County Honours List

12th September - Charlie Seaman

As indicated in the 5th September News Item below, Charlie Seaman's son presented the Cup, which he was pleased to see after 12 years and suitably polished. He has subsequently provided more information him. He was not only a Brighton and Sussex player, but an England international as well. He reached the last sixteen of the 1938 World Champions held in London - see the following link:

1938 World Table Tennis Championships – Men's singles - Wikipedia

He also indicated that his dad and his friend Alec Brook used to play table tennis on ice skates during breaks in the Brighton ice shows!

8th September - Invitation Event 4th September - Honours List

Following the event this year on the 4th September and the news items below of the 5th September, the Honours Lists have been updated with further detail in respect of the Semi and Quarter-Final participants for the Juniors and Cadets. The County is still missing 3 of the Perpetual Cups - Bill Bradley (Junior Boys), Nicholls (Senior Women), and Keith Jackson (Cadet Boys) - and if they are not found by the end of the Calendar Year then new ones will be purchased. In the mean-time the search goes on to try and recover the originals and if there is anyone out there that can help that would be great!

5th September - Invitation Event 4th September - Results

There was some great Table Tennis on show at the Triangle yesterday and for the Senior Men, after a blind draw, Mark Scutts won the Charlie Seaman Cup and can be seen below being presented with the Cup by Charlie Seaman's son. The Cup goes all the way back to 1959 and after 12 years has recently been found.

There was a close fought final for the Junior "Bill Bradley" Cup with George Jarvis the eventual winner over Harvey Sandwell. Bly Twomey and Ryan Goodier were the Cadet Girls and Boys winners respectively and a full details of the results can be found on the following link:  


Thanks to Brett Holt for his efficient organisation of the events and for all those that stepped in for the umpiring.

29th August - Invitation Event 4th September - Triangle Leisure Centre 9 am to 1 pm

This event is now confirmed for the Senior Men, Juniors and Cadets and the Cadet Girls. There are great line-ups and for the Senior Men it has been decided that there will be a "Blind" draw before the event start. The Senior line-up has Mark Scutts, Will Bayley, Owen Brown, Amila Thiakarathna, Jacob Evans, Jamar McGlashan, Pedro Santos and Keigo Burnham participating (Jack and Josh Bennett and George Hazell not available). The Senior Men start at 11 am and there is seating available in the gallery for viewing - please come along and watch the best in Sussex playing.

Unfortunately, due to unavailability of players the Senior Women and Junior Girls will not be held this year and note that it is the intention to look to run the event at the beginning of the season each year going forward and so the date of Sunday September the 3rd 2023 for the next one!

24th August - Invitation Event 4th September - Charlie Seaman Cup

Further to the news item below on the 17th August I am glad to announce that the Senior Cup - Charlie Seaman - has been found. The Cup was initiated in 1959 and has been held as part of the Invitation Event most seasons and was last held in 2019 when Jack Bennett won against George Hazell. The Cup was obtained today and as can be seen below it looks much better after 4 hours of cleaning. There are of course many engravings to catch up on!!


17th August - Sussex County - Invitation Event 4th September 

This event has not been run since September 2019 and it has now been planned for this coming 4th September at the Triangle Leisure Centre starting at 9 am for Cadets/Juniors (Boys/Girls) and Seniors (Men/Women) starting at 11 am. The Event looks at bringing together the best players in the respective age categories.

Invitations have been sent out and it hoped that all if not most of those invited can make the date in respect of 8 players for the Men/Boys and 4 players for Women/Girls on the 4th September. The event is set to be confirmed on Monday 29th August dependent on responses of invited players.

Please see the previous Winners and Runners-Up

Please come along on the Sunday morning to see the best in the County playing.

9th April 2021 - Sussex Closed Honours Lists - Mens Singles - Missing Result

For the Sussex Closed Mens Singles Honours List there was one missing result for 1983. Ritchie Venner has informed me that he was the winner that year beating Adrian Moore in the final. The list has consequently been updated to show this:

16th April 2020 - Sussex Closed Honours Lists

The Sussex Closed has of course been cancelled this year due to Covid-19. However, I have taken time to update all the Honours Lists to include results from recent year. So please find below the Honours Lists for:

In recent years Cadet age categories have been introduced and Honours Lists for these will be produced in due course.

Each year the County runs an Invitation Event in the following categories:

  • Bill Bradley Cup (Junior Boys) - started year 2000;
  • Lillian Rymill Cup (Junior Girls) - started year 2000;
  • Keith Jackson Cup (Cadet Boys) - started year 2002;
  • Pat Ginnaw Cup (Cadet Girls) - started year 2002;
  • Seaman Cup (Senior Men) - started year 1959;
  • Nicholls Cup (Senior Women) - started year 1960;

The full list can be seen in the report below. As can be seen there are some gaps when the event has not been held for a variety of reasons such as venue issues or not sufficient attendees.

Previous news items for the event held this year follow:

25th September 2019 - Sussex County - Invitation Event 15th September - Results

It was an excellent day on Sunday 15th September at the Triangle Burgess Hill for the annual Susssex County Invitation Event (although was not held last season due to date/venue issues). There was a strong Senior Men and Junior Boys participants in particular and the results were as follows:

  • Seaman Cup (Senior Men) - Winner Jack Bennett, Runner Up George Hazell;
  • Nicholls Cup (Senior Women) - Not Held due to insufficient entries;
  • Bill Bradley Cup (Junior Boys) - Winner Keigo Burnham, Runner-Up Will Michell;
  • Lillian Rymill Cup (Junior Girls) - Winner Jodie Morris, Runner-Up Lucie Bacinova;
  • Keith Jackson Cup (Cadet Boys) - Winner Max Wilson, Runner-Up Louis Vaughan-Drake;
  • Pat Ginnaw Cup (Cadet Girls) - Winner Emily Koester, Runner-Up Georgina Hunter;

Please see the Honours List going back over the years and for the Cadets/Juniors the participants as well.

Currently some of the Cups have not been returned - Bill Bradley, Keith Jackson, and Seaman Cups - and a concerted effort is being made to track down these Cups with past winners. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

10th September 2019 - Sussex County - Invitation Event 15th September - Juniors

Further to the news item below the list of Juniors participating is as follows - Owen Brown, Keigo Burnham, Martin Kapluska, Fraser Kent, Jamar McGlashan, Ollie Michell, Will Michell, and John Strang. Come and watch the action at the Triangle, Burgess Hill Leisure Centre.


7th September 2019 - Sussex County Invitation Event - 15th September

This event has generally been held annually for the County top 8 Senior Men and Women, and Cadet/Juniors Girls and Boys. Last season it was postponed from September due to clash of dates and a new date could not be found, but it is scheduled this season for Sunday 15th September at the Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill. There is a strong Senior Men list  - Jack Bennett, George Hazell, Mark Scutts, Will Bayley, Paul Carter, Marc Burman, Mark Collins and Pedro Santos, and Junior Boys list and the other categories are being finalised. Please see the previous winners in the Honours List. All are welcome to come and see the action starting at 10 am to the following Schedule.