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This website started in April 2013. It contains information and TT news that impacts the County of Sussex and also seeks to promotes TT within the County. The County Objectives are all detailed in the SCTTA Annual County Plan which can be found below along with information about SCTTA. Please send TT news items of interest within Sussex County to the email address below.The Website is gradually being modified and updated over the coming months.


14th September - TTE Updates

TTE Weekly Newsletter - 110920 - Contains information about the new England Kit, a link to the recent Facebook Q&A session with TTE on 6th September, 1 Star events are cleared to return (see Document), request for Pride of TT Nominations, "Care to Play" Article about enjoyment of TT for those in Social Care, School Initiatives - School Essential Membership (free pack and newsletter) and School Plus at £65 per year for a School with many packages such as equipment and Training, link to the TT League Manager Upgrade Webinar (see above), an Article on Kevin Taylor who played for 21 hours to raise £2K for an Hospice, and finally a new progamme for TT Kidz.

Club and League Update 10th September - Information in context of recent Government Guidance i.e. OK to continue Return to Play;

Club and League Webinar 9th September - TT League Manager - View Webinar plus the Slides used which highlights the recent changes and new functionality to TT League Manager;

Club and Leagues Update 2nd September (see below) - With reference to the video on League Webinar on the 24th August, please see the associated slides/document used (update by TTE with latest information);

8th September 2020  - Return of TT - Updated/New TTE Documents

TTE has updated the following documents relating to the opening of Clubs and the return to League Play. There are a number of updates within the Hygiene document around ensuring balls are washed, bubbles of 2-6, venue ventilation and signage and in particular the need to obtain in writing that venues are being cleaned between different hirers. The Coaching document appears to be a new one. The Local League document advises that information should be included to cover situations where local lockdowns are in effect as well as venue and playing spaces with the latter also the update within the Venue Layouts.

The suggested Process (at V4) through all the TTE Documentation (as produced by Sussex County) that is on the Covid-19 Page has been updated with this information. Also check the TTE Website and Ready to Return Page for changes and any new documentation - the link is within the latest TTE Counties and Leagues Update - 040920.

8th September 2020 - County Zoom AGM Meeting 14th September - Reminder

Further to the Sussex County AGM Notice and Agenda on the 26th August News Item,a reminder that it is taking place on Monday 14th September at 7.30 pm. If you wish to attend, upto a maximum of two from each Club, then please let your League County Representative or County Secretary Kevin Long know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Volunteers to join us are welcome and a list of the Officer Positions can be found on the County Contacts Page. Reports available will be distributed with the Zoom Meeting Links over the weekend. Notes of the County Meeting on the 14th August can be found here.

7th September - Active Sussex

The Annual Conference on the 24th September is virtual this year with 5 free sessions throughout the day - please see Agenda and sign-up information here.

7th September - TTE News 

The latest Newsletters from TTE last week were as follows:

Coaching Update 1st September - Applications invited by 2nd October for Coaching Level 3 Course starting 28th November, a TTE Vacancy with the role "Coaching and Education" as well as request for Pride of TT Nominations by the 2nd October;

Clubs and Leagues Update 2nd September - Confirming Return to Play and video on the Rowhedge (Colchester Club) experience, the "All Clear" for Leagues to resume (not the case for many cannot because many Clubs not yet gained/negotiated access to their venues) and the Ready to Return Statement with 5-Stage Process and a number of Guidance Documents have been updated. There is also a video of the League Webinar held on 24th August as well as links to previous Webinars. Club incomes are obviously lower with reduced numbers and suggestions for seeking grants is highlighted - Local Councils, UK Community Foundation, Cash4Clubs, Sports England Active Together and also Sports England Guidance for further information. Finally information on knowledge checks that can be carried out around various topices such as Safeguarding, Diversity, Mental Health, Inclusion and Well Being with a Digital Badge on completion - well worth all Coaches doing.

Over The Net 4th September - The regular weekly newsletter with the main focus on the Facebook Live session with TTE Officals held on Sunday 6th September and repeated links to League Return Guidance and Pride of TT Nominations. There are Articles on the reopening of Training Camps for the England youngsters and Ross Wilson preparing for Tokyo Paralympics and a Return to Play video as carried out by St Neots TTC. 

28th August - TTE News - Facebook Live

The latest news from TTE - Newsletter 280820 - contains information about a live Facebook session with TTE Officers on Sunday 6th September starting at 7.30 pm. Included also is a video of the Rowhedge TTC in Colchester and how they have been getting on with return to play, and also there is an invitation to nominate a League for the title "League of the Year", plus some job opportunities. 

