Haywards Heath League

Haywards Heath League

County Representative: Brett Holt

Website: http://haywardsheathttl.org.uk/



28th August 2020 - Haywards Heath League - Practice Resumption

The Haywards Heath are looking to resume Practice and Coaching Sessions at their central venue in Warden Park School in September and for the League Season to start in October. Arrangement for Covid-19 have been put in place and September is planned to be a learning time and Codes of Conduct/Principles of Return have been produced and will be made available to registered players. A copy of the information can be found here.

26th May 2020 - Haywards Heath League

The Haywards League Committee have agreed to abandon and end the season 2019 to 2020, even though the fixtures remained incomplete. The final positions are as they stand and Trophies and Medals will be issued to the winners and runners-up. Special congratulations to Keigo Burnham who won all his 41 Premier League matches. There is uncertainly over the start date and team make up for the next seasn and the committee have decided that there will not necessarily be automatic promotion and relegation.

28th January 2020 - Haywards Heath League

The Haywards Heath League plays matches at a central venue in the Sports Hall of Warden Park School in Cuckfield with their equipment stored on the site. The lighting in the Sports Hall has been very poor for some time and a source of concern to players. However, the lights are being upgraded this week which should be a delight to all and I understand that Haywards Heath League has made a significant contribution to the School to enable the purchase and installation.

3rd October - Haywards Heath League Handbook - Season 2017/2018

Please find the Handbook for the coming season containing information on management committee, team captains and fixtures. There are three divisions with 6 in the Premier and 8 in the other two divisions. It is interesting that the League endeavours to create equal teams from the players registered from the League. So you know that matches will be close and that you never quite know who you will be playing with at the start of the season!