th to 15th July, Belgrade, Serbia, Report;
  • Forthcoming Events;

Happy reading!!

12th August, 2022 - TTE Newsletters

For those who are not affiliated to Table Tennis England you will not have seen these Newsletter. However, if you are thinking of doing so even if you are only playing socially, the there is much information of interest around Table Tennis. Below is a summary of recent Newsletter and the topics included and the links to TTE Website are still active by using Ctrl-Click:

  • 12th August - Contains a round-up of the Commonwealth Games - 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes and an article on the Legacy; preview of the European Championships in Munich where 5 Players are participating, Award to Tin-Tin for "Athlete of the Year" 2022 TASS Star Award; an article on Jan Fuller on her preparations for the Parkinson's UK TT National Event; changes to the TT Club Platform, final changes to the Rankings for 2021/2022 and a request for 2 Volunteers working the Archives;
  • 5th August - Commonwealth Games and the Men’s Team winning Bronze in the Team Event and progress for others, Crawley Grand Prix 17th/18th September, Membership Renewals, Senior British League changes such as new Cup 3rd/4th June 2023, TT League Manager use, and changes to Rankings, Article on Kate Hughes on the benefits of being a Level 3 Coach, TT Kidz for Clubs in October, and news on the GB Coach Apprenticeship Scheme; 
  • 3rd August - Club & Leagues Update - Link to Toolkit on welcoming new people captured from interest from the Commonwealth Games; an Article on TT Kidz, news of a forthcoming Webinar at 7 pm on the 23rd August with focus on Women and Girls and how Clubs can make more inclusive and accessible, Changes to the TT Club Platform for Premier Clubs, and an Article on the Primary Schools Festival that took place in Greater Manchester on the 28th June;
  • 29th July - Commonwealth Games Team opponents, Karen Tongue OBE on her role at the Games, TTE CEO update for July, Ormesby TTC and the presentation of TTE VP Award to Brenda Stephenson by Club Chairman Alan Ransome, OBE, Ping and the winning design for Table Tops around Birmingham by 11 year-old Charlotte from Coventry TTC, Official Suppliers to the Commonwealth Games for Bribar, Tees Sports and Topspin, update on the Jack Petchey Foundation which is now in its 11th Year and which provides opportunities for young people to play, compete and lead, TTE Board of Appeal looking for 10 people (applications now closed);
  • 22nd July - Commonwealth Games news - videos introducing Team England Squad, Article on Kim Mudge Umpire at the Games, behind the scenes "kitting" out the Team and the withdrawal of Mollie Patterson because of injury, and "Have a Go" Zone at the Games for those new to TT with an associated Toolkit that can be downloaded; Brighton City entering an inclusive team into the British League, News on the TTE AGM, outcome of all the Resolutions, Affiliation Fees and Honours, the opening of on-line Membership Renewals, request for Premier Clubs (3) to host Disability Talent Identification Session for Para TT, and finally opportunities with TTE;

Previous News Items Prior July 2022 

Prior to July 2022 any news items on this page, apart from any reference information, would also have been encapsulated into a News Item on the Main Page. All these News Items on the Main Page have been archived and can be found on the Archive Page.