County Profiles

This page looks to list Profiles of past/recent/present players/officials from within Sussex County who have contributed much to Table Tennis. They are prepared by Diane Webb who has much archive material not only of Sussex but also TTE and produces a regular magazine Table Tennis Times which has been published on this website.


It is hoped that there will be a Profile each month and they are listed below:

September 2019 - Laurie Holland, current President of Sussex County

October 2019 - Keith Watts, County Administrator for Sussex 1959 to 1977 and other achievements

November 2019 - Ritchie Venner, Sussex Player

December 2019 - Bill Goldfinch, Sussex County Founder & Administrator

January and February 2020 - Peter Shead - Sussex Player

March 2020 - Craig Bryant - Sussex Player, Coach

April & May 2020 - Wendy Bates - Sussex Player

June 2020 - John Woodford - Former County Press Office & TTE VP

December 2020 - Denis Miles - Former County Treasurer & Life Member