28th August 2020 - Haywards Heath League - Practice Resumption

The Haywards Heath are looking to resume Practice and Coaching Sessions at their central venue in Warden Park School in September and for the League Season to start in October. Arrangement for Covid-19 have been put in place and September is planned to be a learning time and Codes of Conduct/Principles of Return have been produced and will be made available to registered players. A copy of the information can be found here.

28th August - Pre-Season Pairs League

Rory Scott is off the mark with a initial 3-week Pairs League at Horsham Spinners at Slinfold Village Hall starting week commencing 7th September on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's with a different division on different evening and the closing date is Tuesday the 1st September. There are 4 Teams proposed per Division and of course there are Covid-19 precautions in place no doubt as per TTE Guidelines. Please see the Flyer.

26th August 2020 - County Zoom AGM Meeting 14th September - Notice

Please note that the Sussex County AGM is to take place on Monday 14th September at 7.30 pm. This has been delayed from July in the hope that a physical meeting could take place, but a decision was taken at a Management Meeting on the 18th August that the AGM should be conducted by Zoom. To ensure that it is manageable Leagues/Clubs representatives are invited to zoom up to a maximum of 2 per League/Club over and above the Management Committee and League County Representatives. Please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to attend. Please see Agenda.

26th August - Archived News Items

The news items that were on this page for the months of April, May, June and July 2020 have been archived and can be found on the Archive Page.

26th August - Active Sussex and Disability and Inclusion News - August 2020

Please find the latest Active Sussex News and Active Sussex Disability and Inclusion News for August for information.

24th August 2020  - Sussex County Information - Updated/New TTE Documents

TTE has updated some documents and in particular the Risk Assessment, and has also produced documents relating to the opening of Clubs and the return to League Play as follows:

The suggest Process (at V3) through all the TTE Documentation that is on the Covid-19 Page has been updated with this information. Also check the TTE Website and Ready to Return Page for changes and any new documentation.

23rd August 2020  - ITTF - Feedback on International Umpire (IU) Exam

For Umpires and those interested in the nuances of Umpiring the International TT Federation Webinar may be of intetrest. It is a bit slow but some interesting points, particularly around para rules. Please see the link below:

high Performance & Development Webinar 16 - 2020 IU Exam Feedback, Rules & Regulations Analysis

22nd  August - TTE News

Please see the latest TTE Newsletters (14th and 21st August), TT League Manager Update, and a Counties and Leagues Update with items included as follows:

Newsletter 14th August - Articles on how TTE is working with other organisations to put pressure on the government to open up Leisure Centres, and results of recent survey which is indicating over half Clubs not ready to return yet due to lack of access to venues. On this topic there is a separate newsletter for Counties and Leagues on updated Ready to Return information for Leagues with Webinars available on the 24th August). Other articles are on David McBeath who recently had a hip operation, a request for Pride of TT Nominations, paralympian athlete Kim Daybell in a Sky Podcast on returning to the front line with the NHS, Tom Purcell's story on progress to umpiring a gold medal final at the 2012 Olympics, and Nottingham TT Club Challenge raising funds for Access Sports.

Newsletter 21st August - Included is TTE Memebership Renewal Status (13K), an interview with England's Captain Gavin Evans in the Training Camps, TT League Manager update which includes Local Rankings (and further information on the other additions to TT League Manager can be found here which also includes Webinars on the subject on the 8th and 9th September).  Again there is a request for Pride of TT Nominations, a letter to his younger self by Liam Pitchford, and another Survey request this time aimed at Leagues.- note closiing 24th August - and news of Ping Pong Parlours opening up.

19th August - TTE National Council Chair

Nominations were requested for Chair of the National Council for the forthcoming season and 9 were received by TTE, all for the same person Estyn Williams, National Councillor for Warwickshire. There was therefore no ballot required. The first National Council Meeting for the new season is scheduled for the 10th October.

19th August- UK Coaching News

Recent UK Coaching News for the 5th August invites nominations for awards for coaching for 2020, includes new "Duty of Care" Toolkit and online classrooms and webinars on all sorts of coaching resources ad learning activities. The issue for 19th August has a focus on adapting to the Coivd era and specifically there are coaching courses on promoting behaviour change, coaching children and safeguarding. 

19th August - TTE Coaching News 

Please see the latest TTE Coaching Update, which included an invite to a Webinar with Brighton City TT Club on how their BGC Project - Building a Grassroots Community. Led by Teresa Bennett and Pedro Santos they present the range of different sessions in their own and outreach premises, the advantage of having a dedicated person to source funding and current work on the development of a Training Course for others to learn. The Webinar took place on the 9th August and can be seen on the following link: https://youtu.be/gv3RMfOiV1k. Other items include a UK Coaching Video with advice on safety and social distancing, a website for re-activating, output from the TTE Ready to Return Survey, and news of places for a Diploma in Sporting Excellance (DiSE) for 2 years at 6th Form/College.

19th August 2020 - County Zoom Meeting 23rd July - Notes & AGM Date

The Sussex County Management Meeting took place by Zoom on the 23rd July and the notes can be found here. Topics included Feedback from the TTE AGM and County Championship Conference (both held by Zoom), Dates for next season for Coaching, and then discussion on Return to Play and the major issues for many clubs - access to venues and TTE Guidance. On the latter there was subsequent discussion with Greg Yanell from TTE documented within the notes. Note that the date for the Sussex County TT Association (SCTTA) AGM is Monday 14th September.

19th August - Recent TTE News

For those who do not receive them the recent TTE Newsletter distributed include: 

Over The Net 31st July which, besides re-iterating the movement to Stage 3 and potentially Stage 4 on the 1st September, there is a video on Membership Renewal, an Article by Ross Wilson looking to defend his T6-T10 Gold at the Para Commonwealth Games in Brimingham on the 28th July 2022, Online Training Video and Article on young players by England Players as part of the England Performance Pathway with one of the workouts available to view, and a new book by Graham Frankel with a personal perspective on TT (see extract in TT Times Issue 19 below).

Over The Net 7th August - New date for the Senior Nationals (29th/31st January 2021) and that the rankings will not have a 10% reduction for the start of this coming season, another Membership Video, Nominations for Pride of TT Awards and Pam Butcher in the running for the Amplifon Award for Brave Britons, and an Online drive to find future Para Stars. 

31st July - TTE League and Club Update

The latest TTE Newsletter addressed to League and Clubs can be found here. It includes a survey on the status on the return to play from Leagues and Clubs and the closing date is the 6th August.There is also information indicating Clubs can now affiliate to TTE as Premier or Associate, and that League Play can restart from the 1st September (dependent on the number of Clubs that can play I guess). Also included is information on "Reactivate Training Platform" which is being funded by Sport England to give people confidence and knowledge in returning sfatey to sport and physucal activity, and finally the renewal of the Personal Insurance for TTE Members for which note that there are no Covid-19 exclusions.

31st July 2020  - Sussex County Information - Suggested Process and Status

Please find a suggested Process for addressing and completing all the TTE Guidance for your League/Club (Updated 3rd August with latest TTE Statement and updated versions Hygiene and Coaching Documents). If opened on this website the links should be active, otherwise use the links below. There are two major issues within Sussex:

1. Access to venues are dependent on the venue owners whch in the majority of cases are Schools and Community Centres, and most are not in a poistion to discuss until September;

2. TTE Guidance and court sizes for Club Venues required to be 9m x 4.5m providing a playing area of 40.5sqm. There is the view that the guidance needs to fit individual facility constraints since most club venues cannot accommodate such definition, and it has been pointed out that modified layouts of 8m x 5m or 7.5m x 5.5m would provide the same playing areas and adequate spacing for most club play and even this can be varied further as long as measures such as safe, clean, well ventilated, socially distanced environment is in place then play can resume.

In discussion with TTE (Greg Yarnell) TTE Guidance is effectively just that, and in respect of any reductions in club venues it depends on the severity and likelihood of any breach occurring from the ideal guidelines as assessed within the Risk Assessment (Social Distancing Item). Flexibility on court sizes with same playing area or slightly reduced for single table club venues was not seen as a problem as long as Risk Assessment mitigates it and all other guidelines in respect of safe, clean, well ventilated and a socially distanced environment can be followed. Reduced playing areas for multi-table venues with barriers and particularly balls into adjacent courts is seen as more of problem if there are changes to the ideal recommended guidelines.

The TTE Personal Insurance is currently being renewed (due end of July) and there are currently no exclusions for Covid-19, but for any claims it would be difficult to determine where a person was infected unless Clubs have shown no attempt to put in place the guidelines and liability can therefore be questioned. It is therefore essential that Risk Assessments are in place which details on mitigation steps taken for any venues that slightly differ from the ideal.  

Sussex Status - Please see spreadsheet showing the current status of Leagues/Clubs within Sussex, and it is fluid and being updated as information becomes available. 

All this and more can be found on the separate Covid-19 Page.

27th July - TT Times 19 - Summer 2020

The latest and bumper issue of TT Times, produced by Diane and Harvey Webb, can be found here. In this issue can be found:

  • Good News Page
  • TTE AGM 2020
  • Continued Advertures  Ken/Karenza Mathews on a TT Life 1971
  • Photographic Retrospective on National Championships
  • Spotlight on Mick Strode
  • Future Events
  • What was Happening 25 Years Ago 1995
  • The Deabte - From the Pen of Brian Kean
  • A Different Type of Backhand
  • In Memoriam
  • Memories from a Retired Tournament Oragniser
  • Ping!: A Personal Perspective on TT by Graham Frankel
  • Governance Update